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Guide to Phnom Penh Bar Girls

Guide to Phnom Penh Bar Girls

Bar Girls in Phnom Penh are Great Fun!

bar girl in phnom penh

Phnom Penh Bar Girls are HOT

Phnom Penh bar girls are world-renowned for their mood-lifting effect and pleasant, sexy nature.

The great thing about taking your vacation at Cambodia is that it is as difficult to find a Khmer bar girl and have a great sensual time due to Khmer’s culture and strict law enforcement about prostitution!

Girlie bars and massage parlors swarming Phnom Penh, it is highly unlikely you won’t find what you have been looking for.

You just pay a small amount of money and get additional services that will blow your mind. These services include the regular rub down and a girlfriend sex experience, on the cheap.

In general, you can expect to pay around $5-$10 to get a massage, and although the massage parlors located in the areas where tourist usually frequent do not endorse any extra services (the legitimate parlors), you can definitely have it your way if you ask the masseuse something more than a rub down, during the massage.

Considering that these girls get half the money you pay for a massage, chances you actually have that little more spicy thing you want increase. You just need to make sure your masseuse is over eighteen years old and willing to please you.


All About Bar Girls in Phnom Penh

If you are in Phnom Penh, you will find Khmer bar girls in the hostess bars, scattered all over the capital.

So, if you are walking down Street 130, Street 104, Street 118, Street 110, Street 136, and Street 51 after 6 p.m. you will find many inviting Cambodia bar girls sitting by the bar’s door, welcoming you.


info newINFO: Some hostess bars are open on a 24/7 basis and others come alive in the evening (after 6 p.m.) and close early in the morning.


khmer bar girl in hotel room

Khmer Bar Girl in Hotel Room

When you enter a bar, you can expect one or two girls to try to sit with you. Play smart at this point and pick your favorite one right away, instead of settling with the one next in line.

If you are to pay $3-$4 for your lady’s drink (and $1-$2 for your own), it better worth it! While you are enjoying your drink with a lovely bar girl of your preference, you can order food, talk, or do whatever your heart or “cock” desires, always within reason.

Now, if you don’t want to put in any time to build a rapport with a Phnom Penh bar girl, you will find the bar located on Street 118, such as Cyrcee Bar, more appealing and straight to the point;SEX.


Cyrcee Club

Cyrcee is a small bar with more than 12 girls waiting for customers to enter, and lure them with amazing sales pitches.

Either you are short of energy or even time, it is the best place to be, buy yourself and the woman you like a drink, chat a bit and head out for some (short-time) fun. The women there ask for about $20-$25 and the bar fine is 10 USD, while the service level is superior to most hostess bars in the city. Click here for Map location

Other than that, in the majority of other bars, things are rather like paying to date a woman.


How much you need to shell out?

Phnom Penh bar girls can provide you with a full night’s fun (overnight) for $30-$50, while a short-time romp goes for something less than $30.

However, you may find top notch Cambodian bar girls that won’t ask for more than $20-$30. At this point, you, as a customer, can either go for that price or negotiate over it, but note that bar girls in Phnom Penh that ask for higher prices are, usually, real dynamos in bed and look fabulous.


Tips and hint.jpg2TIPS: Of course, meeting Khmer bar girls in a bar does not necessarily mean you can venture with all of them. Some don’t go out at all, either because they have husbands or boyfriends that they don’t want to cheat on or because they are virgins while others won’t do short time. So, before you start investing on a drink after a drink, you should try to figure out which one is available.

If there is one thing you need to know about Cambodia is that it is not Thailand.

This means that despite the sexy outfits you can find in the bars, it is a rather conservative country, which is why you may see fab Cambodian bar girls pole-dancing or dancing on table tops, without any nudity involved. Furthermore, Cambodian bar girls long for some romance before they allow you to take the reins and do all the work, with them laid down.

As for their performance, it is much higher compared to the Cambodia bar-girls with Vietnamese origins, and you can definitely expect a more nurturing experience from a woman in Cambodia; of course, exceptions do exist.

“Cambodia is a city that never sleeps and Cambodian bar girls are always willing to provide you with a blast, so think smart, act smart, and get the best time of your life ever!”


Guide to Phnom Penh Bar Girls
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