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Writing Your Own Way To A Better Sex Life

Writing Your Own Way To A Better Sex Life

You can improve your date, relationships and even land a better job by improving your profile’s copywriting.

In this case, my friend David’s got 300% more dates after some twist with his profile.

What? It isn’t magic, but you can improve your life by communicating better your intentions and propose yourself in a different light.

David is a cool guy, but he still wasn’t attracting the right pool of girls on dating sites like and

I got curious and had a look at his profile, understood the problem and hijacked his dating profile for 24 hours.


A Better Dating Profile Can Change Your Life

Dating profile increases success

Look what happened

Within few hours David’s new profile went up – BOOM – 280% more women engaging with him.

Let me tell you, David loved the surprise.

Here, How I did it.


Old Dating Profile

David's dating profile old


The problems with David’s old dating profile:

~ Talking so great about himself just sound creepy.

~ Party, date and fun together it’s the perfect match when looking for a hooker, it isn’t the case for David because I asked him.

~ The last phrase is just so common and boringgggggg.


New Dating Profile; What I Changed

David's dating profile Overview


I didn’t do anything crafty like a lie, deceiving, or manipulate the picture with Photoshop.

Instead, I polish his profile with better copy-writing.

~ Gave some space between the text, look more pleasant to read.

~ I stated exactly what he was looking for at the beginning.

~ Make his offer stand out from the crowed with a direct message to the readers; join me for a great time.

~ I wrote the profile like a human being, not a robot.

~ David has a cool job, so I ensure to pass the message on.

~ Final touch, I made it clear what he’s looking for with call to action “send me a message”.


David’s Dating Profile Result

Dating profile update

BOOM! An explosion of interest within 24 hours… 89 messages!

David is a great guy in real life but online he didn’t have much of a success.

With some good writing, he got 3 times more dates. Lucky Guy.

So, show your good qualities by writing a more engaging profile. There isn’t any point to writing how much you are clever and smart if your communication shows otherwise.

I love to help others with their personal and sexual life, you deserve it.


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