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5 types of indonesian girls in Indonesia

4 Types of Indonesian Singles To Meet During Your Holiday



Rocco is an avid traveler that love to date local girls wherever he goes. Rocco has helped thousands of men on their journey to meet Asian women for the last 9 years.

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Are you looking to meet Indonesian singles on your next trip? But you don’t know where they hang out, let alone what type of girls you’ll meet.

Having a clear idea what type of girls you’re looking for will save you money, time and disappointments.

For example; If you’re planning to visit Bali hoping to find your future wife, it is like looking for water in the desert.


Because Bali is a “fun destination” especially popular with surfer foreigners that are looking for crazy nights and easy chicks. And that is what you find in Bali, easy chicks which are definitely not marriage material.

So, Indonesia is a huge country with a wide variety of girls and is worth to plan out which type is most suitable for you.

When you know your type of Indonesian singles, it is going to be easy to find one.

Today I’m going to explain you four types of Indonesian girls that you’re going to meet on your journey and where to meet them so you’ll be able to find your perfect match without wasting time surfing the internet or guessing around once in Indonesia.

So let’s start with Single Type #1.


The Homegrown Indonesian Delight

Indonesian singles for marriage

In most of Indonesia, foreigners are still very much an exotic rarity. It gets to the point where women will proposition Westerners – especially Caucasians – just to have the experience of being with an outsider.

Now, this is a rarity…

But wherever you go in Indonesia, you’ll find plenty of women who just want you for you – nothing to do with money.

These girls are raised Muslim, in strict families, so if you like obedience – you’ll enjoy yourself. They’re really focused on pleasing their men here.

The plus is that these girls are usually beautiful and very feminine. The problem is that they often don’t know English, and can’t appreciate the finer things in life (like high-class restaurants).

Awesome for marriage – but not everyone’s cup of tea for something more serious.


The Rebel

liberal and rebel indonesian singles

In cities like Jakarta, there’s another kind of local women springing into existence. Educated, emancipated and equal, these girls come from conservative families but are usually quite liberal themselves.

This makes other Indonesians view them as rule-breaking “rebels”.

These girls are open to socializing as well as dating and a nightstand.

They won’t get bashful about going home with you, or ask you to turn the lights off like a Homegrown Delight might. They’ll also be able to keep up an even conversation with you most of the time.

Just watch out for their crazy daddies! And if things get too intense, know that you can count on…


The Professional

Professional single Indonesian girl

Unlike their Thai sisters, who’re experienced in the sex trade, Indonesian women are a bit more conservative.

As a result, you can expect a wild experience with French kissing, hugging and a lot of orgasms.

What I really like about Indonesian working girls is that they do everything with heart. They really give all in for you, because they are been raised to serve the man and provide maximum pleasure. Also, they love foreigners and want to get one for life.

If you want to have girls competing for your attention, that’s something you’ll get plenty of in Indonesia.

Another bonus is that scams are rarer here than in, say, Philippines.

Unfortunately, the same can be said for the correct use of condoms by locals – so be careful when you meet someone new.

Especially if you hope to eventually find…


The Good Girl

good girl indonesian singles

She’s just a regular girl that happens to live in a city (or island).

She’s fed up of the strict, often-unfair traditions in Muslim Indonesia and dreams of a better life with more opportunities somewhere else and to meet an open-minded man.

In other words, she’s your perfect summer fling (or life-long romance) waiting to happen!

For all intents and purposes, these girls are just like any regular girls no matter where you go. The only difference is that they may know how to relax on the beach in a bikini (Bali) or have some particularly cool stories (Jakarta).

This reminds me of the Indonesian girl I met last year in Jakarta. She had beautifully toned legs, a narrow waist and loved doing all kinds of naughty things with her mouth.

Best of all, I’m still in touch with her today.


Are You Ready For Your Next Holiday?

Ok, now you got an idea about the type of Indonesian girls are available over there.

Before we cap off for today, I have one question for you.

How would you like to arrive in Indonesia and have a hottie meet you at the airport, the hotel or a nice café?

How would you like to have a near-guaranteed intimate night the same day you touch down?

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, you need to check out these websites.

They are the hidden places for young singles in Indonesia – and you’ll find a nice selection of professionals, serious-minded ladies, and barely-legal boppers ready to mingle with you during your holiday to their country.