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zak from Kolkata
Please let me know that are there any centres in angeles city like annies and nurus in Bangkok from where one can choose a lady from the fishbowl and take her out for 24 hours.

I feel some safety with those ladies as I have taken them on my various trips.

Now this is my first trip to AC thus I need your important opinion and guidance.

Best Regards
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Zak,

Unfortunately Angeles City is far away from the Bangkok adult industry.

Forget about fish bowls and soapy massages in AC.

However, there are many AGo-Go clubs with cute ladies.... Email me if you need more info; rocco@dramholidayasia.com
Stephen from Borakay
Rocco what country do you go to the most these day , Philippines or Thailand for sex ?Thank you for your time mate.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
I personally visit more Thailand than Philippines.

Thai girls are naughtier than Filipino, however it's a personal preference.
Stephen from Borakay
Hi Rocco , what Asian country'do you think is best, Philippines or Thailand for a sex vacation and GFE , do you think their will be enough free lancers in Borakay to chose from, is it easy to pick up free pussy.

Thank you
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Stephen,

Both countries are excellent, however going for a sex vacation a la Rocco style is totally different to go for a GFE.

I'm not sure what you are up to, but if you love threesome, special massages and parties, Thailand is the destination.

Philippines is excellent to meet a sweet girl that can speak good English and have a romance type of vacation.

Boracay has many bars and freelancers, pussy isn't in shortage.

If you are looking for free p...y., you need to do some work before going in holiday.

Read the Philippine's Girl Guide to get a better idea about the girls there and set yourself up with a dating website to pick the girls and lay the ground for your holiday.

Check out how i meet girl's online before my trips;

- How to meet quality Filipino women online

- What I have learn in dating Asian women online

Have a great holiday
stephen from borakay
hi could you please tell me is there very many escorts in borakay
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Stephen,

There are many girls in Boracay waiting for you.

If you need an escort agency, check out: www.boracayescorts.provider-sites.com

Have fun
Hello Rocco,
I was thinking of spending Christmas And New Years in Angeles City. Do the women leave Angeles to be with their families .

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Shawn,

Christmas is a catholic festivity and Filipino women are very religious, so would be better avoid this time of the year.
Bill from Plattsburgh
I want to say getting a young Asian wife is easy. I was on a dating site for 1 month and a hot 22 y/o from the Philippines messaged me we started talking and we are engaged now. I am 42. I will be there on march 15 and we plan to be married in September. She is a model.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Bill,

That is great. I'm pleased to hear my dating online technique have worked out so well for you.

Which dating site?
Robert from Shepparton
Hi Rocco,

Looking forward to the Pattaya ebook

When will it be available?
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Robert,

Unfortunately, I'll not publish the Pattaya Guide anymore.

Sorry about that.

Ceasar from Cape town

I wouldd like to travel to Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines and Indonesia. I want to know how does the Asians respond to Africans(Blacks)?

Do they give them the same appreciation as they do to the Westerns or?
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Ceasar,

You will not have a problem to score if you are an Africans(Blacks). There are girls only like Asian men, or Caucasian or Africans(Blacks).

Asian women are more oriented to be with a good man that speak politely and act as a gentleman.

So, the way you handle yourself make the difference.
Omar from Dubai
Rexona from Dubai
Hi Rocco, rexona from Dubai, I would like to ask one thing...

Do you have any massage facility(SPECIALLY lingam massage and sex) in Dubai
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Rexona,

Unfortunately not. Dubai isn't the best location for "happy endings"
Niks from Mumbai
Hi Rocco,

Me & my wife want to travel for 6 days and we both want to have sexual experiences with other person where should we go for safer one
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Nik,

Pattaya is the perfect place for couples looking to explore sexual pleasure with other people.

There are few option for you and your wife:

1) You can visit the numerous Ago-go clubs in Walking Street Pattaya to get your wife comfortable with girls around you. Two club suite your intention, Sugarbaby and Windmill club, known to be "Hands on" and the girls there are used to experiences with couples.

2) Use the services from Devil's Den in Pattaya, this club have women only lesbian women and offer services to couples like you.

3) Visit Boys Town located near Walking Street. This street is packed with bars and clubs with boys (Gays and Bisexual) open minded forward couples. Just tell them what you want, and they will take care of your needs. If you need a girl to go with the boys, just tell them and they will call some of their friends to join the activity.

Keep it simple and go with the flow, you and your wife will have a great time in Pattaya.

james from Singapore
Hi Rocco

Thanks for your prompt response. Its not the soapy or nuru message. This one is more interesting. Its worth checking out.

They basically focus on the area around the male genital and buttocks area if I remember correctly. The skilled masseur would build up the intensity of the pleasure for length of time before the climax. Wanted to try that but could not find the article again.

Such a shame. Maybe you can with your experience.
I have been to Vietnam twice this pass year. Had a bit of fun but should be just touching on the surface.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
I think you are looking for a Tantric massage.

The real Tantric massage (there are many fake shop and people) is a sensual massage with neotantra techniques. As you said, it focus on certain parts of the body and offer an intense stimulation.

It isn't just plain sex with some massage.

I'm not an expert in Tantra massage, thus i refer you to an article written by Shashi "What is a Tantra massage?"

In Bangkok, there is a couple specialize on this practice... Click Here for more
james from singapore
Hi Rocco

Thanks for all your fantastic intel to help travellers make their holidays a little more interesting.

With your vast knowledge i wonder if you have come across a very special erotic massage they provide in Japan. Probably Osaka and Tokyo. I came across an article once but have not been able find it again. The girls suppose to focus mainly on the important areas and it is normally carried out for 1.5hrs.

Secondly..have you any intel on Vietnam. Some of the girls from there from there are really hot.

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi James,

the Japanese knows how to get pleasure from a woman.

You are probably referring to the soapy massage or nuru massage.

Bangkok is a great destination to try out these type of "happy" massages. Cheaper and better selection than Japan.

Regarding Vietnam intel, have a look to Skin's website; singlemanparadise.com. He have got some good info about Vietnam.

Are you planning a trip?
Greg from Shenzhen
I will go to Cambodia.

But I'm not a young guy that goes to young people clubs.

So how will I meet young girls when I am at 50 years years old.

I don't go to twenty year old clubs.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Greg,

I heard you. You can meet young girls a bit everywhere in Cambodia.

If you see a cute girl while shopping, or at the restaurant, or while walking down the road, just say "hi" and pretend to ask some tourist information.

From there, you can carry on the conversation and invite her for a coffee or ask if she wants to join you going around Cambodia.

It is important to keep an open mind when traveling. Every moment and any where is right time and place to meet girls.

You don't need to go clubbing to meet young girls.
Bram Rebello from Fatorda-Margao, Goa, India
Hi Rocco,

I have been following your various articles and opinions expressed by you on your site as well as the blogs.

I sincerely thank you for the wealth of information you have provided on the website and it is good to follow the advice you give, but I have a query.

I am from India and I have been to Thailand twice in the last couple of years and I found that I have been barred from entering the high profile Agogo clubs.

It would be helpful if you could provide names of clubs that do not discriminate on the basis of nationality and color.

Also I am 53yrs and would like to know whether we can still go mongering and which is better Thailand or Philippines?
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Bram,

Appreciate your kind words.

I understand that some Agogo don't allow everyone in the club for reasons and it is difficult to filter them.

The allow in the Agogo is based on appearance of the person, thus my suggestion to you is to dress sharp and look smart. You will get in the 80% of the Ago-go clubs if you follow this rule.

Regarding Thailand and Philippines, both are great countries for mongering and the only way to find out witch one suit you, is to visit both.
Keith from London
I like to go Philippines I'm reading loads off you website.

Where do you start?

Do you arrange ?

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Keith,

The highest priority to start planning a sex vacation is to get the right guidance and info from a reliable source. Sound like you are already doing that.

Second, come the time of planning; choising the best destination for you, book a flight, book a guest friendly hotel and so on. Read How to plan a sex vacation (CLICK HERE) to get you started.

Have a great holiday

Alex from Glasgow
Good day Rocco.

don't think there is too much more you can add to your informative site, other than maybe just a little bit more for couples, both myself and my female partner are thinking about going to Pattaya, and would welcome any tips, for her in particular, as she wishes to have her first time with a female.

Keep up the good work BRO.

Kind regards

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Alex,

Appreciate your kind words.

Pattaya is the perfect place for couples looking to explore sexual pleasure together in a safe environment.

There are few option for you and your wife:

1) You can visit the numerous Ago-go clubs in Walking Street Pattaya to get your wife comfortable with girls around you. Two club suite your intention, Sugarbaby and Windmill club, known to be "Hands on" and the girls there are used to experiences with couples.

2) Use the services from Devil's Den in Pattaya, this club have women only lesbian women and offer services to couples like you.

3) Visit Boys Town located near Walking Street. This street is packed with bars and clubs with boys (Gays and Bisexual) open minded forward couples. Just tell them what you want, and they will take care of your needs. If you need a girl to go with the boys, just tell them and they will call some of their friends to join the activity.

Keep it simple and go with the flow, you and your wife will have a great time in Pattaya.

ralph marriott from Wilmslow
Hi Rocco

I'm going to Phuket in January for 2 weeks, how easy will it be for me a 55 year old guy to get laid.
I'm staying in baan laimai resort on patong beach.

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Ralph,

It will be very easy. Thai women love older men.

Read the Pattaya Sex Guide to get some good tips and info about getting laid in Phuket.

Have a great holiday and don't forget to send me some photos.

Douglas from USA
Greetings Rocco!

First I would like you to know that I read your guide twice before I left for the Philippines.

I had decided to go to the Islands after breaking up with a Pinay here in USA.

She broke my heart so I decided to meet all of her sisters and cousins - aka women of the Philippines. As luck would have it, I had met a girl on an Asian dating site before I left.

I was already in the planning stages of my trip and when I had my itinerary confirmed, I told her that I was coming to Manila the following week. She surprised me and told me she would meet me at the airport!

I really did not believe she would be there and was so surprised to see her as I left customs and immigration area of the airport.

She was so much more maganda (beautiful) in person than her pictures and our Skype sessions up to that point. My heart melted when I saw her.

She is such a sweet and extremely sexy woman. We spent 4 days in my Manila hotel, then we took an air conditioned bus to Angeles City. Your guide was correct - 600 php per passenger. It was very comfortable and well worth the equivalent of $15 US Dollars.

I stayed at Pacific Breeze Hotel in Angeles City. The hotel was a bit more money than most but I got the poolside jacuzzi suite. It was very nice and spacious. The pool was very well maintained every single day.

This hotel is a very short walk from Fields Ave. Walking Street and yet fairly quiet at night. The staff was very helpful and accommodating in every request.

After my girl ended up leaving to go back to work, I had many experiences with different bar girls, freelancers and even some cocktail waitresses.

I liked some of the cocktail waitresses because they are generally a little older than the 18-20 year old that work on stage.

One thing that made the trip even more worth every peso was the fact that I needed some dental work done. The hotel recommended a dentist group that was very professional and got all my work done in the small window of time I had left in the country.

The amount of money I saved by getting this work done there as opposed to the US more than paid for every aspect of my trip.

I had major work done and the bill was so cheap you would be amazed. The bottom line is that I had a the vacation of a lifetime and cannot wait to go back.

Your guide helped in many ways. I will be going back to the Philippines next year if at all possible. I may put together a group of guys from here in the US and act as an informal guide of sorts.

Cheers to you Rocco!!

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Douglas,

Sorry to hear that your relationship in USA didn't work out, however this event allow you to experience a great sex holiday. Not so bad after all.

I 'm glad my guides inspired you to take on this epic adventure in Philippines and sound It was a good investment.

You are a smart traveler, and you are a great example that everyone can afford a trip to Asia especially if at the same time they can take advantage of the cheap prices to sort out things as medical, buy cheaper products or even invest in real estate or local stocks.

Well done Douglas!

Halo from Dubai
Good morning

Are there in Thailand hotels you can choose women such as Europe (inside the hotel) for the purpose of the check without going out to the streets and the clubs for safety?

Thank you for your cooperation and good friendship
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Halo,

Thailand don't have hotel where you can select girls. However, in Thailand you will find bars and massage parlors around most hotel where you can barfine a girl and take her to your room.

Thailand is very safe and beautiful to visit, would be a shame stay inside the room of a hotel.
I read the Bangkok guide cover to cover. There is no information that is "earth shattering" as they say. To me the value is having it organized in one place, in logical order.

I also like the section on hotels, very useful and could be expanded a bit. Maybe more coverage on restaurants and other minor issues such as cell phone advice, where to get SIM card, is there street laundry as I have seen in many Asian countries?

I was going to suggest some topics for your blog. If you want to add them to your guide as well it would be useful.

First of all, I would like to see a good write up on every man's dream, a 3some. How to get one? How much? Expectations? How to approach women about this subject?

Next I realize I am coming to BKK so Asian women will be top of the menu. But it seems there might be other ethnicity available. Would be an interesting read for someone like me to be able to get a few check marks on my bucket list (black woman, Russian woman, etc.).

Couple more shorter topics. Seems Craig's list is a decent way to find women for men less willing to do the bar scene. Your thoughts? And last, cheap and discreet clinics for std testing if needed.

I plan to buy your Pattaya guide when the update is done.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your feedback and time.

All our guides are been designed to save time and money for travelers. The problem with the net is taking hours to piece together a sex holiday bit-by-bit, article-by-article, question-by-question from different forums and blogs.

I believe spend 1 full day scrolling the net to get organize a trip could be used in different activities when with our guide you can achieve the same result in hours and with piece of mind.

The 3some subject is a great idea, and I am going to prepare articles and add a new section to the guides about it. It is fantastic to have 3some.

Approach foreign freelancers is a great idea too, I never thought about it.

P.S You can find Russian or Ukraine girls at Raja hotel Soi 4 Sukhumvit. 2600 – 3000 BHT for short time. You should go there around 10 PM. Another place is beside Coffee world (Subway) at Soi 7/1 Sukhumvit.
For African women, Sukhumvit Road aroud Soi 10 is packed, just walk up and down, pick one and go. 1500-2000 BHT.

I will definitely write more for couples. I get so many esquires for three some and where to get the wife banged.

The Pattaya Guide is become huge, I am half way and it is already 80 pages. I might split it in two publications "Pattaya Guide - Day Play" and Pattaya Guide - Night Play". So much action in Pattaya 24/7.

ash from london
Firstly, thank you for doing this, as you know western situation is not that good for finding a beautiful chick for short time fun but definitely if you can mention some of the top places in Thailand for having good cheap fun.

p.s. I got student loans to pay off so having a good fun time in least cost would be fantastic!!

Anyways can you please make sure that the ebooks are always updated cause they are like gold treasure for guys.

Keep up the amazing work!
Admin Reply by: Rocco

Thanks for the kind words.

The travel guides in the shop are update yearly.

In Bangkok you can meet women and bang them for free if you know how to talk "nicely" to Thai ladies and close the deal.

However, if you refer to cheap hookers, Pattaya is a better destination where you can bang a massage girl for US$ 25. Forget to flirt with Pattaya girls for a free bye, very hard indeed.
Hey Rocco,

Thanks for your nice mail.

Yes, You are right. Life without sex holidays is something like sweet without sugar.
On behalf of all travelers around the globe, I would like to thank you and I really appreciate your effort for giving the ideas and guidelines for the travelers.. especially for the sex travelers like us!!!

It is really helpful to make anyone's tour happening.
mikes from San Diego
it's a great perspective and adds value.

I look forward to getting emails with updates and find your experiences & opinions interesting.

Worth everything I'm paying for it 😉
I am reading your suggestion daily form your emails.

It is very good and I am traveling Bangkok on 22nd October to 26th October 2015. I will share my travel experience once I come back to India.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Looking for to read your trip report.
Juice from Kilkenny
Could u tell me where u would get the best and safes threesomes?
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Juice,

Threesome is a great experience that every man in this world should try at least in their life time. Having two girls to please you, it is so erotic.

The best and safest countries for this activity is Thailand and Philippines.
The girls are eager to please man in any way.

Paul from Athens,GA
Thanks for helping learn about Asia.
Hope one day I can enjoy it myself. Time and money so far has not worked out for me to travel like i would like but hope soon.
pierre from Paris
Thanks for your very instructive reviews.... I will be in these countries in 2016....

Your comments are very useful for getting acquainted with the sex life.... but if possible it would be helpful to also get a broader information like going out to bars in big hotels.

Are there any clubs of any kinds where it could be interesting to meet people and obviously girls (dancing places, sports clubs, gym). I do except to do more of my time and enjoy what local people do of their time.......

Do you have any information on Thailand I know from experience that girls there are beautiful, very educated, great dancers etc. and still very international minded......

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Pierre,

Sound like you will have an exciting 2016.

In my travel guides I suggest hotels for all the budgets, cover and review dance clubs and where to meet freelancer's women. Sport clubs and gyms, I am not the right person to review such activities, but if BJ's bars can be classified as sport club, than I have got lot of info for you 🙂

The website is packed with info about Thailand, you can start from here: http://www.sexholidayasia.com/destination/thailand-guide/thailand-sex-guide/

Travel safe and wide

Bob Tronc from Toowoomba - AUSTRALIA
I have been to Thailand many times and I'm quite confident in my knowledge.

I am planning my first trip to Angeles City and will study all information available to me before I go.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Bob,

Would be great if you share some of your Thai trip (Trip Report), it can help hundreds of other travelers.

Good planning is important for the success of a sex holiday, let me give you some useful article on Angeles City:


- http://www.sexholidayasia.com/travel-blog/angeles-city-bar-girls/
- http://www.sexholidayasia.com/destination/philippines-guide/angeles-city-sex-guide/
- http://www.sexholidayasia.com/start-planning-your-sex-journey/


- http://www.sexholidayasia.com/travel-blog/sex-trip-report/angeles-city-philippines/

Have a great holiday
Lukey from Australia
Comprehensive guide for planning my first sex trip to Thailand where i stayed in Bangkok and Pattaya was treated like a king.

Can't recommend the site highly enough
MARK licha from Laguna woods - California
I am always looking forward to read your articles and I would like to know which is better the Thai or the Philippines is better (in sex).

Is there a safe sex with out the condom

Thank you
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Mark,

When come to sex, Thai women are unbeatable and not only at Asian level but worldwide.

It all come done to religion, Filipina are Christian (conservative), Thais are Buddhist (more open minded).

There isn't safe sex without condom. You can take your girl for a blood test but you still have a six month period that the virus is untraceable.
raj from assam
Thanks for your advise.

Recently went to Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok and enjoyed a lot the soapy parlors.

Next I plan to visit Singapore, can you please guide me to have best sex with sexy girls there.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Assam,

Great to hear you enjoy the soapy massage, It is a clean fun 🙂

Witch of the three Thai city did you enjoy the most?

Singapore is a bit more limited in sex activities however a good starting point is "Geylang", the main red light district.

To guide you in the lust Singapore, I have to write a full sex travel guide.
Stephen Thomas from Miami
I have not yet traveled to Asia, but I love the Asian woman look and can't wait to trace.

The info has been very informative, as I have done other research and have found there could be Issues, looking to travel the safest way as I am going there from a far distance alone.

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Stephen,

I understand visiting new countries can be scary for first time travelers. Most Asian country are safe to travel and if you behave properly, nothing will happen to you.

I have traveled all around Asia for 14 years and I had never had any issue.

In "The Dream Vacation" I have dedicated a section on how to travel safe and avoid problems during a sex holiday in Asia, plus the needed medications and checks before leaving your home country; http://shop.sexholidayasia.com/product/the-dream-vacation/
Ted Whittlinger from Mesquite, NV
I have been travelling to Asia since 1970 mostly Thailand and Philippines. The changes in all of Asia is amazing. I wish I had your travel guides before I traveled because I made just about every goof that you have written about. Not all of them turned out bad BUT still it cost me in ego and money!

Your travel guides and tips are spot on and I have recommended your blog to many acquaintances and newbies.

BUT, I am now 75 years old and my 'character/hangups' don't include having a young woman on my arm/bed. How about some info on where/how to find older (40+) ladies for companionship and sex?

I am planning on returning to Asia next year for a farewell/bucket list fulfillment and hope you can help me in this area.

Keep up the damn good work!
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Ted,

Happy to hear our travel guides helped you along the road.

I understand your need for a mature woman witch can understand your needs.

You can meet mature women in "real" massage shops (they don't offer extras). Just get a therapeutic massage and invite the woman out for a meal after work. She will be happy for the invitation and hoping to find a "good" man to take care for her.
In my opinion this the best option because this type of women are used to work hard and they naturally can take care of a men due the nature their service job.

Another option is to use the Craig list where you can find ads under the section "women looking for men". However, this option can be an hassle because you never know who you are going to deal with and you have to do some planning.

I will add a section to our travel guides for men looking for mature women, most cities have sex venues that caterer specifically to an older crowd. Great idea Ted.

For your farewell/bucket list, I am in. Shot me an email next year.

Hakan, Sweden from HESTRA - SWEDEN
I have not yet travel to Asia after i found ur website but will travel to Philippines (mostly), Thailand and Singapore next year for almost 3 months.

I'm happy to find out that a Pattaya guide is coming soon.

I also plan to visit Singapore, do you have any tips on the sex scene in Singapore?

Kind regards
Charlotte and Ken from Manchester
Thanks for the tips, and I and my wife are going back home after 10 incredible days in Pattaya. This city is just crazy.

We have been every where from Walking Street to Boys-Boys-Boys town. Every one was so friendly and sex was just great.

Thanks Rocco for all the great tips and help to plan our trip to Pattaya.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
大輝, 大樹, 大貴 from Tokio
Great traveling tips to have pleasure with women in different countries and some for life in general!

I’ll use this site as a resource for planning my naughty trips.

Are you going to write about Hokkaido's nightlife?

Admin Reply by: Rocco

Hokkaido? That is a great idea for my next trip, I love Japanese girls.
Along with accommodations and hotels in the travel guides, I would include airbnb's link as it is a valuable solution now a day.

I have found them to be cheaper in some places and I can tell the local girls that I live there so I don't pass as the usual tourist and i can score easily.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Thanks for sharing
Josh from Castle - UK
Loved your article on Phnom Penh.

I also just came back from there and sounds like you enjoyed it just as much as I did. The scenery, the food and the girls and all so amazing. I would love to go back and spend more time.

I would like to go to the Angkor Wat and Koh Kong. I did however make it to the Sihanoukville. So calm and peaceful with little tourists. Tip: you can meet local girls as your guide, as this is what I did. I had the time of our life and got superb service.

Thanks for all the info and tips
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Josh, that sound great.

Sihanoukville is a fantastic beach location, but I think not for long because more and more travelers are visiting the place.

Quote: "Nothing is forever"
Thanks, your excellent sex guides that helped us, 2 guys, in Thailand.

Great Sex Guides!

We just returned to Prague from 3 weeks in Pattaya. I had a very pretty girl almost every night in my hotel room. I came to Thailand as a 68-old elephant and came back home like a young horse.

Guys of my age, go there, Thailand is not a paradise only but also an elixir of youth. Now, I am going to get back alone as it is very difficult to find a co-traveler. Nobody has time and others are henpecked.

Rocco, would be great if you publish a travel guide about Pattaya. There is so much going on there.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Happy for you guys.
Jacque R. from Paris
I’m planning a trip to Asia alone because I’m tired of waiting for friends to “save their pennies”. that can take forever, I’m afraid I won’t live long enough if I wait for someone to come with me, so I’m starting to tell everyone that i’m going.

I took this decision thanks to your help Rocco, It is a dream coming true.

What about you write an Asian tour Guide?
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Jacque,

I am busy writing the Pattaya Guide at the moment and next might be Bali, after that an Asia Tour Guide would be a good idea.

Thanks for sharing
I want to congratulate you for the excellent guides and to thank you for sharing erotic travel secrets on your blog.

I find the travel guides post dedicated to sex traveling very inspiring and helpful.

In my short experience as an amateur traveler, however, more than techniques and skills has done a big difference the ability acquired during time to understand when a situation can develop potentially in something that deserve a relationship.

First of all sex traveling is meeting women and then is sex.

A successful traveler has the right mix of adventure and observational skills to meet the right women. You might develop more on this subject.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Thanks Girogio to share your thoughts.
Peter from Dallas
Great tips Rocco.

I travel to Angeles City regularly and I have practice some of these there. see you’d had difficulties with freelancers in the club time to time, I was glad (not for you, but for me) that I wasn't the only one to have problems in approaching and hear all the crap stories.

I tried to meet some gal in the high society club and ended up in Lollipop bar because I didn't have to go around all the bullshit of the freelancers.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Peter,

Freelancers can be sophisticated and over smart time to time. If this the case, I move on to a new girl because my time is my most important asset during a vacation and the girls are many.

Deepak from Bangalore
Hi, Thanks so much.

I visited Bangkok in June 2015, on your advice and all the places were exactly the way it was described here.

I was so impressed, that I again visited Bangkok in August.

Man, what a great sex holiday you can have in Bangkok.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
I am happy to year you had a blasting holiday, actually two.

When will be the third one?
I have been traveling Asia since 1981 for sex holidays, magnificent, always happy to hear and learn about different things and places.

Regards RAY
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Great Ray!

Keep going...
Kevin from US
Well written, reliable info for traveling and meet women – one gets sucked right in with many areas covered from solo to couple traveling.

Respect for the people and the country we are visiting, good manners go a long way. Don't forget the condoms.

Thanks for this one!
Your travel blogs is inspirational!

I discover all a new world out there that I wasn't aware off.

You made it possible. Thanks!
Great posts Rocco,

I found this blog read very informative, educational, and the posts answered some of my questions ,that I found myself asking when looking at traveling to Asia. Thanks and keep spreading the knowledge 🙂
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Thanks, will do.
Hey! Just came across your website and loved it.

At the age of 24 I went to Phuket and I immediately knew that I wanted to travel Asia and meet women. Since then lot is happened to me, I’ve backpacked through Asia for 2 months, spent time in Thailand for 5 months and lived in Malaysia for 8 months.

The hardest for family and friends to understand was going to Malaysia. I just wanted to get out of Ohio after graduating from college,
so I chose a country that I knew relatively little about and fun. I had an awesome time there, met so many local girls…. but unfortunately I had to go back US early for medical treatment after crashing with the motorbike.

Now I'm fine and ready for another adventure next year. I just plan a trip to Philippines, want to visit Cebu, Manila and the infamous Angeles City.
I am living life, staying in a small apartment and having multiple jobs, but I love it! My family is been supporting till know, also financially, but soon I think I will be on my own.

I really just wanted to say thanks for the blog and I keep your travel tips coming.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Thiago,

that is an inspiring adventure. Well done, keep going and banging girls.

Roy P.
I think this website and your tips by email are spot on for travelers looking for lusting holidays. I will follow your advise about the soapy massage in Bangkok and Pattaya, sound much fun.

Would be great if you write how to meet university girls in Asia.

Take care
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Roy,

You like Uni girls, good taste. That is a great idea, I might write up an article and post in the blog.

Here my story how I met a Uni girl during national school holidays; http://www.sexholidayasia.com/travel-blog/sex-trip-report/thailand-sex-trip-report/a-go-go-bar-a-night-with-a-school-girl/
Madan from Mumbai
I intend to visit Philippines with my male friends in the month of Feb. 16.

Can you provide useful information about to make our tour more enjoyable. Your Sex Holiday Asia guide is very useful but we want more information.

Can you suggest good hotels of 3-4 star at Manila & Angel's City in good location having night life and all enjoyment nearby?
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Madan,

We have created Sex Travel Guides with travelers like you in mind. You are looking for 3-4 stars hotel, review of the best nightlife entertainments and sex venues, just get the Manila and Angeles City travel guides in our shop:

- http://shop.sexholidayasia.com/product/angeles-city-guide/
- http://shop.sexholidayasia.com/product/manila-travel-guide/

Have a great trip!
Steve from NYC

Your site is incredible.

I am an avid Asian tourist, yet I bought your guide book the day it was released and learned a lot of stuff , the most interesting how to flirt with Asian women. I was so impressed with your info on Manila, that I bought Angeles City too. I’ve been to both, but I prefer Manila.

Keep up with your great work and I hope to meet you in one of my trips to Asia.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Why not, Asia is small.
I think your advice is positive respectful and honest. I have never traveled to Asia yet but I will do soon. Guided and really helped by your advise.
Arnborg L.
I recently found your website and you are such an inspiration!

I am currently stuck in a 8-5 jobs with women bitching around and the usual routine. I’ve been unhappy for a while now, but thanks to you I have found motivation to visit Asia and meet a lovely woman that respect her man.

I am planning to travel next year and would be great if you could send me some advise how and where I can meet some good Asian woman.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Arnborg,

I interpretate your words "good Asian women" that you are looking for women that have never had nothing to do with the sex industry.

The good news is there are many out there, the bad news is take time and effort.

- The first option is to use an agencies specialize in dating, this will save you time but cost money.

- Second option is to target girls on Facebook that are studying at university and are looking for a SugarDaddy to take care of them. This option is time consuming and you must be able to navigate the bullshit (many face student girls pretending to be).

- Third option is to travel to your favorite Asian country and visit some city in the country side. There you can ask to some local people if they know some family that is looking for some support.

Take care
Modi from Oman
It was really fantastic, thx 4 your advise and for sure will come back to u next visit.

Kind regards
Lim from Hong Kong
Awesome advice!

I have a wife, but I mostly travel alone because of my business. You said that life is to short and should be lived with great sex experiences.

I’d also add to the last point that meeting with women from a different culture, it’s pretty exciting and open your mind to a new world.

Rocco, would be great if you publish a photo book with all your adventures, I would buy it.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Lim,

It will be a huge photo book.
Fanny the man from Switzerland
All great tips!

I’ve learned many of these the hard way.

The soapy massage was my favorite article, very well written and informative. I bought your Bangkok Guide and found the info helpful and up to date.

It save me hours and money in the red light district visiting the best clubs without wondering around.

5 stars
I am currently in Cambodia and just having a great time. I met a beautiful girl and she stay with me for three days already. Cambodia is so cheap and girls are lovely.

Thanks Rocco for your quality information.
Admin Reply by: Rocco

That is great!

Enjoy your holiday
Hi Rocco,

I am travelling to Yangon, Myanmar from 7th.sept to 13th.sept.

Please give some tips for sex holiday there or if you have anyone there or a private escort or sex girl you can suggest.

Thanks and Regards

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Sushil,

Myanmar is a beautiful country and the girls are lovely. You will have great time there.

Have a read of of Sam's holiday there, you will find helpful info where to go and how to proceed with girls.


Have a great trip
Great Tips!

When I took off for three months and travel to Philippines, Thailand, and Cambodia, your sex travel guides were essential in planning my trip. I have found especially useful the part on accommodations that make me save money and I love that you select rooms only if they have mirrors next to the bed and a safe deposit.

I enjoyed the sexual activities advise for each city I visited.

Looking for the new Pattaya Guide.
Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Dierk,

Mirrors in the bedroom are mandatory for me, I am happy you share the same passion.

The Pattaya Guide will be ready by year end, you can register to get the launch special price by visiting; http://shop.sexholidayasia.com/product/pattaya-guide-full
Carlo from Venice
Great advice!

I love sex, travel and Asian girls. I can't find much information about Hong Kong, I was surprised considering prostitution is legal.

Rocco, are you ever been there and how is the nightlife?
Hi Rocco!

Love your website and excited for the future. I’ve been following you (not as often as others perhaps, but taking notice) for quite some time. You and your knowledge is invaluable!

I recently had an experience with a short manila trip with another friend. I’m wondering, has anyone written in yet (or have you yourself) written an article regarding traveling with a girlfriend or wife to have sex in another country, and the challenges met when it’s simply 100% mutual?

I’d love to read about these experiences– and perhaps, maybe there is room for me to include my own?

Admin Reply by: Rocco
Hi Sean,

you have risen a good point. Many couples after years of having sex together, they get bored of each other and don't have that spark anymore. That is not only terrible, but could cause cheating and bring marriage to an end.

Before reaching that point, I would advise to look into alternatives, one being a couple sex vacation. I have wrote about it; http://www.sexholidayasia.com/travel-tips/sex-guide/sex-vacations-for-couples/

Hope it helps you