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Pattaya Freelancers The self-employed Thai work force

Pattaya Freelancers: The Self-Employed Thai Work Force



Rocco is an avid traveler that love to date local girls wherever he goes. Rocco has helped thousands of men on their journey to meet Asian women for the last 9 years.


Not The Usual Hooker but a Girlfriend Experience

Thousands of girls from all over Thailand travel to Pattaya with the hope of meeting a man willing to take care of them.

Most of the time, these girls don’t have a former education but they are young, beautiful and willing to do anything to keep money flowing to Papa and Mama.

The natural profession they end up with is freelancing them-self to the millions of tourist that every year visit Pattaya.

The good thing about freelancers in Pattaya is their naive nature and tendency to say yes to any request, beside the best value you can get for your bucks.

Most travelers think that freelancers are risky business because they aren’t employed by a bar, they could have diseases or tendency to make problems.

The reality is freelancers are too lazy to show up every day for work, and they don’t like to share their profits with the owner.

In fact, the same girl working as freelancer charge you 1.000 baht whereas working in a bar the cost is at least 2.000 baht; 1.000 baht for her, 1.000 baht for the bar fine plus drinks.

Obviously, it takes more energy and works to convince someone to pay extra than for example just hooking up with someone met online for 1,000 baht.


Where to find Pattaya Freelancer? 


1. On the Street

Pattaya freelancer girls 1

Pattaya has a lot of streets, and they are packed with freelancers.

The most known is Walking Street, where any girl has a tag price, but also beach road and Soi Buakhao are well worth the walk.

Don’t be afraid to approach a girl and ask her if she would like to go with you.

Pattaya is a resort town, with a limited number of residence, so I can say that 80% of girls here are looking to make money with tourist.

When you see a girl that you would like to hook up with, just smile and start to talk to them. If she stops to chat, means she is free and interested.

Don’t need to take her for a drink or get involved in lengthy conversations, just tell her what you want, usually, it won’t take long until she gets to the point.

The downside is this approach is that is “cold”.

Imagine being in the girls’ shoes, where a tourist approach asking for “boom boom”.

What would the girl think about him?

Simply, he is a sex tourist, let’s give him what he wants while getting as much money as possible.

She will not feel comfortable with you, but instead “cold and rigid”.


2. Beach Promenade

Beach girls in Pattaya - Promenade

Also known as the biggest whore road in the world, this beach road is packed with girls 24/7.

It starts near Walking Street, and for the first kilometer, there are the majority of freelancers because conveniently located near the short time rooms.

Beach Road girls are not so attractive normally, more desperate for a dollar, and so more willing to do ‘unusual’ things, for example anal, allow pics, get pissed on the face and more.

Explain courteously your requirements beforehand, and ask for the price.

Max prices here … ST 500 baht, LT 1.000 baht (depends if young/attractive).

Watch your valuables and do not accept any food or drinks from these girls, might be drugged. Safest is ST (one shag), not overnight (LT).

My suggestion is, do not patrol this area after say 11 pm for girls, useless, head for the well populated and safer area of the Walking Street stand-by hookers.

And do not patrol after 11/12 midnight on the sparsely populated beach road strip itself, chances are to get robbed by katoeys (she-men) late at night or early in the morning.

One more thing, these girls bang anything moving without discretion, so what out for diseases.


3. Shopping Malls

The girls working in the shopping malls don’t consider themselves freelancers only because they have got a day job, but mostly get extra cash by doing sideline activities making them effectively part-time freelancers.

It’s hard to know which girls are up for some fun, and there aren’t any ways to know if they are willing.

The best way is to take the time to chat with them, exchange Facebook or Line, and take the experience to the next level.

If they decide to visit you in the hotel room or invite in theirs, you need to be flexible with your time as they work from 10 am till 10 pm with only one day off.


4. Discos

Walking in discos in Pattaya for the first time might seem the girls aren’t freelancers but there only to have fun like in any part of the world.

However, 90% are freelancers looking to go for you in exchange for some cash.

Pattaya girls in insomnia club Walking Street

The sexiest bar girls in Pattaya are regular in insomnia Club (Ibar is downstairs and Insomnia club/disco is upstairs) and it is packed every night.


I would say that disco girls are normally “all night deal’ cause you quite often recruit them after midnight anyway.

The price range is standard in any club, from 1.000 to 1.500 baht is the norm depending whether she is a looker and your appeal to the girl.

In high season is hard to get a looker while the rate starts from 2.000 baht.

These girls aren’t “hard freelancers” like in Promenade, but want to feel attracted to you before departing for your room.

You need to be able to start a conversation, create a spark of attraction while chatting her up.

If in your home country you can’t approach girls successfully, you’ll not pull out any decent girls from the discos in Pattaya.

The most popular discos are:

  • Lucifers; Hip Pop music with thai ladies interested mostly in black men.
  • Marine; Late night pick up place, usually after 3 am.
  • Insomnia Disco; The Most popular nightclub in Pattaya.

Also, you can bring home the coyote girls dancing in the club for about 5.000 baht all inclusive, but in my humble opinion isn’t worth the money as these girls prefer Thai men.


5. Thai Dating Sites

The easiest and practical way if you own a smartphone is to meet Pattaya girls on Thai dating sites.

Not all the girls are freelancers or interested in money on these websites, but in my experience, about 30-40% are freelancers.

It’s obvious by looking at their profile pictures and description.

Usually, freelancers wear skirts or sexy dresses while expressing their interest in generous guys.

For example; “Looking for a kind and generous man” or “Only a guy that can take care me”.

Pattaya freelancer on thai dating site

If you would like to use this system, the most popular and safest Thai dating site is Thai Friendly.

Remember to upload your best pictures while writing an honest profile, but most importantly be upfront about what you’re looking for so to avoid misunderstandings.

For example, if you’re looking for a bang and run during your holiday, just write that you’re looking for an outgoing and fun girl, and you don’t mind to be generous for her time.

Over the years, I’ve found that being upfront about wish and interest with the girls is the best way to have a blast of a holiday, getting her to behave while satisfying your desires.

Enjoy Pattaya!