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Best massage parlors and shops in Pattaya

Naughty Massage Parlor: The Best Are In Pattaya



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Best Massage Parlor in Pattaya

There is nothing more relaxing and at the same time FUN than a naughty massage.

If you’re like me, you love massages but also get frustrated not able to bang that cute masseur and leave the room with a hard bone.

So, just visit Pattaya where you’ll get serviced fully in the numerous naughty massage parlors and massage shop scattered around the city.

To make things easy for you, today I’m reviewing the best massage shops in Pattaya so you can just walk in confident that your money is going to well spend, and you get satisfied not only by a massage but also the rest.

Generally speaking, massage hours are 1pm to 1am.


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Sabai Room

Pattaya 2nd Rd, ( 78/20 Pattaya 2nd Rd ) on a corner (possibly Soi.3 corner, lost notes). Big white building with pillars. See Update below, before reading.

Opposite side of that corner (not opposite side of the street) is Central Pattaya Festival, biggest Shopping Center in Pattaya includes Big C Shopping Mall. Everyone knows “Big C”. baht 10 (max) Songthaew from Beach Road.

Ladies are sexy and hot, after sundown, are baht 1500/1800 (90 mins to 2hrs) 60/80 girls at any one time. Before sundown, baht 1200/1500 might be feasible. Good standard, good sex and some beauties.

You can sit and drink beer at tables, perv and then select. Also positive to talk to a prospective sexy lady at the table for 5 mins before deciding.

For my money, one of the best Massage Parlors in Pattaya. Good Mama/Papa-sans.
Phone: 038.361475. Fax 38.429170

Update: Sabai Room is getting bad press lately. The current lessee doesn’t give a shit about customers. Yet, when I visited some time before that, it had more customers than Sabailand and Sabai Dee = popular.

So who knows? Sabai Dee (see below) is apparently the best right now to get a good Pattaya sex massage.

Nobody knows which one will work for you, have a look at all three before selecting, they are very within 2 mins walk of each other.

After exiting Sabai Room, walk directly across the road to the Beers Bars, sexy cuties working there : )


sabai landSabailand

Standing out the front of Sabai Room and looking across Pattaya 2 Road to the corner on your right is Sabailand. It’s directly opposite Central Pattaya Festival in a non-descript low-level white building on the corner of Soi.3.

This place is smaller in size and usually, fewer girls than Sabai Room but some cute ones, nevertheless @ Bt1600 room and girl, included the sex experience, 90 mins.

Make sure what they are quoting is for both the room and the gal, before you hand over any money. On and off I hear about Papa-san trying to con customers telling them the Bt1600 is only for the room.

Do not fall for that. Walk a little further up the road to “Sabai Dee” (info below) if he tries that one on you.

Naturally, a modest tip of Bt1/200 is expected by the gal, if she provides good service and sex. But no one will stop you from giving more : )

Update…. On a later trip to Pattaya parlors, yes still the same problem, only a small number of sexy girls, six when I visited, and no customers.


sex massageSabai Dee

Located just up from Sabailand, same side of the road (Pattaya 2 Road), in a Northerly direction, possibly two blocks up. It’s a huge building, particularly tall. Some say the rooms are better, a bigger selection of girls and they are younger.

On my visit to the place, I did not notice the ‘younger’ factor, but quite a good selection on hand and other customers were around at the time, a good sign. Suggest you check this one out first.

Update : Some negative reports coming in about this place. Can’t be sure if reports accurate or not. Have a quick look, won’t cost you anything.

Grapevine is telling me Sabai Dee is the best one nowadays.

At Sabai Dee, reportedly you pay the girl directly for the massage and sex. Negotiate the price before you take her into the room (important).

Around Bt1000/1200 girl, baht 400/600 for the room.

All up the cost of everything should be in the vicinity of baht1800 and so similar to the cost of the other MP’s mentioned above.

This should be all sorted out before you trot off to the room with the girl – ‘way to go’, especially if you’re a newbie.

Sabai Dee is the go right now (see update above). Do not expect too much, Bangkok has a much wider choice and thus better, but Sabai Dee is the best bet while in Pattaya.

However as I said before, have a look at all three before choosing a gal.


TeenDream Massage

Soi 21 off Buakhao Road. Massage/Room: Bt400. Plus extras such as: Hand Job Bt500, Blow Job Bt1000, Full Sex Bt1500. Google for website. Popular.


Honey Massage

Relatively new and currently popular, all up, room and girls Bt1800 and Bt2500. Location: Soi 11, off Pattaya 2nd Road.

Google it. Motorbike taxis will know it. Perhaps try this one and TeenDream before the others mentioned above?


Get Serviced In Your Room For A Private Massage
private pattaya thai massage in room

Now, you’ve learned about all about the best massage parlors in Pattaya, you might be interested to explore a cheaper option which is more intimate.

You can meet girls on the popular Thai dating site where you can find girls offering private massage directly in your hotel room.

Not only is convenient, but it cost half the price. In other words, for the same amount of money in the massage parlor, you can get two girls massaging you or two massages.

Personally, I prefer to get the girls directly into my room because they don’t have the same pressure as in the massage parlors. I mean, massage parlors are business, and like all the business they have to follow rules which get the girls tense sometimes.

Plus, they never let me take pictures in the Pattaya’s massage parlors. That isn’t the case in the privacy of my room…

Pattaya massage girl in my room