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Pattaya Freelancers The self-employed Thai work force

Pattaya Freelancers: The Self-Employed Thai Work Force


Not The Usual Hooker but a Girlfriend Experience

Thousands of girls from all over Thailand travel to Pattaya with the promise of meeting a rich man to take care of them and living an easy life. These girls mostly come from Isaan (the poorest area of Thailand) looking for opportunities and earn some moneys.

Most of the time, Isaan girls don’t have a former education but instead, they are young, beautiful and willing to do anything to keep money flowing to Papa and Mama.

The natural profession they end up with is freelancing them-self to the millions of tourist that every year visit Pattaya. A guide to where you can find freelancer in Pattaya with some tips and extra infos.


Where to find Pattaya Freelancer? 

1. On the Street

These untraceable girls are higher risk are theft from rooms and STD’s etc.

Pattaya freelancer girls 1

Sexy Pattaya girls freelancing in Pattaya

Pattaya freelancers can be found everywhere and at any time. The most common areas are beach road, walking street and Soi Buakhao. Don’t be afraid to approach a girl and ask her if she would like to go with you. Pattaya is a resort town, with limited number of residence, so I can say that 80% of girls here are looking to make money with tourist.


Standing around on the footpath whilst potential customers pass by. Girls here are usually better quality than the Beach Promenade (see below) girls and consequently charge more, eg , Baht500/1000 ST, Baht1000/1500 LT. The less attractive girls seem to stand still on the side of the road (walking street by night), same spot, all night.

The more attractive ones seem to like walking up and down Walking St , entering/exiting Disco’s etc. Smile at a nice one walking by and see if she will stop and negotiate. More attractive ones do not want to advertise that they are an outright Pattaya freelancer by standing still in one spot, prefer to pretend they are heading somewhere : ) And they are more likely to expect Bt1000 ST and Bt1500 LT.

Attention 3Remember, back in your room, untraceable Pattaya freelancer (and Disco freelancers) are a security risk. Secure your valuables. Beware of katoeys (she-men) parading or working in Walking St.

In addition to street hookers, Simon (beer) Bar in Walking St, just down from Marine Disco, has 150-300 girls on tap, some quite attractive and very fuckable.

Think they might cost a little more than Soi 8 type of beer bar girls, not sure. Good environment here, better girls than Pattaya freelancers, who can not get a job at a place like Simon because they don’t have ID, or are not as attractive etc. Simon girls are traceable, Pattaya freelancers are not.


2. Beach Promenade

pattaya freelancer beach road promenade

Pattaya Freelancer on beach road (known also as “Coconut bar”) awaiting for any sexy man that will offer 500-1000 baht for a short time.

Local Mayor is trying to eliminate these beach promenade hookers. Not a good look for Pattaya Mayor, who is trying to attract mum and dad tourists : )

Result so far… numbers of hookers down, but not totally eliminated. From dusk to around 8/9pm your in with a chance. After that risk of Police raids = very few if any girls to be sighted. If raids off , girls are on, till late. Coming from South, at end of Walking St (Tourist Booth) sea-side, for another 1/2 kms on same sea-side of road there are a small number of girls hanging around.

When you see the Royal Garden Plaza Shopping Centre on the opposite side of the road, you know your in the right area. These are lower end of scale girls normally, and a greater security risk (room). Exceptions prevail time to time.

Beach Road girls are not so attractive normally, more desperate for a dollar, and so more willing to do ‘unusual’ things, eg anal, allow pics etc. Explain courteously your requirements beforehand, and price. Usually they keep to their side of the deal. Watch your valuables.

Note : Sometimes beach road is congested with ‘native’ stalls selling kitsch. When this happens, beach road girls are nowhere to be seen.

Max prices here … ST Bt500 , LT 1000 (depends if young/attractive). Watch your valuables and do not accept any food or drinks from these girls , might be drugged. Safest is ST (one shag) , not overnight (LT).

My suggestion is, do not patrol this area after say 11pm for girls, useless, head for the well populated and safer area of the Walking Street stand-by hookers. And do not patrol after 11/12 midnight on the sparsely populated beach road strip itself, chance of a street robbery by katoeys (she-men) late at night or early in the morning.

Always keep watch for the Street Ladyboys/Katoeys. They become active once the entertainment (1am) curfew sets in. Some of them rob with violence.

I suggest to stay in populated areas or walk around in groups, especially if under the influence of alcohol. Normally, Walking Street stays heavily populated, and therefore safe till 2/3am.


3. Shopping Malls

These Pattaya freelancers consider themselves a level above the Beach Promenade and thus expect Bt1000 Short Time (ST).

Yet, some might be beach road hookers who missed out night before. Not many Shopping Mall Molls normally, but worth keeping your eye out for them, especially if you need some shopping therapy. More likely to get shopping therapy at Malls than sexual therapy : )


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4. Discos


Lucifers Hooker Disco

Always talked about, always popular. There are so many young girls  entering Lucifers. Young Thai gals love Hip Pop.

Located in walking street and possibly your best bet. Located just a little north of Marine Disco (see Marine info below) and on same side of street. Opposite P2 Restaurant and bar. 11pm to 2am for best chance. Beer at bar outside Bt130/150 , not cheap, but place to grab a cutie before she gets lost in the big crowd inside disco itself.

Alternatively sit opposite street at P72 Bar where the beer is Bt80/90 and you’ll see what talent goes in and out of Lucifers. This is the disco place in Walking Street to recruit a cutie. Disco priorities would be: Lucifers and Insomnia.

I would say. Disco girls are normally “all night deal’ cause you quite often recruit them after midnight anyway. Baht1000 to Baht1500 is the norm depending whether she is a looker, and your appeal to the girl. You might be that hot that you get it for free.

Somewhere past Lucifers in Walking St there is another Disco called : Mixx Disco. Might be worth checking out.

On the same side as Lucifers we come to ……….


Marine pick up Disco 

Goes up and down in reputation for girl potential. Currently ‘up’ : ). First disco in Pattaya  was there in 1978 , my first trip to Pattaya/Thailand.

Location : Walking Street. To find it, follow these instructions – Coming from a northerly direction along Beach Rd, you first past the Pier on your right, then all traffic 7pm on’ is diverted left along South Pattaya Rd.

You do not turn left, alight at the corner of Beach Rd and South Pattaya Rd and walk down the continuation of Beach Rd which is now called Walking Street, under the big arching sign ‘walking st’.  Keep walking until you see Marine Disco and Marina Bar on your right. (Lucifers before Marine on same side).

Be on the alert for katoeys in Disco’s (possible , but doubtful , normally not allowed inside).

Marine Disco is the longest established pick up disco in Pattaya. Its got some hot competition nowadays from places like Lucifers Disco (see above) and Insomnia (see below). Nevertheless its pretty active starting after midnight on.

Currently closing 3am (subject to authorities). No entrance fee, but beers were Baht 90 when I was there, early one night (Happy Hour ?), suggest they might have increased to beyond Bt100 by now. Regarding the Ladies – Baht 1000 to Baht 1500, see above “Lucifers” same prices all disco’s.

Note: There is supposed to be a Marine2 Disco on the opposite side of the street. On my numerous trips to Pattaya, I have never seen it : )

Lucifers, and Insomnia are preferred by most girls. But same girls drift from one disco to another, just like you do : )

Lucifers and Marine are within 2 mins walking distance of each other.


Insomnia Disco

Most popular night club in Pattaya nowadays.

Pattaya girls in insomnia club Walking Street

I took out the 20 years old gal in the middle to Ibar bar in Walking Street. The most sexy bar girls in Pattaya are regular in insomnia Club (Ibar is down stairs and Insomnia club/disco is upstairs) and it is packed every night.

As the name implies, suitable for Night Owls especially 1/2am onwards. Gets crowded. Not in Walking Street, some distance away.

This one takes off when Lucifers starts to fade. Very popular with the hooker girls. 1.30am to 3.30am key period to recruit someone here. Goes to 5am and maybe beyond. Full of after hours go go girls and whoever, looking for dick and money.

From Walking Street, catch a motorbike taxi to it. Well known place. A convenient and profitable disco tour would be: Lucifers, possibly Mixx (see above),  then off to Insomnia on a motorbike taxi (Identification: drivers wear yellow safety jackets).

Note .. These very late closing places sometimes get raided by police and folks, including foreigners, are tested for drugs etc”.

Other Disco’s for picking up Women but less trafficked:
1. X-ZYTE Disco – Apparently it has a good stage show and Ladies of the Night like to be taken there. But no reports that it is a good place for picking up untouched hookers. Location – Third Road on corner of Soi Drarin (address supplied by a 3rd party). Motorcycle taxis and tuk tuk’s will know it. Alternatively, search Google.

2. Hollywood Disco – is supposedly a mix of good girls and semi pro girls. Next trip I will check it out. If that is so , expect to pay much more for sex here. And make sure who you are talking to, before talking money (pro or non pro ?). Apparently LON’s like to take you there cause there will be little or no competition/poaching from other hooker girls. It might be a bit of a katoey hangout too. Actual street I don’t know , but if you take the road in between Big C Mall and Sabai Room Massage Parlor and turn right into a Soi near or at the end , then down that Soi on left you will find Hollywood Disco.  Simpler: Just say “Hollywood Disco”(Big C)  to a motorbike taxi and he’ll take you straight there, no problems.

Following two should not be high on your hit list. Weak efforts ….. 

1. Hard Rock Cafe – In Beach Road, between Soi.7 and Central Road. Because of my negative (non productive) experience with the Bangkok Hard Rock Cafe (and Manila HR Cafe), I did not go there. Similar attitude as in Bangkok, viz : “I’m cool, kiss my ass” : ) Weekends it’s supposed to be in the ok category for pick ups.

2. Pattaya Beer Garden – A relative newcomer trying to establish itself. Based on Bangkok Bier Garten/Beer Garden = Freelancers. Entered the place, quite big, reasonably catered for, both males and females, but cut off from the excitement of Walking Street.

Location overlooking the sea. Entrance down a narrow sort of hallway near Walking St arch (sea side) and where they have Thai boxing. Not a high priority, not enough ‘excitement’ for me. Check:


5. Miscellaneous Sex places

During the day, there are great places where you can get good sex from attractive girls.

(a) The Blind Beggar (formerly known as The Winchester Club) , Soi Wat, Jomtien Beach. Taxi drivers still know it as the ‘Winchester Club’. This is a fairly popular short time air con Hotel that serves a free all day Buffet on Sundays. Sex – Baht 500ST to the girl plus Baht 250 for bar fine, which incls a room. Website:, but reportedly out of date. Email them if you have any queries. Update … Havent heard anything about this place for a long time. Still there ?

(b)”Welkom Inn” , Soi.3, has the same daylight service too as the ‘Blind Beggar’, not absolutely sure about that. BBBJ all up (girl, room tip) around Bt700. This place is also known by its nickname as: The Belgium Embassy : )

Update… Havent heard anything about this place for a long time. Still there ? Website for up to date info:

(c) The forest or ‘woods’. Hard to explain location, at southern end of walking street. Ask for GoKarts track, find that, and opposite small number of ladies hang around. Reportedly got native ‘shacks’ in among trees. Ugliest and oldest women on earth, say Baht100 blow job, Bt200 short time. Wear dark glasses so you can not see them. Sleaze/skanks taken to the max.

Another direction I have read: “Up the hill towards Jomtien, turn right before the tourist police. There are usually women there 24 hours a day”.


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