It can be hard to know where to start when planning your dream trip. What’s the first step? What’s the second? Third? Fourth? 
However, on this website we always start from the girls, because we travel only to meet, date and sometimes fall in love with them.

On this page, you’ll find a curated list of the best articles on this site related to planning a trip to Asia – whether it’s a one week vacation or moving for good.

Cambodia Travel Guide For Single Men

  The Ultimate Man’s Travel Guide To Cambodia Did you ever watch a Wild West movie? The lawlessness, the salon, the constant Indian attacks… Well, Cambodia reassembles that period of American history in Asian version....
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Bangkok Travel Guide For Single Men

  Bangkok City Is Build On Pleasure & Lust “Is Bangkok Paradise on Earth For Single Men? If You Like HOT Girls, Definitely Yes…“ s Bangkok Paradise on Earth For Single Men? If You Like HOT Girls, Definitely Yes…“...
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A Journey Around Cambodia

I had been reading about the sex stories in Cambodia here and on other sites, so I decided to visit Cambodia to see for myself. I was surprised to learn that most of the stories...
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Holidays In Indonesia: Villages Tour

  Hello… I am Hans from Indonesia… I would like to suggest the sex tour in Indonesia… Indonesia consists of a lot of ethnic group…. majority ethnic group are Javanese, Sundanese and Malays…. The Indonesian...
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Are Filipino Dating Sites Right For You?

I’ve heard all kinds of myths, theories and fabrications about Filipino dating sites. Some people seem to think only hookers, scammers and easy women go there… Others believe that only goody-two-shoes hang around. Personally, though,...
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Philippine’s Girl Guide

  The Ultimate Guide to Filipino Girls Learn about Filipino women; Where and how to meet one, having sex the first date or get marry for life. When you think about the Philippines, the first...
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