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Michael from pattaya
Hi I am 60 years old male divorced looking to travel alone first time a bit afraid, but want to have a great sex holiday.

Not wealthy so limited.

Hoping the weather will be good during the day and sex activities at night, is it safe to walk around alone obviously with some care. Where is best to find pretty ladies fussy guy.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Michael,

thanks to reaching out.

First, you need to decide where you want to spend your holiday in Asia. Just register for my newsletter, I'll send you for FREE an overview about Asian destinations.

If you're concern about safety, I would recommend going to Thailand, the safest country in South East Asia.

The girls are very pretty, and if you are fussy, usually the Ago-go are the place to find top spinners, but they aren't cheap.

If you need more info, just write to me.

Have a great holiday.
Hi Rocco,

Yes, thank you for that.....

I think the Landmark Hotel looks great... I'm not on a budget of any kind so I would get a "Premium Club Corner" room at the very least.

My son has been to Bangkok before and is telling me there are far better places to go in Thailand than Bangkok.. Is he correct?

He say's it's too busy, too loud and too dirty.. I need your advice in this please.

It looks like I will be going at the end of February for at least 2 weeks with him, and perhaps go somewhere after for another 2 weeks.


P.S.. Does the Landmark Hotel charge for a guest?
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi John,

Thanks for buying the Bangkok Guide, it helps to keep the site free.

Let me know your thoughts about the Bangkok Guide, and if you've any more questions, just email me.

Bangkok is a great city, especially for people with big pockets.

I agree with your son, the city is dirty. If you're a traveler looking for beautiful beaches, then Phuket would suit you better. But, if you love the best hotels, restaurants and are into university and office girls, Bangkok is your destination.

Bangkok offers anything; 3 red light districts packed with hookers but also the opportunity to meet nice girls in malls and streets.

In touristic places like Phuket and Pattaya (Pattaya Beach is the dirtiest in Thailand), you will meet only hookers. The girls come from Isaan (the poorest area in Thailand) to make some money to help the family. In these destinations there aren't offices or universities, so hard to find nice girls.

The choice is yours.

I've never been in Landmark hotel, just send them an email and ask.
Hello Rocco,

your answers are always helpful !!!

I want in the Hotel Mermaid Bangkok ( corner suite ) that I really like.

Here are my nights questions 🙂

1. If I have a Short Time with a woman , then I can get several shots or after a shot to end . Are the women tried that I come quickly then they no longer have to carry us ? Are there differences between:
- Bar Girl
- Freelancer
- Gogogirl
- In a Soapy Shop

So where do I get full 2 hours, a beautiful performance ?

2. Where can I get in Bangkok a great service with two women ?

3. Have you had good experiences when you a freelancer bushed all night , or should we take them only for a short time with the hotel room ?

4. Have you got a recommendation for a nice oil massage with or without full service in Bangkok or Chiang Mai ?

Stefan 🙂
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Stefan,

Nice to meet you.

1) For a short time usually is one shot, but you can discuss with her before and mention you would like two shots. Always be clear about your intentions before close the deal.

However, if she is into you so much and feels good having sex with you, she will ask you for more.

Yes, all the girls are different.

Every place offers different attractiveness of girls, age, and price of course. In the Bangkok Guide, I explain in details about the type of girls and different venues.

About performance, there are many factors to take into consideration.

First, if you go to a well-managed place, the chances to get an excellent performance are higher. However, girls aren't robots, so the performance isn't guarantee, but there are simple steps to choose the best girls.

In my first years I used to get poor performers 4 out of 10, now is 4 out of 100. Experience and a strict criteria plan which I developed over the years has reduced disappointments and save a lot of money.

2) Eden Club is considered the best place to have fun with 2 girls. All the girls are bisexual.

3) I always have a very good time, doesn't matter if freelancers, office girls, AGo-Go hookers, all night or short time. Here a note, it's not about them or the place, it's all about you. Most travelers fail their erotic vacation because they are not prepared mentally to meet girls.

I travel to bangs girls not because I can't get laid in my home country, but because I can get better looking girls abroad. So, my suggestion for any first-time traveler is; "don't travel to meet girls if you can't get laid at home. First, learn how to pick up girls and make them ready to have sex with you".

4) I love oil massage, especially with four hands. It's so much fun. You can learn more about my favorite Bangkok hot spot in the Bangkok Guide.

Have a great holiday
Leo from San Diego
Hi Rocco.

I'll be visiting Thailand with my Vietnamese fiancé next month and we want to experiment with a few sex adventures; having a woman join us for the evening, watching a live sex show, and perhaps enjoying a ladyboy between us.

We are considering Pattaya and Phuket. Which place is best suited for our goals and how common is it to find a bisexual woman to join us?

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Leo,

That is a great idea.

Pattaya and Phuket offer a great nightlife, lot of ladyboys, live show in the red light districts and much more.

I would give a 50/50 chance for both places.

Have a great holiday.
Bob from Surrey
Going to Ratchaburi in a few months,do not think there is a bar scene there?

What are the best options for some nighttime fun.

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Bob,

There is p...y anywhere in Thailand and in Ratchaburi you can get laid, but not in the same way as in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya.

Don't expect to visit some bar and the girls will jump on you....

Before going, use ThaiFriendly or Thai Cupid dating site to hook up some girl. In the search bar, just select Ratchaburi and will pop up all the girls available in the area.

Alternative, you can pick up girls in restaurant, malls, etc once you reach there.

It's a day game, nighttime games in local disco or clubs are risky (too many local Thais and you are the only farang) and the chances to get a girl back to your room are low.

My day system system take a bit more effort than dating girls online, you'll be more successful if you speak some basic Thai (don't expect they speak English) and I suggest to spend at least 5 days there to plan your dates.

Usually, the first day I go around asking numbers, 20 will do. Back to my hotel room, I start to engage all of them resulting in some date in the next day. Learn How I Take Girls Back To My Hotel Room in simple steps, I don't leave chances on the table during my vacation. Banging isn't an option.

Beside chicks, you can visit the tiger temple, play gulf and visit the national park as alternative attractions.

Keep me update on your development.
Eric from Paris
Hi Rocco, you do a great job. I am 55, divorced and still good looking.

I have friends in Philippines, so I plan to go there for a long period (3 or 4 weeks). have worked in many countries but never been to Asia.

I got laid everyday when I was abroad, so, I had many experiences, such as bi ladies, squirting and threesome.

Do you think it is possible to get that in Philippines?

I am on filipinocupid and have already lots of contacts. Thanks
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Eric,

That is awsome, threesome, squirting and bi ladies... that is what i call "unforgettable" holiday...

You will get whatever you want in Philippine, your limit is your imagination, literally.

You are on Filipinocupid and that is great, I use it to meet Filipina and it work great.

Have a read to the Philippine's Girl Guide, useful tips and trick to pick up girls.

Keep me update on your trip.

Michael from Melbourne
Hi to start with I am a 60 year old male divorced and very sexual.

Not sure I am keen on Asian woman, but it would seem I have no choice as I am limited for funds.

I have never traveled and have been putting off a holiday now for 10 years as I don't know how to go about it.

I was thinking of Phuket for the sun sand and sex, can you make any suggestions to eliminate my fear and where I should go and have a great sexual experience.

Your articles are magic, thanks
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Michael,

Thailand is an excellent choise for the first time travelers; safe, high standard of infrastructure and hot chicks.

If you are in budget, avoid Phuket but instead visit Pattaya. You'll save a good 30% on your trip.

Have a read on the Pattaya Guide.

Have fun
zak from Kolkata
Sir please guide me about the best city in budget between Angles City and Manila. And which area to stay for better entertainment and nightlfe.
Hope you will reply soon.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Zak,

definitely Angeles City is the cheapest option.

All the info which you need for the ultimate vacation are in the Angeles City Guide;

- Best Entraitments
- Hottel and Accomodations
- All about Angeles City girls
- Tips to save big $$$$$
- Restaurants and much more

Have a great holiday
juan from Brisbane
what is the best country and town for finding a virgin lady?
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Juan,

Angeles City in Philippines.
Rohit from Delhi
Hey Man, You are awesome.

I do really appreciate your work from the bottom of my heart 🙂

Can you please tell me that is there any chance of getting laid in any asian country except Thailand for fat People like me?

I am 22 India and somewhat fat. Do I stand any chance in Indonesia, Cambodia or Phillipines?
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Rohit,

I've mention several times in my articles that appearance is only one of the many points women take in consideration to get laid by you.

Men are appearance driven when choosing a woman; ex.

- wow, she is so hot, I want to get laid with her.

Women instead, have multiple criteria in choosing a man; ex.

- he make me feel great
- he is sweet
- he look after me so well
- I feel protected with him
- he is such a confident man

So, if your weakness is your appearance, use your strengths instead such personality. Usually fat people are funny and are able to make women to laugh, and women love to laugh.

Get on with some Filipino girl, read my latest article on how to meet quality Filipino women.
James from New york
Hey Rocoo,

I actually have two questions. Im a spanish guy which place in philippines would spanish guys do well in. Second - Im from NyC what is the cheapest route to take to get over there in terms of flights?

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi James,

You'll do great in Philippines, the girls will be all over you. They love macho latinos men.

Search for the cheapest flights from NYC to Manila, just google it.

There are comapring websites loke Expadia, CheapFlights which offer the best flights.

I recommend you have a look at Matt Nomadic and buy his book "The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking".

Matt is from US and travel the world regularly on the cheap, using hacks to get cheap and sometime free flight tickets.

Hope it helps.
Ceasar from Cape town
Hi Rocco.

I just want to know the best sex destination for a Black man.

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Ceasar,

Angeles City and Pattaya are great destinations for black men.

Have fun
wife is bi where to go
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Jay,

You are a lucky man.

Pattaya and Bangkok are definitely the perfect destinations for you and your wife.

Checkout my travel guides to Bangkok and Pattaya.
Thomas D. from Norfolk
Hey Rocco,

I have been enjoying your site and some of the guides for almost a year now.

Two questions if I may.

1. Can you recommend any comparable sites for info on South America and the Caribbean islands?

Also, what happened to the e-books? I was hoping to find the Pattaya guide but now cannot find any.

Hoping for info,

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Thomas,

I'm pleased to know the guides have helped you with your traveling and meet Asian women.

1) write about his South America adventures and it is helpful. Just search on the website for your destination and the articles will pop up.
is well rounded around South America and East Europe. They have got a forum too where travelers exchange infos.

2) The Pattaya guide is in progress and hopefully will be finish before your trip. If you need any other guides, just write me a message.

Hi Rocco

when i can order the Pattaya Guide? I travel in 2 months to pattaya and i hope i can travel with your Guide.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Martin,

I'll finish Pattaya Guide as soon as possible.

I will update once ready. I want to make it the best travel guide ever and it is taking longer than expected.
Martin from Adelaide (Australia)
Hi Rocco!

I must say that I never imagined your sight to be so very informative.

What I like about your website is that you write it how it is and your own specific experiences rather then other websites that write about ladies they've never seen and countries they've never traveled to.

I have two questions, firstly, I am trying to decide about which country I should travel to for pleasure. I am 'tossing' up between either Philippines or Thailand. Obviously both have different bonuses but as a single 24 year old looking to spice up and experience more and more Asian women I'm torn and it is nearly impossible to decide. What would you do?

Secondly, I read an article regarding what to bring and making some photos with the woman once they are in your hotel room.

Wouldn't Asian woman generally freak out if you try to make videos of them and pics in sexy lingerie?

Just wondering about that...don't want to get killed by them if I try! lol

PS - I'll be most certainly taking your on-line dating advice too, it is brilliant!

You are seriously a legend and I hope that I can thank you in some way!

Speak soon,

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Martin,

Appreciate your kind words.

For a young guy like you, Philippines is paradise on earth. The girls will just go crazy for you, and because they speak good English (not like the Thais), they'll be less shy to speak to you.

Videos or photos? It is a must. It makes them feel sexy and appreciate if you photograph them in sexy lingerie and positions.

I just published a post "How to Meet and Date Quality Filipino Women Online", don't miss it, it'll help with your mission to meet quality women.

At your age, you can have as many good girls as you want.

Nicolas Dieschbourg from Paris
Thanks again Rocco, but i want to highlight that i had also fantastic Thais women, even some of them where some of the hottest girls i had in bed, so, to make it clear, you say that only ten percent of the Thai women where sexually disappointing,

According to your experiences with Thais women?
Is what you are saying ?

I hope that you will tell us how to find them, as i seriously want to come back to Asia, even through it would rather be in Indonesia, or the Philippines, to make a change.

But i agree with you that, Bangkok, is one of the greatest cities in the the way, i heard super greats things about Kuching (Borneo),

It's nightlife, and it's girls (from the super accurate site naughtynomad), what about you ?

Nicolas from Paris
Hi Rocco, thanks for your numerous guides, but as I already mentioned to you before about how shy the thais women can be in the bed, such as switching of the lights when naked, laying down waiting the sex to happen, motionlessly, and even if you paid for the whole night.

They are often reluctant to have sex a 2nd time, all of it happened many times when in Thailand (not, the Philippines, Indonesia, Latin america, where as i've seen that every times, the girls are far more sexual and sensual, naturally. .......),.

Do you have tips, about how and where find girls in Bangkok, Philippines, Cambodia, who are genuinely hot in the bed, reals (and not fakes or pretending, as i saw that many times in Thailand), sex lovers, in a nutshell, fun to be with, without spending tons of money?

And why don't you mention Latin america, among the bests sex destinations, as many people that have been to both Asia and Latin america, say that Latin women are far more sexy and hot in the bed than south east Asians girls, and I completely agree with them.

Thanks to read (again, I know ), theses questions, and if you want, answer (all) of them, for me, and all my fellows sex travelers.

Cheers. Nicolas
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Nicolas,

I heard you about Thai women. I don't know if you are been unlike but personally i had amazing pops and faced the light problem 1 every 10 girls.

i will write an article about where and how you can meet Asian girls for each geographic area.

I talk only about Asian women because is the focus of this website (, and I agree with you that Latina are super hot babes.

DNaman from Banglore
Dear Rocco,

I am planning to visit Cambodia for photography & wish to have plenty of sex too. Is it possible to get a young girl for sex & keep her for few days during my travel so that I can enjoy & travel too.

Please also suggest that where I can get a young girl who could get me to various places in Phnom penh on her bike. I will pay for her food & bike too.

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Dnaman,

You can meet Cambodian girls on dating website that will be more than happy to pick you up at the airport in Phnom Penh and guide you around.

I do it all the time during my trips, read this article about "Dating Asian women online".

Have Fun
Nicolas from Paris
thanks Rocco, but, can you advice good countries in east Europe, where it is still easy to meet non-pros girls?

Where did you date your ex-eastern girlfriends that you' ve dated, as you told me....

also, i' ve read that Bangkok and pattaya are getting extensive for girls, and even, more and more retired people are moving to cambodia, because j'y s cheaper, and how to find sex horny and wild girls in asia, that type of girls who really love sex, genuinely.....thanks in advance to answer to each the questions asked in that message, for me and all the others readers. cheers. Nicolas
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Nicolas,

It is getting hard to meet eastern women nowadays compare to 10-15 years ago because there is been an invasion of tourist after the countries join the European Community.

However, Russia is never been so open and it is the place to go to meet hot girls. Best way you sing up for a Russian dating site and start from there.

If you are after East Europe women, you better be up for the game. They love romance and gentleman, I think you fit well in the picture because you are French.

You can meet Eastern women in France too, just get informed where they go out, especially students that come with exchange programs.

Pattaya isn't expensive at all, maybe Bangkok. Retire that are moving to Cambodia are broke, basically a pension below US$ 800 per month.

Tom meet horny and genuine girls, you best chance is to sign up with Lot of girls easily accessible.
Divi from Dubai
Wanted your views on Indonesia compared to Thailand.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Divi,

both country are awesome and the girls are hot.

Thailand is extreme when comes to nightlife and erotic entertainments, not shying away from the public eye.

Indonesia been majorly Muslim (not Bali), everything happen with discretion.

The girls are hot and attractive in both countries, so there isn't much to compare.
Nicolas from Paris
Hi Rocco, i know Thailand since 1992, and i have been to Asia (Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Laos, Camboia), and I've noticed that most girls from Thailand, Cambodia, especially, in fact don't like to have sex, they just do it because they have to to get money, but they do not have the same set mind about sex like the Latin women, or Japanese, and I've noticed that, according to my numerous experiences, especially with Thais chicks, that about 1 every 7 really love sex, but the others just don't, and do things such as turning off the lights of the room then you do not see them naked (they feel, usually uncomfortable being seeing naked), and the women you suggest to go to see, from Pattaya, or Bangkok, are mainly interested to make money.

In the other hand, i love the Japanese girls, because they are much more genuine about sex, they are quite easy to pick up (i spent 5 weeks in Tokyo in 2001, and i had a sex friend through the net, and she really was crazy about sex), and also, i love the Latin women, because they are much more sexy, sexual, wild at bed, than they Asians counterparts (i spent 7 weeks in Argentina, in 2006, and i had a great time with women who didn't ask me any money), and also, a country like Brazil even if the women can ask you some money, they still genuinely love sex, it's part of their, after having quoted all that, according to my numerous experiences with the south east Asians girls.

Can you tell me how to find easily a girl in Pattaya, Bangkok, Manila, Angeles City, that really love sex, really love to show her naked body?

One last thing, i find the Indonesians chicks much more sexy, and sex loving, than the Thais or Cambodians or Laotians girls, i noticed this already, during my 1rst trip to Bali, in 1993........and what about the east Europeans countries ?

Have you been there ?

if yes, can you inform us about the good tips to get laid with sex loving girls?

Thanks a lot in advance (by the way, the guy from naughtynomad, strongly recommend to go to Malta for the easiness of the girls (without paying) so, i look forward for your tips, and what do you think about my comments, which are, intentionally, constructive, of course.

Nicolas D
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Nicolas,

You have highlighted some good points.

You are comparing South American women to East Asian girls, they are totally a different breed.

Sexually speaking, I agree with you on the difference. Just think about the way South American women dance; salsa, merengue, etc. It is an explosion of energy and passion.

Instead, most dance in South East Asia are slow and controlled.

You might wonder what dance has to do with sex? Everything. It is cultural.

Asian women can't express them self, they culture is controlled, in fact they speak politely and soft (I'm not talking about bar girls here) and sex is the same, they can't express eroticism as expressed in South America.

Both ethnics love sex, but is express in different ways.

I never had the opportunity to try Japanese girls, RedPoleQ from is into Japanese, Korean and Chinese women.

Before traveling to Asia, meet some girl online. Most of them aren't looking for money, but also not only for sex so you need to filter your selection for your specific goal.

I have wrote an article with some tips to date women online, it might be of your interest.

East European women are extremely beautiful and sexy. I had girlfriends over there for years.

They love them self and pay attention to their femininity, beauty and look. This is a plus and downside too. I enjoy to look at them, touch, and have sex with them but as a relationship, they are heavy duties.

They focus most of their energy on them self, much less in taking care of husband, house and kids.

Now that I have touched the marriage subject, I think South East Asian women are perfect for marriage more than sex, instead South American and East Europe women are better for sex but not for marriage.

So, sound like your goal is having sex with women can express eroticism, stick to South America, Central America (Cuba and Dominican Republic) and East European women.

I hope my comment is clearing some of your doubts.

David from Surrey Hills
Hi Rocco, I would like to know if I can get a soapy massage in Hong Kong?
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi David,

Hong Kong don't offer a real soapy massage experince like in Thailand.

You can try down Kowloon area or this massage parlor. You better give a call.
Dave from Sydney
I have a few days in Manila I would like to have one nice girl for escort me for a few days and stay each night with me how is the best way to do this ?
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Dave,

The best way to meet nice girls in Manila is by using dating sites. I have set up an online mini guide that show you "how" in simple steps. Click Here

At the moment I'm in Manila and you can read what I pulled out from spending some hours on Filipino Cupid. Read More bi Clicking Here

You will love Manila girls!
Hello my Friend??

I'm planing to visit Bangkok and Pattaya on mid of September 2016.

Is it right time to go or not. What about the nightlife and weather.

Please advise
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Tenny,

It is always a good time to visit Pattaya because is an AWSOME town.

September usually is the raining season in Thailand but Pattaya doesn't get hit heavily.

Nightlife? Don't worry, plenty of girls and naughty experiences.

Check out the Pattaya Sex Guide
sandeep from hyderabad
Hi Rocco,

In which massage parlour we can find beautiful models and foreign girls for soapy massage ?

please help ??

we are going in april 1st week

I am Going to Bangkok and Pattaya
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Sandeep,

Checkout my favorite massage parlors:

- Pattaya Parlors
- Bangkok Parlors
james from port Moresby
Hi Rocco, I'm impressed with your tips so far and I'm excited to travel to Manila on 05 Feb to 09 Feb.

Will definitely purchase your guide to Manila tomorrow.

Please advise me where I can find a clean girl in Manila.

Thank you.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi James,

You will find tons of info in the Manila Guide where to meet with girls.

In the meantime, you can start to pick up girls on Filipino Cupid or Pina Love. Follow my instruction how to get started with online dating, make sure to follow each step and you will get results.

It is working for me very well, so it will work for you too.
sandeep from hyderabad
Hi Rocco,

In which massage parlour we can find beautiful models and foreign girls for soapy massage ?

please help ??

we are going in april 1st week
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Sandeep,

Where are you going?
Dee from Mumbai
I want to visit Bangkok in the 1st week of April 2016. I want to know if enough girls will be available in that period?
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Dee,

Will be plenty of girls waiting for you.
Lavinia from Hampshire
Hi Rocco

Me and my partner would,love to have a soapy massage do the girls,let couples go in ??

And best places for couples to visit Thankyou 🙂
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Lavinia,

Sure, you can have a soapy together, just pay double fee.

Where are you heading too?
hey rocco just wondering what the legal age is in cambodia
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Jack,

Stick with girls above 18 years old of age and you will be fine.

However, the legal age in Cambodia is 15.
David Russell from Peacehaven
Hello Rocco,

I have being to Pattaya in November 2006 and loved that place as there are gogo bars or beer bar areas or the pier with night club on it, or the sea miles better than Bangkok as I will go back to Pattaya any day.

The only reason I will go back to Bangkok is that I know 5 stunning women there, and I will only stay there for a week no longer.

I am hoping to go back to Angeles City in the Philippines to Wild Orchid Resort Hotel around about the 22nd of December 2016 and leave their about two weeks later.

Wild Orchid Resort Hotel is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me as it is a great hotel, and all the staff are great it is a must visit hotel out of 100 % I would give it more than 200 plus %.

Rooms 36, 37, 38, and 39 is the best rooms I think as it has great pool view as my room was room 37.

If you go to Angeles City you MUST FLY TOO CLARK AIRPORT as it is only 15 minutes away from Angeles City, and NOT FLY TO MANILA AIRPORT AS IT COULD TAKE YOU UP TO FIVE HOURS TO GET TO ANGELES CITY.

You must visit CLUB MIX next to McDONALDS ON WALKING STREET, AND CHAMPAGNE GO-GO BAR AS THE OWNER IS GREAT GUY WITH GLASSES, AND THE GIRLS ARE REAL STUNNERS. AND YOU MUST MUST VISIT MIDNIGHT RODEO BAR just minutes from Wild Orchid Resort Hotel, and visit Robs something with a poker bar at the back as it does live music, and it is the first bar on the right when leaving the Orchid hotel when you turn right out of the entrance of the hotel.

The security guards at the Wild Orchid Resort Hotel are brilliant you can have a laugh and a joke with them.


Admin Reply by: Rocco

I totally agree with you about Wild Orchid Hotel and to land to Clark Airport, very convenient indeed.

One hotel I would recommend for your next visit to AC is ABC Hotel; this hotel is been build specifically for travelers that loves to play, have fun and experience luxury at affordable price. I have wrote a short review here.

All these excellent tips and more are inside the Angles City Guide.

Soon I will publish the Pattaya Guide, you will benefit on your next trip.
Tim from Bangkok
Hi Rocco. Do you accept guests posts? I have a story I want to tell.

Best regards, Tim.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Tim,

Your site is informative and well design. I love it.

Sure, send over your guest post and I will publish.

Usual rules:

- Original and unique content
- Informative and helpful for other travelers
- The naughtier, the better
David Russell from Peacehaven
The place is dirty, smelly, every one screams and shouts in your ear hole, when you are in a bar and you go for your money the girls are like cruise rockets.

They are there before you know it, wanting the money even if your only looking to see how much you have in your wallet or get your mobile phone out of it as I have a wallet my mobile phone can go in the middle.

If a girl comes and sits with you even if you did not ask them too for more than 15 minutes they expect you to pay them at least 100 Baht for their time even if you do not talk to them.

The traffic WELL that is very bad think of Central London at the worst of rush hour then at least double to triple that and that is Bangkok 24/7 365, and if you step of the pavement you take your life in your hands.

The traffic and zebra crossing meanings nothing to them even if it is your time to cross they will still keep driving so you could get knocked down or killed.

Good thing is the girls are stunning, petrol is about £0.50p per liter, fags about £0.50p plus per packet, drinks (bottle) about £1.00 a drink.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Thanks for sharing David.

Sorry to hear you dislike Bangkok so much. Next time visit Pattaya, it is more easy going.
David Russell from Peacehaven
Hi Rocco just got back on the 13th of January 2016 after having two weeks in Bangkok in Thailand, and two weeks in Angeles City in Philippines.

I did not like Bangkok for a few reasons, but I loved Angeles City, and I wish I was back there right now. I wish I had more money as hopefully I will be back in Angeles City before Christmas 2016, and come home after New Years Eve 2017 if not sooner.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi David,

Great to hear you had a good time in Angeles City.

What happen in Bangkok, why you didn't like it?
Anil Kumar Upadhyaya from Lucknow
I am Anil from India travel many times Bangkok and Pattaya but Pattaya is average price with more fun and even pretty lady boys are there.

Can you advise me for sexy ladyboy who can provide me real fun in Pattaya in how much Thai Bhat.I am looking for good long time partner possible in Pattaya? I like ladyboy with good breast and rosy cheeks.Pls advise me for this.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Anil,

Pattaya has many pretty ladyboy and the best area is Soi Buakhao on the intersection Soi Honey. If you go by taxi, just tell him near LK Metro where the ladyboys bars are.

You will find your sweet heart there.
Bill from Manila
I'm going to cebu in march but I want to meet a woman in manila where I have a 9 hour layover. I don't know anything about this since it is my first time. I want to creampie the woman.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Bill,

For a short time experience I would suggest to book an escort girl, fast and reliable service.

Check out this:
Nick from Sydney
I have traveled and worked in Asia a lot, now retired and having a brief holiday in Siem Reap either via Phuket or Bangkok or Pattaya.

Are there any mixed orgy parties and where/how? Is Phuket or Krabi cheaper than Bangkok?

What is the going rate for over night in hotel with average nice young chick, not super model?

Your site is wonderful!
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Nick,

Siem Reap is good for visiting Angkor Wat near by but not much of girls around. You better get in contact with local girls by online dating sites, easy and effective.

Here some tips: Pick Up Tips to Meet Women Online

Phuket and Krabi aren't cheaper than Bangkok, Pattaya is.

There are few hidden clubs in Pattaya where the girls are fully naked and you can do any act in front other people, but you can't exchange with other men. Email me for more info:

An average budget for hotel and girl is US$130 per day.
Evan from Singapore
Hi !
I am planning to go to Hanoi in vietnam from 24th jan to 28th .
Can you advice me dating pretty girl

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Evan,

Vietnam is a beautiful country and Viet girls are cute. However, Vietnamese women are shy and conservative, not so easy to pick up in the streets, malls, or nightclub.

Before my trips to Vietnam, I set up dates online with few girls for the duration of my holiday. It is easy and my system works so well that sometime I get overwhelm by the women response.

Check out my pick up strategy online.

Have a great holiday
eddie bailey from Leeds
Hi Rocco, I'm visiting Bangkok for 10 days in February 13th onward.

Can you give me a good hotel in the right area of Bangkok.

Also where I can meet a mature girl for the duration of my stay, I am a single man looking for a good time,but also I do respect the girl I'm with.

Many Thanks
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Eddie,

There are many excellent hotels in Bangkok. I have wrote a guide about it, just visit this page by clicking here, in the form add your name and email address to get a free copy of Guest Friendly Hotels in Bangkok.

The best way to meet mature women is on dating site, hundreds of Bangkok girls looking for a gentleman, here some of my tips to get you started.

Have a great trip
James J. Stout from Poughkeepsie
I am a 56 year old widower livong alone on a nice pension lookng gor an honest lifemate to experience my adventures with!
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi James,

Get started by meeting women online, it is the easiest way to get started.
I have dated hundreds of girls on dating sites, so I'm confident you can get the same result.

I wrote some of my tips to get you started in dating Asian women, it is a proven technique.
Desi from UK

Women on numerous dating and swingers sites state on their profiles 'i'm not prejudice but no Asians/Indians.'

Are Thai girls ok with guys of Indian descent?

I want to travel to Thailand for the first time but don't want a wasted trip.

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Desi,

Thai women are fine with Indian as long as they dress properly, take a shower and behave as a civilized human.
zak from kolkata
Please inform me the best place for sex tourism in Asia, without any religion problem.

As I have heard that there are problems in Indonesia with Muslim tourists as Muslim's are not allowed to have any lady in their hotel rooms
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Zak,

I can recommend Thailand, Philippines and Cambodia for your sex journey without worry about religions.

Check out our destinations on the menu bar.
Tony from Dubai

Im gonna visit Pattaya reason being yes a holiday destination and offcource the requirments to Ahem Ahem..
so do reply via mail for the Guides

Thank You
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Tony,

For your an holiday in Pattaya, get useful info on the Pattaya Sex Guide.

Ahem Ahem
I am looking for a threesome with two virgins, where is the best place to go and where is the best place to stay and do you have any other advice, thanks for your help
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Mike,

In Angeles City in Philippines, there are cherry girls certificate by a doctor.

You will need to bargain hard with the mamasang to get the deal.

The best place to stay in Angeles City would be ABC hotel.

A beautiful hotel build for play and luxury.
Igby from Vancouver
Hello Rocco,

I am looking at celebrating my birthday in the Philippines this coming June and I was wondering what are your thoughts on the hotels and which one was the best for guest friendliness.

Hope to hear back.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Igby,

Well, Philippines is a bit general but the first hotel that pop up in my head is ABC Hotel in Angeles City.

This hotel is been built for travelers like us that love to party with sexy girls. Ultra guest friendly. Click here to read more about it and book at the best guarantee price.
Ritz from Malaysia
Hi Rocco, I will be traveling to Angeles city, Clark with another 2 guy friends.

We are celebrating his bachelors party.

Mind to share where and how to get most exciting sex experience over there.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Ritz,

You have chosen the perfect destination for a Bachelor Party. Angeles City is packed with nightlife and of course, cute girls.

Head down to field avenue in the numerous bars to pick up some girls. My favorite clubs are Club Asia and Atlantis.

For some late night party, don't miss to book a table to High Society Disco.

A real Bachelor party can't be awesome without the ultimate Party Suite Room in ABC Hotel. Check here my review and link for booking at best possible price. .
Hi Rocco,

when come the Pattaya Travel book. I travel at 05/2016 to Pattaya and hope i can have this at this time.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Martin,

I was planning to release the Pattaya Guide end of January 2016, unfortunately too many great places to write about it and it will take longer.

However, it will be ready before your trip to Pattaya.
Greg from Hong Kong
I am planning to go to Thailand in January.

I am 50 years old. Never been.

I want to experience 3 or 4 girls staying with me one night for all night and then doing what I tell them. Should I go to Pattaya or Bangkok?

I hear Pattaya is best and cheapest. I will also look for a wife while there.

I plan to go for 12-16 days. Do you have a book to order for Pattaya?

I need to read you suggestions and experience. I also need to know if it is safe for me to travel alone. I am USA citizen.

Do I need visa? I want cheap hotel but nice and roomy for "entertaining."

Let me know which book I should order from you... Thanks
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Greg,

You are a smart traveler, looking up for info before taking your journey.

Bangkok and Pattaya will do both well for you if you are looking for multiple girls to please you, and you are right, Pattaya is much cheaper than Bangkok when come to girls, about 30%.

Please, don't look for a wife in Pattaya, you will be ruin. Pattaya is just a whore house, definitely not the place to look for a wife.

Bangkok is a better option to look for a wife because there are genuine working girls looking to have a relationship with foreigners. I suggest to meet some girl online before coming to Thailand, read this article "Tips How to Meet Asian Women Online".

You don't need a Visa to Thailand, you will get 30 days stamp entry at the airport. Thailand is very safe, more than traveling in USA.

Two books I recommend for you are Bangkok Guide and The Dream Vacation.
sandeep from kakinada
hi Rocco,

I am from india, our friends are planning a trip to Pattaya in may 2016, we want to experience soapy massage along with some sex.

Please suggest some best parlors to achieve our desires..

Are Indians allowed for soapy massages in Pattaya parlours?

I have read somewhere that chinese , japanese and koreans are allowed to massage parlours
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Sandeep,

Yes, Indian are allowed in massage parlors.

Read the Best Pattaya Soapy Massage Parlors
Hi Rocco,

After reading your information about Angeles City I decided to book a holiday there in April.
But after looking up more info on the internet, I have started to get worried about crime rate and potential diseases from insect bites etc.

I would appreciate your advice and any reassurance you can give.

I have booked flight only trip non refundable
I land in China then onto Manila

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi John,

Great to hear your plan for your next holiday, Angeles City is a little/fun town.

Philippines isn't the safest country in the region, but not the worst either. Stay in the tourist areas as Field Avenue street, and nothing will happen to you.

The insect bites you are referring should be the mosquitoes that potentially carry dengue fever. Can happen to get byte, but it is rare and you shouldn't worry about it.

I'm been countless time in Angeles City and I never had any security issue, and I don't petrol only the tourist areas but sometime i adventure in places where locals are custom to party.

Just be nice to people, behave and nothing will happen to you. Keep your original passport in the hotel safe (make sure the hotel has safe in the room) and carry with you only the money necessary for the day.
Hi Rocco

I Am Planning some three Nights Holiday either in Bangkok or Pattaya , for coming 2016 , Please help me how can i find good and beautifull girls at best and cheap price , i am looking for a budgeted holiday frankly speaking ,

My Preferences Are Mostly i like the girls in the age of 18 or 19 years not older than 20 years ,

Most Likely girls slim , with preety faces and less height not more than 5 feet 5 inches

And i would be looking for whole three nights stay with three different girls of the same criteria as mentioned above , so kindly share with me some tips of how can i find them , shall i pree book them or book once i reach thailand

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Akshay,

sound you are up for a great journey, keep the momentum going.

There are few options to achieve your goal.

- Use dating website online. These site are popular in Asia and host a wide selection of young girls looking for some good time, and many aren't looking for money. This is the cheapest option and you can talk only to the lady you like.

When making up your profile, take sometime to write a bit yourself and upload at least three clean picture of your self and one with your friends. This will give you the best chance to score a cute, lovely girl. is the best in my opinion, I have met many cute and young girl here.

- Visit Ago-go clubs in the main red light districts in Bangkok and Pattaya. This will cost you around US$ 100 per girl, I'm not sure is in your budget but the selection of girls is wide and you can score easily some young cuties. I have wrote about the best Pattaya Ago-go and the best Ago-go in Bangkok.

- Going for the most popular nightclubs in Bangkok and Pattaya. These clubs are frequented by hundreds of office girls and freelancers, and you can score some lovely girl every night of the week.

You need to be confident and not shy to succeed in the clubs, basically you need to be able to talk and flirt with girls. Read Pattaya guide and Bangkok Guide for more info.
David Russell from Peacehaven
Rocco I am going to be in Bangkok Thailand at 06.20am when flights arrives at Bangkok airport on the 15th of December 2015 till the 29th of December 2015, and then I will be Angeles City, Philippines on the afternoon of the 29th of December 2015 till the 12th of January 2016, and their are a few things I would like to ask you please.

1 = I am not sure what to do as I do not want to carry lots of money with around me in Bangkok, plus I do not want to carry money or leave in the room electric safe for the Philippines trip money as I saw a video on youtube about electronic hotel room safes, and how you can get into them. I know you said take US Dollars.

2 = What is the best of getting the money out as I have two accounts which both have Visa on it one with Visa Debit card, and the other one Visa Electron. Should I get the Philippines money out of the ATM or money exchange when I get to the Philippines.

3 = When I get to Bangkok and Angeles City should I keep my passport with me at all time or leave at hotel reception or in my electronic room safe.

4 = How much should I take out with me a day not including for ladies back to my hotel room etc.

Thank You from David Russell.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi David,

I think this isn't your first question.

Carry some cash with you, what ever make you comfortable and your visa card will be fine to withdraw money as needed, use the bank ATM. Inform the bank about your trip to keep the cards unblocked.

Leave your passport in the safe room and carry with you only a copy.

Take with you the money enough for the night. I have no idea your usual habit of spending. Stick to you budget. 100$ is the least.
Edward hold from Australia
I'm going Thailand holiday and I like to find any woman who can guide and enjoy sexy life there.

How will I meet women at Bangkok airport to pick me up???

Pls email me back I'm look forward. Thank
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Edward,

You are looking to have a girl or a few girls to pick you up in the airport, right?

You have got two options:

1) Subscribe to a Thai dating website and start to talk to some lady in Bangkok. Build some trust and a relationship. The girl will be more than happy to pick you up at the airport. I recommend to use Thai Cupid.

2) Arrange with Bangkok Escort to send some of their beautiful girls to pick you up in the airport and escort you to the hotel.

Enjoy Bangkok
I just arrived in Kuala Lumpur and going to live here for a year but I'm finding hard to find a partner.

What do you suggest?

Admin Reply by: Rocco
That is great.

Malaysian women love expatriates. You will be surprise to go out with attractive women and get offered drinks and dinners.

Malaysian people form groups when they go out, so the best way is to be friendly with the group and during the conversation pick the girl you like and start to flirt. You will not be able to bed her the same night, so get the telephone number.

However, the best way is to go out with coworkers and get introduce to the friends. This is the easiest way to go.

You can use Facebook too, it is a great tool to get dates. Sing up with Asian Dating website, lot of girls looking for a partner and it is easy to chat with them.

For anything, don't hesitate to contact me again
Hello Rocco,

Thank you for your introductory email and I would love to share some of my insecurities while travelling abroad.

Essentially, most of my worries revolve around the worry of local law enforcement - I do not want to see myself on that reality show "Locked Up Abroad". 🙂

Also I am worried that I will leave myself open to blackmail and other unsavory possibilities. There are no websites that allow people like myself to post reviews or share experiences and which can help authenticate places/people.

Hence I actually look forward to receiving sage advice from people like yourself! Look forward to your responses.

Best Regards
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Gemini,

your worries are sound and many travelers share the same insecurity.

This all come down to the western media, that show an unreal world about Asia. "Locked Up Abroad" is an extreme documentary and show the worst of the tourist coming to Asia that would get locked up in any part of the world, not only in Asia.

You will not be blackmail or anything similar. Just behave as normal person, and enjoy your sex vacation at the fullest.
prabhu from chennai
I plan for Thailand in the month of feb.

Need to know which hotel and spot where i can get best sex experience. Sandwich massage with sex.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Prabhu,

Thailand is a big country and you should start planning your trip with some precise destination. The most popular locations are:

- Pattaya
- Bangkok
- Phuket

I would suggest you start reading "how to plan a sex holiday to Thailand".

From there you will find more info and tips about hotels and the best massage parlors.
Hi Rocco

I did go through your list of the 5 best massage parlors in Bangkok.

Thanks for your quick reply. However, I'd like something a bit more affordable.

Within 1500 Bhat. Do you know of any such places?

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Andy,

You can go for normal massage shops with happy endings, 1500 Bht budget is more than enough for full service.

Patpong and Nana area are packed with massage parlors "happy" to give you the best massage of your life.
David Russell from Peacehaven
Hi Rocco just a few things;

1 = is it best to the local money like baht or php's or use your card in Bangkok and Angeles City

2 = is it safe to go with a freelancers or girls on the street as in Pattaya you avoid girls coming up to you as they rob you etc.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi David,

1. Cash is king in Philippines and Thailand. Carry with you Euro or US dollars are they are the best currency to convert in local currency. You can withdraw cash from ATM machine but the cost are higher and there are daily limits. Sometime the card might not work.

2. It is safe to meet girls and pick up freelancers in the streets. The robbery stories are usually ladyboys. The only concern is the age of the girls, make sure they are 18+. Just ask for ID card.

Enjoy your holiday
Hi Rocco,

nice to receive emails from you.

What are the fun activities for open minded couples(husband and wife in Phuket .

Are there professional male massagers in Phuket or can we get massage together from opposite sex.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Kanish,

there is a bit of everything in Phuket.

You can contact some other couples like you traveling to Thailand for some "fun" experience by clicking here.

Most of AGo-Go bars and massage parlors will be happy to satisfy both of your desires. Walk down Bangla Road, this road is paradise.

Contact body massage Phuket to get a couple massage. Be specific on your requirements, don't be shy to ask for a woman and man to do your massage.

Check out the Phuket Sex Guide for extra information about nightlife, travel tips and more.

Enjoy Phuket!
Hi Rocco,

Thanks for the email, what I am looking for is a holiday where I can experience a harem like existence for a few days with a number of girls available.

If you know of anywhere where this is possible without costing thousands of dollars a day please let me know.

All the best

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Bam,

You are looking for paradise on earth, and there is a place can offer you so much lust and plenty of women; Pattaya.

Pattaya is a small town 120 Km. from Bangkok with hundreds of sexual entertainments and thousand of beautiful Thai women. The best part is the place is super cheap.

Pattaya is known to be the most sinful city in Asia, maybe in the world.

Go and make your own harem.

Hi there Rocco,

Your website has been quite informative. I'm heading to Bangkok in December. Would you recommend any massage parlors? I just want to get laid. That's all!!

I'm travelling to Thailand for the first time. Please help.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Andy,

Sure, I can assist you in getting laid. This website goal is to help travelers to have an unforgettable sex holiday.

Read my article about the 5 best Bangkok massage parlors.

These massage parlors are my favorite.

Read the Bangkok sex guide too, you will find info and tips for your trip.

Have a great holiday.
Kim from Brisbane
Hi Rocco, can you let me know when your Pattaya E book is released please mate?
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Kim,

The Pattaya Guide will be ready for the end of January. It is taking longer than expected because Pattaya adult scene is huge. I have wrote 110 pages already and I'm left to write about Pattaya nightlife and best restaurants.

It will be a very useful guide.

Did you subscribe for the launch? If not, Click here and add your email address.
i really need to sought the most hottest an sexy girls that are real.

Its the first time for me in Manila I've never been there before.

So i really hope that you are able to steer me in the right direction.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Nick,

That sound great!

Manila women are the hottest in Philippines and you will have a blast of holiday.

Have a look to the Manila Guide for some useful info about Manila scene.

Makati or Quezon City have the best looking and sexiest girls in Manila.

Enjoy your holiday
Hi Rocco,

nice to receive emails from you.

What are the fun activities for open minded couples (husband and wife) in Phuket?

Are there professional male parlors in Phuket or can we get massage together from opposite sex.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Kanish,

there is a bit of everything in Phuket.

You can contact some other couples like you traveling to Thailand for some "fun" experience, visit AdultHub.

Most of AGo-Go bars and massage parlors will be happy to satisfy both of your desires. Walk down Bangla Road, this road is paradise.

Contact body massage Phuket to get a couple massage. Be specific on your requirements, don't be shy to ask for a woman and man to do your massage.

Check out the Phuket Sex Guide for extra information about nightlife, travel tips and more.

Enjoy Phuket!

I am planning a trip to Bangkok for 3 nights during the Christmas weekend. I am interested to know about the various sex fantasy in Bangkok.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Oja,

Have a look to the Bangkok Sex Guide, you will get a good idea about Bangkok venues and entertainments.

Enjoy Bangkok!
Stephen Mombi from Port Moresby

I will be in Bangkok Thailand next week 23rd November, 2015.
I will be lodging at The Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn
33/1 South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn
Bangkok 10120, Thailand.

I need a good hardcore sex with a beautiful Thai girl aged less than 20 years. Could you give me contacts where I can find them.


Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Stephen,

You are looking for the impossible much; below 20 of age and hardcore.

The youngest hardcore girl I banged was 21 years old from Surin, Thailand

Call in Julie or Olivia from Bangkok escort for some hardcore session. They are beautiful too, but not below 20 years old.

Enjoy Bangkok and have a pop for me too.
Traveling to Cambodia for 3 weeks soon.

I was looking at a side trip to Indonesia.

Tell me how to find the "Village guide" as in your Holidays in Indonesia: Village Sex Tour" article.

I am the adventurous type so even just a list of preferred destinations to hit up over the period of a week would be great.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Photoog,

Check out this article about sex in West Java and go to the section "How to get there".

Have a great holiday
Hi Rocco,

Thanks for offering to address my specific questions. That's pretty cool.

My situation is like this - probably not unusual. Sometimes I stop in Bangkok on business, and I have the option of taking a few days extra for leisure. I'm interested in finding a beautiful girl I can spend time with when I go there, which is only about once a year. Someone who would be up for coming away with me for a few days in Phuket or somewhere nice. I guess I'm looking for a kind of holiday girlfriend.

Now I know there are good options for paying for a girl like that, and I don't mind paying, but I'd rather it was someone who I also have a personal connection with so that there is a genuine feeling of affection. I don't know if it is realistic to expect this, as a young beautiful girl is going to want more of a commitment than I'm ready to offer, so it doesn't seem like an attractive proposition for her.

I'm a decent looking guy, actually 60, but I'm pretty fit and look less than 50. I'm fun to be with and I'm a musician, and if I wanted and took a little time I could probably get a young woman to fall in love with me and I'd get all I wanted for free, but that wouldn't be fair when I have no intention of marrying anyone or getting too serious.

I'm probably answering my own question here. The best route is just to pay for what I want and no-one gets hurt, right?

What do you think?

Thanks for listening!

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Bill,

Your thoughts are sound to me and as you said in your last paragraph, you have answer to your own question already.

Be fair and respectful with the women you meet on the road. It is all about Karma.
Hi there..

actually our plan is me and my wife go to get some new excitement together,

We have to enjoy massage together, hot couple(m,f) together with us.

Especially wanna make my girl to excitement and deep pleasure.

We r 31 yrs old couple.

So please, waiting your suggestion with thanks.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Linn,

It is great to hear that you and your wife are looking for new experinces and share the pleasure of sex openly.

Asia is perfect to have erotic massages and group sex. I have written an article to help couples like you to plan their sex vacation.


Let me know your thoughts and if the article was helpful enough.

Hi Rocco,

I am 71 but still horny and good to go but the problem is women are not interested in me. I'm not a bad looking guy and I'm in good shape.

Any suggestions?
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Roger,

I understand and feel your frustration in attracting Asian women.

You are not the only one with the same problem, actually a good 70% of men fail to attract women, keep the conversation going and build a strong physical attraction with women.

Let me tell you one thing, age have nothing to do with this problem. I have seen senior men, not looking handsome and with big bellies, walking around with cute girls in their twenties. I thought, they must be rich, just to find out that wasn't the case.

You might find helpful my recent article on "How to attract Asian women during a vacation".


Let me know if you need more clarifications.

Franco from Italy

May you help me to choose the best trip not expansive.

I love the night life with girls and the day with massage ,relax good food,excursion in the closer point.

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Franco,

The cheapest destination where you can have fantastic massages, a blasting nightlife, excellent food and relax by the beach is Pattaya.

Check out Pattaya Sex Guide (CLICK HERE).

Hopefully In June I get a week off from work for my birthday.

I was planning to go too the DR but I was gone wait until I get more experience with speaking in Spanish.

So when I seen your site I was like I'm better off with going to one of these places instead. It seems like most Asian women be bored and etc during sex what do they like?

Good sex keeps a women coming back so if the sex good for them would that person no longer have to pay? How to approach these females and talk these females?
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Speedy,

Spain is a beautiful country with hot chicas, however it is hard to get laid with the locals if you aren't a skilled talker and pick up master.

Asian women culturally are been thought to control their feeling in public, this the reason they look calm and apparently less passionate than westerner.

Behind close doors, it is a different story.

If you approach a woman in Asia while she is working and you are a paying customer, you will have to tip her every time.

If you meet her and have sex without pay the first time, than she will feel you are her boyfriend thus sex being part of the relationship it comes within the package. However you will pay in a different way.

I have banged 32 different nationalities and had countless relationships at all the levels, and in my humble opinion pay directly a woman for sex is the cheapest and best way to go.

Reason been, no head aches, you know exactly how much it cost you (you can even budget it monthly) and no broken feelings and expectations. Usually follow by drama, harassment and even knife threaten (yes, it is happened to me once before and it wasn't fun).

Regarding how to approach Asian women, I have wrote The Dream Vacation guide with tips and info how to approach, talk and flirt with Asian women in simple steps.

Have a great holiday.

Dom from Avignon

Mid jan i am going to Manila for a week.

could please advise me some hotel close to the sex area where I can find women and massage?

Kind regards
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Dom,

You can find the best girlfriendly hotels in Manila near the action areas by CLICKING HERE

Manila’s Hotel & Accommodations for Mongers

Have a great holiday in Manila

raj from Dhaka
What about Vietnam?

is it ideal for sex tourist? Or so so ?

Thanks Rocco.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Raj,

Vietnam is a beautiful country and women are gorgeous, cute and respectful forward men.

I would recommend this country for mongers going for a long holiday and are able to chat up a woman with charm.

I don't recommend Vietnam for paid sex tourism.

Vietnam isn't open to sex tourism yet. In fact, the sex industry is operating underground and under pressure.

There are the usual massage shops, barber shops and so on, but the girls offer a mediocre service, rarely an exceptional experience.

Read Skins article about mongering in Vietnam, his article is well detailed and I totally agree with his thoughts.

Let me know your thoughts.
PraKash C.
Visiting Pattaya in January, want know about nightlife of pattaya and expenses for sex.

Thanks Rocco
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Praksh,

You can find all the info about Pattaya nightlife and sex activities with prices on the Pattaya Sex Guide.
Hi Rocco,

Do Indonesia sex workers know English if not how do I speak to them?
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Ege,

Most of Indonesian hookers can speak English.

Communication is an important factor especially if you are looking for a girlfriend experience, but for only sex it isn't so important.
The best way to communicate is to use basic English and speak clearly and slowly.

Use the hands to communicate concepts while speaking, this might help.

Nowadays smartphone and easily accessible internet connection offer a all new level of communication tools, my favorite been "google translate".

Sometime I used it to talk to girls just to make more fun. I let the translator speak the words and i try to repeat it, the girls just love it.

They love it because is fun and you as a tourist are different, trying to adapt to their language instead of having expectation from them to speak English.

Have a great holiday.

Smokinjoes from Mumbai
Hi Rocco,

Like someone else in this forum I would like to go to the Philippines for a packaged sex holiday if that's possible, else I need your complete guidance about right where i can pick em up in the Philippines to which places i should visit & ultimately what budget should i keep in mind approximately for 3-5 days (if that's enough)....

Thank mate ur an inspiration!
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Smokin Joes,

The Philippines sex guide will answer all your concerns with tips, info, prices, best clubs, bars and more to have an unforgettable sex holiday.
clyde from bangor
hi Rocco been to Thailand twice now want to go to Philippines!

What cities should I go to for friendly women?
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Clyde,

Thailand as a whole is a friendly country.

The common tourist destinations are:

- Bangkok
- Pattaya
- Phuket

Read the Thailand sex travel guide to get a better idea.
Want to know about soapy massage.

Thanks Rocco
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Gula,

I have wrote a few articles about soapy massage that will help you to understand more about the service offered, how to pick the best establishment and ultimately have a great experience. Start with this article:

- Soapy Massage; A Thai Tradition that is clean and fun

If you need further help, I am one email away.
Dear Rocco,

I bought your Angeles City Guide but the Following details are not
on it, Could you help on it.

1. Present EWR Prices of Bars (Longtime)

2. Best Go Go Bars

3. Contact of good GFE girls

4. Taxi Charges from Manila to AC

5. Other Detais


Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Nimal,

Thanks to support our work.

Let me clear out your questions;

1. The ongoing prices for long time in bars is 2000 pesos for normal dancers and 3000-4000 pesos for models. You can find the info at page 17 in the guide.

2. Best gogos bars are: Forbidden City, Club Asia, Crystal palace and Atlantis. Page 16-17 for more info.

3. The GFE (girlfriend experience) is in high demand and you have got a very good question here. There are few option to move forward to achieve your goals:

- Sing up with Asian Dating, upload at least three of your best pictures with a clear description of what you are looking for; I'm an energetic and love caring man from .... looking for a sweet girl to be as my girlfriend in my next trip to Angeles City. We will have fun and a romantic time together and why not, may be will fall in love and stay together forever. (This is just an example to give you an idea).

- A more direct approach is the "Craig List", you will find many girls looking for "good" men.

- I wrote about approaching girls in malls and cafes, this is a potential girlfriend experience, but I understand few men aren't comfortable in approaching women.

4. From Manila to AC a taxi will charge you about 2000 pesos.

5. If you have anymore questions, I'm one email away.

The number 1 thing for me will be strong conversation, that mindset will give the edge I need be as confident as possible.

Next is disease you can't see it so what will be the cleanest places to go and what if anything in particular should I look for in these women that might be key signs they have been around the barn to many times.

Lastly for now is Fantasy; I want to be as a king. The sheikh of a Harem.

Where would I go for ultimate fantasy?

Thank you
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Corey,

Strong conversation, confidence and positive attitude are essential skills to be successful with women. Asian culture influence Asian women how they perceive our approach and flirting move.
It is important, to pass as a "good" guy when approaching women in Asia, be polite, dress smart, be calm and be generous.

This approach is the opposite side of what works in western countries, being a "bad" boy will receive more attention from women. Think about how many times you have seen an attractive woman in your country with rough guy. This is related to the western culture, and increase influence and impact of western women dominance in society.

I have wrote a full chapter in The Dream Vacation book called " The Art of flirting" that will prepare you on your journey to meet Asian women.

Your concern about diseases is indeed one of the major concern of travelers during a sex trip. The place don't make the difference itself but the attitude of girls forward life and sex, of course. Look for places with a strong work ethic required by the girls, such a Ago-go bars. Girls have to be report at work every day at 8pm till 3am, this is what I called a strong work ethic.

Freelancer girls (they don't have a job, just walk around looking for customers) on the other don't have a work ethic, because they don't like rules and aren't able to take the necessary precautions in their sexual life (the use of condom).

To avoid disease, focus on the girls you meet looking at their behaviors and personal hygiene. Use a condom, this will save you from any diseases 99% of time.

You want to be the king? Go to Bangkok known as the "City of Angeles".
Dear Rocco,

I was planning going over Phuket Thailand next year. Any suggestion on hotels and activities?

Any recommendations on tips?

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Tunax,

Phuket is a beautiful part of Thailand. I wrote an article about Phuket, with tips to have a great holiday;

- Phuket Sex Guide

Have fun!
Onyx from Mumbai
Dear Rocco,

I am planing a 6-8 day trip to Thailand in the last week of January 2016.

We are bachelors looking to have a crazy sex holiday. I have been to Bangkok and Pattaya before and thoroughly enjoyed my time with Thai girls.

But during my previous visit I saw some stunning Russian girls as well.

I see no guides on where to find them.

I would like to mix Russian and Thai fun this time.

Please advice on how to plan my holiday and find the best Russian and Thai escorts in Thailand.

Also please list best discs and pubs to pick non escort girls in Thailand.

Thank you.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Onyx,

I have wrote a detail article about meeting Russian women in Bangkok with tips and details where and how to meet them. In the same spots, you will find plenty of Thai ladies too, after all, Bangkok is Thailand.

Not only Thai girls; Meet western women in Bangkok

Have a sexy holiday
Dear Rocco,

Thank you for your email.

I dream to visit Thailand & Bangkok.

I would like to know which nice hotel you would suggest me near the sex life & which part of Bangkok, i may not miss?

Furthermore, i would like to know if it is possible to have sex without payment & what the Thai girls are looking for as man behavior & physical appearance?

Waiting for your information, i thank you by advance.
Best Regards.

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Boris,

Bangkok is a great destination; attractive women, fun and diverse life style.

There are a couple of good hotels for all the budget, my suggestion are:

- The Fusion Suites
- ICheck Inn Nana

These hotels are all girlfriend, conveniently located near the red light districts and transportation.

You can meet girls in Bangkok that aren't prostitute in clubs, metro, malls and near the university.

Thai people, look at appearance, so make sure to dress smart, shave and don't use cologne. Speak English slowly and clear, smile and be polite.
However, will be difficult to get them in your room at the first approach because you are a tourist (staying in hotel).

To achieve your goal with immediate success once in Bangkok, I would like to recommend to register with the most popular Thai dating site, and get to know few women few weeks before your departure. Thus, once in Bangkok, the girls will feel more comfortable to meet you and spend a good time together.

If you need more help, I'm one email away.
Hey Rocco,

I posted a question asking about your Pattaya guide and you asked when I would be going.

Truth is I plan to go for a Songkran festival, just not sure what year I will be able too. Main reason being money for the trip.

The purpose of my trip is twofold. One is for "relaxation", but the other is I am a photographer and I need to build my portfolio.

My focus is glamour, boudoir, and intimate portraiture.

I thought I might take advantage of the bar scene and try to find some decent looking girls to use as models. What are your thoughts on this?

I also need to save and purchase some additional camera gear as well.

Damon R.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Damon,

Both your reasons are achievable. You can get pictures of bar girls easily if you follow steps.

Some tips:

- The attitude and shyness of the girls make the difference when working on photos with them.

- Don't be too much upfront with your request or over plan to take these photos, just go with the flow. In Thailand is impossible to organize anything, Thais don't like commitment and thinking too much.

- Always show the pose on yourself and try to make a bit of fun/joke. Thai bar girls love to play and have fun.

Songkran is the best time of the year to have a blast in Pattaya, so many chicks looking for fun.


I'd like to know how you deal to prevent sexual transmitted diseases?

I think this is a problem of many of us when we want to go to sex parlours
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Ricardo,

Your concern is real and it's good you are looking for answers.

The most effective way to limit STD is the use of a condom.

When you are going to bang a girl, have a look around and inside the pussy (just pretend that you are playing with her), if you see infections, just get get a BJ and finish the story there.

Try to avoid to embarrassed the girl saying things like, "you better see a doctor" or "what is this". She might know or don't know that she have an infection, unfortunately some girls don't take good care of herself.

If you are planning a long holiday and you want to stick with one girl, go to a clinic for full "pre-marriage package" and in 24 ours you will get the result about your new girlfriend health.

Damon R.
Any update as to when the Pattaya guide is being released?
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Damon,

Pattaya Guide will be released in December.

When are you planning your holiday?
Hi there -

I know most of South East Asia very well but what i'm looking for is where are all the orgies etc -

I travel mainly in Indonesia Singapore Thailand.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Micheal,

There aren't any orgy venues in Asia as such known in the west, especially UK and Germany.

You can get in some afternoon gentleman club where you can get serviced by the girls in front of other people, this is the top "Orgy" style in Asia.

Singapore is offering Swinging night, but it is restricted to members and the location is constantly changing.

Let me know if I red you right.

Take care
Paul T.
Traveling to Sabang Beach (Mindoro, Philippines) in 2 weeks, I've heard that the Koreans clear out the best of the bar girls by early evening.

How true is this ?

Also what's your opinion of freelancers (since that's all that may be left for me).

Kind regards ... Paul
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Paul,

Great to hear you are going for a holiday in Philippines, the girls are so lovely over there.

I understand your concern about Korean, girls love them because their look is Asiatic, spend good money and boom boom little (fast orgasm). They go out and pick up in the early evening, they aren't night wolf as Europeans, Australian and American.

If you hit the bars after 10pm, definitely the choice of girls will be reduced, but this happen in any monger city/town. I always recommend to get out early, between 7-9pm is the best pick up time.

Freelancers are good and value for money. Most don't carry condoms with them, so get yourself stuffed. Be clear with them what are your expectations for the night; how much you are willing to pay, what type of performance you are looking for, if you want her to sleep with you, etc.

Where are you going to stay?


i need some good advice...

I'm 27 male and i would like to go through a 14 days erotic holiday, but that would be my first and single holiday.

so.. is there an companion that i can book so i would have one that show me around at the clubs shows and "actions" etc..

Admin Reply by: Rocco

The hangover tour will show around the clubs in Bangkok safely and within a group. You will get a feel of Bangkok nightlife without pressure and safely.

Book and mention in the comment form that you have spoken with rocco by, they will look after you as a VIP.

Take care
Hi Rocco

I am looking for a package holiday.

I can easily organize and book the flight. But the rest should be organized locally.

I am also a bit picky what the ladies are concerned. I want to have companions with whom I can also have a good conversation and enjoy nice meals and interesting trips besides having a lot of different sex.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Christoph,

I can help you with accommodation and plan your local holiday.

First, you should decide where you want to go? This article will will help you to get an idea about your sex journey:

Let me know witch country inspire you the most and I will help your with the remaining of your holiday. If unsure, I can pick for you.

Hi and great website....

I find a lot of girls only want short time but I really like them to spend the night and they don't usually want to unless I pay a lot more money...

Any recommendations on tips?
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Orga,

It all come down to conversation skills, length of conversation and where you meet the girls.

I have personally witness punters going to a girl, say "hi, how much"?
That was the full conversation. The girl will try to get as much money as possible because in her head the main thought is "what a loser".

Between a short time and long time price, there is a 30% increase. If they hike the price over this line, it is because they don't like you. The nicest way to pass on the message is increasing the price, so you will leave and don't bother them again.

It isn't your fault, happen to me a few times in my early years. I rash in to close the deal and I got burn by the girl with unreasonable price.

Learning from our mistakes, make us better mongers.

Take care
Hi Rocco,

Nice to meet you.

I have booked a holiday to Thailand for March 2016, look forward to study info and prepare for my trip.

I have 1 week in Phuket, Karon beach, & 1 week in Pattaya after.

Have been before to Pattaya, normally spend a few days finding what is what and feel that a bit of preparation will enable me to hit the ground running this time?

Love Thailand and Thai people, never had any problems in Thailand.

Would love some tips on the best places to go to meet ladies, would really like to spend a few days with a few different ladies over the course of the holiday.

I would appreciate any advice you can offer to make it extra special. I have a preference for a bush, can never seem to know where to find it and only know when you get her back to the room, any advice on this?

Look forward to hear back from you, any advise greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Scott,

Pattaya and Phuket are great destinations.

Check out the travel guides for the best venues:



This year I notice an increase in Thai girls having a bush, thus you will be happy.
Just stick your hand under her panties to find out (Rocco's style), however, if you prefer the gentleman way, make a joke about it or ask directly; "Tonight, do I have to shave you" pointing to her pussy.

Thai people love joke and fun, don't be serious about anything. A big smile in Thailand, can go far away with girls...

How to ask and convince a married woman??
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Ankit,

well, she is a woman and like all the women when have a strong attraction to you, they want to have sex independently if they are married or not.

Be simple and straight to the point, expressing your feelings and your attraction to her.

She will be pleased, and and you will get your hint.

Hi Rocco,

I am travelling to Thailand for my 40th birthday for the first time this February!

I am coming alone (without wifey and kids!) and plan to make this as x-rated visit as possible. I will be in Thailand for 9 days, and was considering visiting Bankok, Pattaya and Phuket.

My main venue of action will be Agogo bars (anything else is recommended?

Let me know what do you think about my plan and any other ideas.

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi James,

sometime a man need some free time to pursue its dreams and deep desires.

I wrote an article some time ago "How to self plan a sex holiday", and a point that i stressed was to keep your plan simple. Nine days and three destinations are overwhelming and diminish the purpose of your holiday; meet girls and have lot of sex.

I would recommend Bangkok and Pattaya for your holiday because the cities are just 130 Km. away from each other and well connected to the international airport in Bangkok.

In Thailand there is much more than Ago-go bars. Oil massage parlors, soapy massages, gentlemen clubs, ladyboy's show, freelancers in the streets, BJ bars and more.

It takes a book to tell you all the hot spot about each destination and for this reason, I have created sex travel guides to help you to accomplish your dream vacation.

For anything, I am one email away.
Quick question for you.

I've read your website pretty thoroughly. Seems you feel Bangkok is the best destination for a sex holiday.

If so, why is that guide your shortest / cheapest guide book?

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Jeff,

Bangkok is pretty much happening, there is a bit of every thing for any type of travelers.

The Bangkok Guide is the cheapest because is a mini guide for a sex tour in Bangkok up to three days. You will find details in accommodation, massage parlors, BJ bars, nightclubs and more.

Instead, the other guides are been designed for holiday makers (being in resort city/towns) and have more in deep details.

However, all the guides are been designed to give you the most important info in the easiest and short possible way so you can focus on enjoying yourself.


I'm on my way to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh any tips for a good time?

After Phnom Penh I will be heading to Thailand.

What hot places would you recommend ?


Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Chaim,

Phnom Penh and Thailand are great destinations.

Have a look to our travel guides:


Don't forget to send me some picture.

Hello Rocco

I am going to Patong at the end of this month for 3 weeks and i want to try as much as i can and any suggestions would be good... and also wondering the girls in the nightclubs do you still have to pay for them if you pick them up?

And also how would i go about having 2 girls for a night?

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Peter,

Have a look to Phuket guide and the relative articles:

Most of the girls in the clubs are freelancers and are there to make money. Make sure to make the deal clear before take them to your room, this will save you from next morning unreasonable requests.

Regarding 2 girls, it is about to find the perfect match and the best option is to visit the Ago-go bars.

Patong has many Ago-gos and will be an easy task to find two lesbians for you. Ask mamasang to help you. Mamasang knows very well her girls, thus she is perfect to help you out with your naughty requests.

For anything, I am one email away.

Stuart from US
Hello Rocco,

I am a first timer coming to Angeles City next month, staying at Angeles City Beach hotel for 2 weeks..I am meeting a few friends that have been to AC before, I have read many articles on the girls of Fields Ave, etc so I have an idea what to expect..

My real issue is that I am well traveled to places like the Dom Republic, but never to a place quite like this and being the nice guy type that easily falls in lust, I want to maximize my vacation with a variety of girls and not get stuck on one...

I would like to experience 2 girls at the same time...

Now I know I am a target... I'm American, good looking, and I know how to talk and treat a woman, but this is different..

So you're suggestions??

I will probably target the stunner girls from Mansion, etc on Fields Ave, I like high end...

I assume there might be pool parties, bikini contests in addition to the go go bars to find the stunners...

Your thoughts?

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Stuart,

I would love to go to the Dominican Republic for a sex holiday, the girly hotels look awesome and the last time I banged a Dominican chick was 16 years ago. How is the hotel service and the girls by the way? Worth the trip?

Now, let me answer your questions.

Angeles City is a fun town and you will find plenty of girls to have fun. Lust is a MUST, don't worry about that.

Regarding 2 girls, it is about to find the perfect match, and required some "professional" help.

Pay a visit to any A Go-Go bar suitable for you and ask mamasang to bring over two lesbian girls for you. Mamasang knows very well her girls, thus she is perfect to help you out with your naughty requests.

Now the tricky part. When the girls are settle down and feel comfortable with you, organize a small game. Offer few dollars as reward if the girls can kiss passionately with each other.

The two possible outcomes:

1) They kiss each other with a deep throat tongue enjoying them-self (they are good to go for a private threesome)

2) They just kiss the lips and don't feel comfortable (They aren't lesbians, time to move on in a different club)

Bikini contests are great fun and definitely a good place to find stunners.

Have a great holiday