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adult holiday bandung

Adult Holidays in Bandung; Best Sex Venues


Bandung Adult Holidays

Looking for your next sex trip to Bandung, Indonesia? First, you have made a great choice! Why?

Because Bandung city located in the Javanese region not far from Jakarta, it is a great place to meet the sexiest Indonesian girls and have blasting sexual holiday. Not only this, if you love nature and see beautiful landscapes while having a village sex tour, there are many small town all around Bandung city.


Where to stay in Bandung during your adult holiday

Bandung freelancer girl

You can meet sexy Bandung freelancer girl during your sex holiday. Best places are malls, cafe and streets.

I suggest for any mongers who want to travel to Bandung, book a hotel near the train station in Jalan Braga.

There are plenty of freelancers on the street that you can easily pick up without spending a fortune on taxi fares.

If you want to stay in the Bandung city center, close to the facilities, Perdana Wisata Hotel comes highly recommended. Great value for money in my humble opinion.


Best Sex Venues in Bandung, Indonesia


In Bandung there are a lot of KTVS, but if you are looking for prettier girls, then the Karaokes that I would be more inclined to go to would be Vegas, Venetian, Amnesia, and more recently, Fix Karaoke.

1)    Venetian is the place to get out a great sexual experience. They have a lot of girls and I would say that in terms of quality, they come in a close to Vegas karaoke.

2)    Vegas is great overall; great setup and luxury furnishings. Very posh. The girls there are also reputedly the prettiest. However based on my last three experiences there, the ladies are clearly materialistic and out for your money.. Do not expect to a happy ending here unless you are willing to spend big dollars.

3)    Broadway KTV is another star karaoke. They have been bringing in many girls and in my opinion some of them are pretty good lookers. Cheaper overall as compared to the rest, I would say more value for money. Great fun for your Dollars.

4)    Amnesia Girls wise, Amnesia doesn’t have as large a variety as Venetian. But the perk is that once you’re in the karaoke, you can transit to the club for free. They give you free passes. While I’m at it, let me explain something about Amnesia. Amnesia has a club on the second floor, and a karaoke on the upper floors. The club is usually most “happening” on Friday and Saturday nights. During those nights, you will usually have some models dancing. 


Bandung club girls

Meet sexy Bandung girls in disco and clubs alike. We have suggested three places to meet freelancers and office girls in the weekends.

Clubbing is great to meet sexy Bandung girls (freelancers) during your adult holiday. The best time of the weeks are Saturdays because the office gals come out to have fun with friends….. and meet some handsome foreigner.

There are three main clubs in Bandung.

1. Amnesia – Amnesia is my favorite club of the Bandung’s nightlife scene: quite large, with plenty of hot girls to choose from. It is a happy mix of students, tourists, executives, and expats.

2. Mansion – Younger crowd, affordable drinks, easy-going atmosphere, etc… The majority of the crowd is made of students, but you will find also a few expats/tourists.

3. Embassy – Another big disco but the ratio men/women is unfavorable for a monger. Worth a visit, at least for a drink.

Bandung Spa massage parlors

Bandung offer a great selection of girls in Spa and massage parlors skatteried around the city.

SPAS (Massage Parlors)

There are hundreds of massage parlors in Bandung. Mostly the places will be happy to give you extra. Nothing better than an happy ending to kick off the day.

My favorites:

1. Venetian Spa

2. Lunar Men’s SPA

3. Alcatraz Spa (same owner as Venetian)

4. Zeus Spa (near to Paris Van Java)



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