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5 types of indonesian girls in Indonesia

From Surfer Babes to Local Bargirls: 5 Types of Singles You’ll Meet in Indonesia

When you think about “Indonesian girls”, you probably don’t imagine blonde babes in bikinis; bustling metropolises; a varied and exciting lifestyle with high-end clubs, top-notch burgers and European brunche03s.

And yet, these are all things you’ll see plenty of in the last place you’d expect: Indonesia!

After all, Indonesia is a fairly traditional Muslim country. It’s not known for being full of resort – or its vibrant sex industry. It also doesn’t cater to foreigners in the same way as Thailand or Philippines.

So what gives?

The answer’s very simple. Indonesia may be bad for tourism… But Jakarta – the capital – and Bali, a mainly Hindu island, are a whole other subject.

Jakarta is a vibrant metropolis with 10,000,000+ souls. Bali is an expat haven where young, sporty girls (and guys) come from all over the world to surf. In both places, you have legions of fine, liberal women looking for a good time… And no shortage of things to do.

Now, many of these girls are very different from what you get in the rest of S.E. Asia. There’s a lot of expats in Bali, and Jakarta is a megapolis 6 times (!!!) as populous as Manila: my favorite Asian capital. It’s important you know who you’re going to meet on your journey…

So let’s start with Single Type #1.


The Surfer Chick

These ladies come to Indonesia in large numbers to visit Bali: one of the world’s top surfing spots. On the plus side, they tend to be adventurous and many are open to a casual fling. They’re on holiday, after all; why not?

Also on the plus side, I don’t have to tell you these girls are hot hot hot. The curvy bodies, the sexy tan lines, the fact that they can ride a mean wave… I love all of it – and it’s nice that surfer chicks come in all ethnicities and national backgrounds.

The downside to surfer chicks is that there’s a lot of competition for them. All their surfer buddies are usually trying to hit that – so you’ll have to put in a little extra work, so you may want to take the route of…


The Homegrown Indonesian Delight

In most of Indonesia, foreigners are still very much an exotic rarity. It gets to the point where women will proposition Westerners – especially Caucasians – just to have the experience of being with an outsider. Now, this is a rarity…

But wherever you go in Indonesia, you’ll find plenty of women who just want you for you – nothing to do with money. These girls are raised Muslim, in strict families, so if you like obedience – you’ll enjoy yourself. They’re really focused on pleasing their men here.

The plus is that these girls are usually beautiful and very feminine. The problem is that they often don’t know English, and can’t appreciate the finer things in life (like high-class restaurants).

Awesome for just sex – but not everyone’s cup of tea for something more serious.


The Rebel

In cities like Jakarta, there’s another kind of local women springing into existence. Educated, emancipated and equal, these girls come from conservative families but are usually quite liberal themselves. This makes other Indonesians view them as rule-breaking “rebels”.

These girls are open to socializing as well as sex. They won’t get bashful about going home with you, or ask you to turn the lights off like a Homegrown Delight might. They’ll also be able to keep up an even conversation with you most of the time.

Just watch out for their crazy daddies! And if things get too intense, know that you can count on…


The Professional

Unlike their Thai sisters, who’re experienced in the sex trade, Indonesian women are mostly brand new. As a result, you can expect them to have real (squirting) orgasms, kiss you on the mouth and – if you trust each other – have sex without a condom.

What I really like about Indonesian working girls is that they do everything with heart. They really try hard for you, because the sex trade isn’t as big here as it is in other countries. If you want to have girls competing for your attention, that’s something you’ll get plenty of in Indonesia.

Another bonus is that scams are rarer here than in, say, Thailand. Unfortunately, the same can be said for correct use of condoms by locals – so be careful when you meet someone new.

Especially if you hope to eventually find…


The Good Girl

She’s just a regular girl that happens to live in a city (or island) with lots of travelers. She’s fed up of the strict, often-unfair traditions in Muslim Indonesia and dreams of a better life with more opportunities somewhere else.

In other words, she’s your perfect summer fling (or life-long romance) waiting to happen!

For all intents and purposes, these girls are just like any regular girls no matter where you go. The only difference is that they may know how to surf a little (Bali) or have some particularly cool stories (Jakarta).

Honestly, one of the hottest girls I’ve had was an Indonesian good girl like this. She had beautifully toned legs, a narrow waist and loved doing all kinds of naughty things with her mouth. Best of all, she ended the relationship herself because she was moving to Europe. It really was a fantasy come true for me! 🙂


Before we cap off for today, I have ONE question for you.

How would you like to arrive in Indonesia and have a hottie meet you at the airport, the hotel or a nice cafe?

How would you like to have near-guaranteed sex the same night you touch down?

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