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Travel is more than just getting up and going. It’s about being knowledgeable so you can travel better, cheaper, and meet the right type of girls. So besides the destination guides above, below you will find links to articles I’ve written that deal with planning your trip and other general advice so your vacation is going to be unforgettable. All the advice I give is what I do on my own travels. These articles are relevant to any trip – no matter what you’re up to! After all, we all travel for the same reason: GIRLS!!!

See what others are saying:

Hi Rocco,
I am finding your tips extremely useful. I found your site when researching info for a month long trip to Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia.

I’ve just returned from that trip and had the time of my life. The trip was a 69th birthday present to myself, and in 28 days I scored with 26 different partners, which is not bad considering there were 5 no-score days.

Whilst I’ve had several trips abroad that involved a few sexual encounters, this was the first one primarily aimed at mongering.

I read all your posts and keep copies of them, essential for such holidays while I’m able to.

I just want to say a big thanks to you.

Hi Rocco

The reason why I subscribed to your newsletter is because I’m planning to travel to Asia. I’m trying to find as much credible information about all the destinations so that I can choose the one to suit my needs and desires best.

The Internet is full of biased information, slanted news, simple lies and so on… yours is the only newsletter that is not trying to sell me real estate in some far away shithole or asking me for my personal information “to better serve my needs”…

Your articles are very much about what I am interested in experiencing the most (let’s not kid each other) and to the point pretty much. I enjoy receiving your emails. Keep up the good work 🙂


Hi Rocco,
Thank you so much for your well-guided tips. In fact, I have utilized your guides to travel to manila and Makati in February and then to Bacolod in October.

In both these travels, I found your tips to be more valuable and rewarding.
I don’t wanna mention how many girls I banged but the experience is unbelievable. All achieved through tips I learned from your guides.

I can’t thank you enough Rocco, you are doing a marvelous job and for those intending travelers looking for pleasure, I highly recommend Rocco’s guides.

Thank you. – JAMES, Papua New Guinea

Hi Rocco

Thanks for all your fantastic intel to help travelers make their holidays a little more interesting. – TONY, Singapore 

Hey Rocco,

Thanks for all the emails and info… I find women in most parts of Asia are feminine and charming.

Traveling to these countries and discovering the wonders of what individual places have to offer can be fascinating if you know “how”… and your info and advice has helped me to have many happy experiences.

Thanks again for all your info. Keep up the good fun.