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Get a girlfriend accommodation during your stay in the city

Phnom Penh Hotel & Accommodations For Mongers



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Guest Friendly Hotels in Phnom Penh

No more shame of fame or been rejected at reception to bring in your unregistered guest

Phnom Penh has bars and nightlife hot spots all scattered around the city. The decision about the hotel accommodation is indeed an important one.

I would recommend to get an accommodation nearby the river side because is where the best restaurants, bars and clubs are located. Below is a list of and hotel for sex travelers (mongers) to Phnom Penh ordered from high scale to budget guest house.

Phnom Penh high scale Hotels

Girl friendly phnom phen accommodations

Phnom Penh five stars hotel have a French touch in architecture and the service is fantastic. The down side for sex travelers is the walk of shame in the lobby, especially if you like country side type of Khmer girls. Our Phnom Penh sex guide will help you plan your adult trip.

For the high class Phnom Penh’s mongers the choice is limited to only few hotels. Raffles, Cambodia, Intercontinental and Naga World Hotel to name a few.

The price can be as high as 400$ per night for a luxury experience and you will not feel to be in Phnom Penh.

info newUsually, these hotels are more careful with overnight Phnom Penh’s hookers, checking girls ID. Thus, walk of shame always a greater possibility with the higher priced places.

Some girls might feel they are out of depth/uncomfortable, others would love it and expect you to pay much more than the going sex rates. I don’t go into details in the luxury hotels because considered not suitable for sex travelers.

The city also offer a wide choice of specialty lodging with beautiful gardens and great restaurants. You can find review and more info on Tripadvisor.

If your budget is very low, you can go for the cheap hostel, $3-10 USD. You might have some fun having sex in the hostel while sharing the room with other people.


Phnom Penh girl friendly hotels

While other websites and your friends might tell you that if you are going to Phnom Penh, simply pack your bags, get there and find a hotel.

Well that’s just poor advice, think about planning in your head everything you are going to do when you get to Phnom Penh.

You don’t want to arrive there and waste few hours walking around looking a place to sleep, isn’t it? Why do you want to waste your time and how are you going to know if the hotel your booking is any good. Take my advice and check out the girl friendly Phnom Penh hotel below.


Khmer Surin Boutique Guesthouse

phnom penh hotel girl friendlyMy favorite is Khmer Surin Boutique for its charm, but the location is the weak point. The Hotel is build all in wood in Thai-Khmer style with a beautiful garden in the middle. It is located in a quite area where most of expat lives and where the best restaurants are located.

This charming boutique hotel has a well known restaurant that serve local food at affordable price. I payed 50$ in three people, food plus one bottle of wine.

Amari Hotel

phnom penh girl friendly hotelThis isn’t the famous Thai chain of hotels or so called Amari group. It is a small hotel on five floors in the middle of street 136 near by the river.

Correct, street 136 where most of the bar are located and five minutes away from the best nightclubs in Phnom Penh. The price range from 19-30$, good rooms, clean and safe. In my last trip, i spent 3 nights and i didn’t have any issue to report.


Paragon Hotel

paragon hotel phnom-penhAnother well known hotel for bachelor traveler (girl friendly Phnom Penh hotel) located on the river road beside street 136.

This hotel is cheaper then Amari but at the cost of quality of rooms.

For my alike i found the room little bit old and smelly. Price start from 16$ up.


California 2 Hotel

california-2 hotel phnom penh sex

California2 and Walkabout Hotel have fantastic girly bars. For more info visit Phnom Penh Sex Guide

Don’t understand why they do not charge more. Clean comfortable rooms in a great location on the riverfront and right next to the action streets.

The staff is wonderful, great attitude and service. The food served at the restaurant is excellent. WIFI is free, fast, and always on. Nothing negative to report.


Walkabout Hotel Phnom Penh

Walkabout is a hotel at 51 street.

Beside of Heart of Darkness and a handful bars at this street it was one of the first western nightlife places to go in Phnom Penh and was more known for it’s freelance girlie scene.

In the meantime it has plenty of bars more in this area, the Pontoon night dance club and the Golden Sorya entertainment area just around the corner.


What is a girl friendly Phnom Penh hotel?

A hotel that is considered guest or Bargirl friendly. It simply means that the establishment will allow and won’t charge any extra to take back an unregistered guest up to your room. A joiner fee can cost anywhere around from 15 to 25$ a night but could be even higher depending on the hotel policy.

So if you unknowingly book a non-guest friendly hotel and plan on taking a girl back up to your room everyday for a week then you’re going to be paying a lot more money unnecessarily or worst outright denied entry since Cambodian hotels are generally more strict than their Thai counterparts.

This is by no means an indication of their respectability as each hotel has different policies as long as you’re somewhat discreet. I have taken the time to e-mail them a personally to make sure about their policy and have given their reply with the hotel description.


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