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Rocco 2Hey Bro,
before I show you about my favorite dating sites, I’ve got a story about how my game has evolved over the years. Now, I turned into a system that gets me laid at the first date. 
Ten years ago, I was struggling to approach girls during my trips. I was visiting the usual tourist spots; Clubs, bars, karaoke and other nightlife spots.
The reason was the language barrier (even worst in crowded places) and Asian girls love to go out in groups. For a single dude, it is hard to pick up in these conditions.
Which is why I wish I knew that I could date local girls online… even before my trips. The convenience of meeting Asian girls online is the simplest way to get in contact with beautiful local women, spend hours chatting passionately together while developing a DEEP connection. 
Sure, the red light districts have hundreds of girls willing to do anything for some cash, but I found it boring and not CLEAN. I mean, banging a dry p…y isn’t fun. And be the next dude, made me wonder how safe was having sex with her.
I wanted to meet genuine girls that genuinely wanted to know me, share experiences and give themselves only to me. I tried to pick up girls in malls and streets but wasn’t easy to break the ice. Asian girls by nature are SHY, for them talking in public with a dude is embarrassing. 
Tried Facebook, but again, girls didn’t want to be seen by their friends be chatting with a foreigner. You know the drill: “who is he?” “How did you meet?” 
One day, I came across a dating site and I told myself “Why not to give a try”. At first, I was concerned to get scam after hearing the horror stories on the net. To my surprise, I met “quality girls” with true intentions – with not a single hint about money.
You see, Asian “good girls” are busy working or studying and rarely have the time to go out socializing. If they want to meet a foreign man, the only way is to use dating sites. It’s convenient and safe.
Yeap, girls are concern about safety. Think for a minute to be in her shoes… What would be the safest and less embarrassing way to meet a foreign man?  
I’m absolutely sure, no matter what is your intention to date Asian women, rather a long relationship or a nightstand, you’ll meet the “right girls” online. So imagine how would feel if you could meet girls that truly want to know you, spend time together and do anything to please only you
Remember, the success of your vacation might very well depend on meeting the “right girls.”
Below are the review of the best dating sites, plus the feedback from the community’s guys who have found success in dating girls online.

Thanks Rocco for your dating tips. I learn that if you go to a dating site and put a little time in, you can meet plenty of girls who are willing to spend time with you. I find that when a girl knows you’re seriously coming, she’s a lot more eager to meet you.

P.S I’m not a fan of spending a lot of money on bar fines.

– FREDIRIK, Denmark

I want to say getting a young Asian wife is easy. I was on a dating site for 1 month and a hot 22 y/o from the Philippines messaged me. We started talking and we are engaged now. I am 42. I will be there on march 15 and we plan to be married in September. She is a model. – BILL, Plattsburgh US

Hey Rocco, I have read a lot of your postings. I joined Thai Cupid a few weeks ago. I have messaged hundreds of girls. Spoke to a few, and am talking a lot to one. I will probably go to Bangkok in the next couple months and see her! Many thanks,  – MIKE