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Bangkok Hot Girls – Get Them Into Your Bed



Rocco is an avid traveler that love to date local girls wherever he goes. Rocco has helped thousands of men on their journey to meet Asian women for the last 9 years.

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Bangkok Has Many Hot Girls In Offer

Which one will be yours?

Have you ever been to Bangkok?

In case you haven’t, you don’t even know what it means to live.


Because if you haven’t been to this amazing city in South East Asia you also have never experienced how it is to have sex with one of many sexy Bangkok girls.

I honestly feel sorry for every man who has never been to the capital city of the “Land of Smiles”, and here I explain why single men should go to Bangkok.

More and more guys are coming to me for advice on how to meet a nice chick in Thailand. Many have tried a relationship with a bar girl or related, only to find out for themselves just how tricky this can be.

I understand that you might have some experience with Thai girls in general. You might have been to Pattaya or Phuket and had sex with few bar girls. However, Bangkok girls are different.

Bangkok girls

Life is short, experience Bangkok in life

I could describe the difference between the ladies from the capital city and between the women from the other parts in Thailand all day, but eventually you have to experience it firsthand.

You just can’t say goodbye to this world before you woke up at least once in the arms of an incredibly beautiful, caring, loving Bangkok girl who looks at you with eyes that reveal her deep respect for you and her wish to do all the naughty stuff with you that you have ever dreamed of.

You probably ask yourself now where you can meet those sexy Bangkok girls and how you can approach them in a way that makes them jump in bed with you without demanding one single Bath from you.

Well, here is what you have to do… 


Where to Meet Bangkok Girls?



Asian businesswoman using laptop in communal workspace

Where do you meet those amazingly attractive Bangkok girls that want to sleep with you for free?

Believe it or not but you can even get in contact with those girls before you set one foot in the “Land of Smiles”.

The best and easiest way to meet dozens of incredible women in Bangkok is by registering with popular Thai dating sites.

All you have to do in order to find as many horny Bangkok girls online, who are more than ready to have sex with you, is to avoid the typical mistakes that some foreigners tend to make.

Rules of thumb; avoid to ask for sex or nude pictures on your first message. Most foreigners on dating websites are plain pervert, so act like a normal human and you will be able to talk with plenty of chicks on the net.

You can read a lot on the internet about how foreign men got scammed in Thailand, which results in the wrong belief that you can only have sex in Thailand if you have money. All you have to do to not end up like those poor fellas is to avoid the scammers.


Tips and hint.jpg2TIPS: Don’t send any money to girls who claim that their ten grandmothers are sick, don’t give her taxi money and I would even go so far as to say that you don’t have to pay for her meal on the first date.

Believe me, you can allow yourself to filter the girls who want your money. There are plenty of girls who just want you dick and not your money.

Meet Bangkok girls immediately


In the Real World

 date and have sex with bangkok girls

Besides setting up a profile online, you can also meet Bangkok girls in real life. The advantage of meeting in real life is you can check the product on first hand and have a quick feeling if she is into you and up for some sex.

However, you need to have excellent interpersonal skills and be flexible on the communication to keep going with the conversation. It is rare to find a non pro (hooker) that will let you bang her the same night. Usually, it is a two times approach.

I notice in other blogs, authors have written about banging girls on the first approach. Let me tell you something, I think they have forgot to mention that they were hookers.

For myself, after banging and flirting with hundreds of Thai women, I had this privilege three times to bang a Thai woman on the same night, more luck than other things and still, now i’m puzzle about the happening. So, don’t expect miracles.

It is worth to mention one of the girls I have met in a nightclub and bang the same night. This experience was a weird one, and I think I just met a really horny Thai woman, definitely she wasn’t the regular girl.

I approached her to the table and asked to join her because the club was full. She was well dressed, well manner and her English skills limited, a good sign that she wasn’t a pro. The night passed by pleasantly, she was a good chat and i was looking around because I felt my chances were limited with her.

[optin-cat id=16258]

I wanted to have sex that night, and I felt that she was the typical two approach woman; get her number, set up a date and go for the kill.

There wasn’t much going around my table, most pretty girls were already taken and left only women below my standards. So, I didn’t have a choice but only to try to get the “good” girl that i had the pleasure to drink with most of the night back in my room.

With a big smile in my face, I got closed to her and whispered; “let’s go home, it’ late”. She reply; “OK.

In my way home I was wondering if she was a freelancer and the next day asked the usual $$$, I would know only tomorrow.

We sat at home in front the TV and gently I undress her, she was letting me doing without resistance or embarrassment. She was so HOT, her pussy was wet and the sex was just great.

The next day, we exchange numbers and she left early because she had to work. I saw her few times more, just call her, she would come in my room, get banged and leave the next day.

She was working as sale representative for a beverage company. What a weird encounter.

Going back to where meet Bangkok girls, there are different venues with different degrees to successfully hook up with some cute girl.

You might know that you won’t find your good gal working in the naughty nightlife or within 1 kilometer. This include the gals who work in the hotels, internet shops, pool halls, and other venues aimed at servicing tourists.

Yes, that little honey you met working in 7/11 near Soi CowBoy, may(or may not) have more providers than an Ago-go dancer! Sounds harsh? Well, venture at your own risk.

I would say that the best place to meet “good” Bangkok girls directly in the city are shopping malls and near by university.

Order of easiness to meet good Bangkok girls and have sex ASAP:

  1. Shopping Malls
  2. Restaurants and food stall nearby university
  3. BTS, MRT, Bus and Train stations
  4. Through Thai friends


The 10/50/40 Rule

Where ever you will meet Thai girls, you will have to select the correct demographic to improve your chance of success in meeting a good looking woman and bang her for free.

Let me explain you the 10/50/40 rule.

We all know about the three social classes; low income, middle class and the rich. In Thailand, the classes are very different than most developed countries.

The 10% upper class women are visible by the indifferent demeanor that western women have. They usually are well dressed with expensive gadgets, walk around like super stars and stuck up their noise. Thailand is extreme when comes to social class, I wouldn’t waste any time pursuing these women unless you are a masochist.

Then there is the lower 40% class, the low incomers women that works in the adult industry or for low paying jobs around the city. Typically, these women are from Isaan, the poorest part of Thailand. It is easy to date these women because they are looking for easy money, and tourist are easy to deceive.

Then there is your target group, the 50% population that are making a modest living and don’t depend on you to get their money and also is not a stuck up gal.

Basically, every Bangkok woman who attends university and works in an office waking up every day and pursuing a goal in life. You get the best of both worlds. They will have love caring traditional Thai values forward you, have sex with you because they like you and don’t be a pain in the ass as hi-so women.


How to Seduce Bangkok Women

seduce bangkok women

Now that you know where to meet Bangkok girls online and in the real world you probably also want to know how you can have sex with them for free.

Well, contacting them online and approaching them in shopping malls is a good start, but there are quite a few things that you have to consider when you want to seduce women in the capital city of Thailand.


info newINFO: One thing that you should know is that Bangkok girls are not used to getting approached by strangers. Thai people are raised in a very conservative way, which leads to the fact that nearly no Thai guy has the balls to approach a girl in public.


5 Simple Rules

    • When you approach a Thai girl you should remember that she is not used to getting approached. Don’t catch her off-guard and don’t use too explicit language. Even though Bangkok girls love sex, they don’t love to talk about it.
    • Another thing that you should be aware of is that Bangkok girls are extremely shy and reserved in public. A lot of men mistakenly interpret a shy behavior as disinterest or as uprightness. Don’t think that she is not interested, just because she doesn’t talk so much. You also shouldn’t assume that she is a little angel, just because she gets red whenever you mention a naughty topic. Just because she is an angel during your date doesn’t mean that she is an angel in bed.
    • Before I let you book your flight to Bangkok I want to mention one last thing. Don’t make the mistake that so many men make and try to hug, grab, cuddle and kiss the girl you are dating in public. This is seen as a very impolite behavior in Thailand. When she knows that you are a guy who knows how to behave in public, she will love to show you how much Bangkok girls love sex, once you are in privacy.
    • Dress smart and take care of your appearance. Thais society give lot of weight about appearance. They rarely dig deep on one person achievements or personality. They believe in what they see, so if you are dress smart and act accordingly, women will want to date you.
    • Don’t fool yourself into thinking your wallet will do it for you. Good girls aren’t into money, but into to meet a decent guy and enjoy sex together. Thai culture is open mind about sex, sex is like having breakfast every day.

Just look for sexy Bangkok girls you are attracted to and approach politely.

You might encounter a few women who can’t speak English or shy away but that shouldn’t discourage you. If you keep on approaching you will eventually find a sexy Bangkok girl who wants to have sex with you. 



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