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Myanmar’s Trip Report; The Girls Are Shy

Sam Dodd in Saigon, Myanmar

It was like I took the time machine; A trip in the past

JJ entertainment was a Chinese throw back bar get there about 9pm, to bother to wait for the fashion show at 11pm. JJ entertainment had the worst filthy bathroom I’ve ever been in. That includes truck stops in china. Everyone will hustle you for a tip here, but 1000 jet equals a $1. So you feel like your tipping way more than you really are.

Girls were fat and ugly, some were cute at best. Sit in the back that’s where all the action is. I passed on JJ entertainment girls only because I want to see pioneer next. Pulled a rock star out of there.

1000 jet equals $1. So you’ll walk around with a ton of money so put it in two pockets. Need a wing man in this country, boys are a little ruff.

Most taxis are ruff old cars with no A/C. Food were awesome and cheap! Some of the best food I’ve ever eaten was 4 blocks from Clover hotel.

City is pretty small not much option for the ladies to buy close. Cheap dresses and shoes that seem to not fit them well These girls all seemed pretty damn young, when u ask them there age it seemed they always said 20 years old. Looked more like 16. They looked really poor.

Almost zero English with these girls at JJ entertainment, waiters were always around (always) to get u drinks wipe your table or interpret for you. The waiters by the way made 27,000 jet a month. Or $27. So they work really hard for tips but didn’t feel hustled. The security guys that walked you back the bathroom stalls was another story.

One more thing on a funny but true note. If you want to know what the girls faces look like? Take a pretty little spinner in Bangkok and have her eat a lemon and pucker up that’s what the girls. Faces look like.

I stayed at clover hotel in downtown $53 no problem bringing girl back. Scams were not anymore than any other third world country. They’d start the price high you meet in the middle. Sex was really good I think I had like four rounds she just never said no. Just kept going as much as I wanted met her at the Pioneer club. Bj was not a problem.

Besides JJ there was a disco higher end, 4000jet to get in then did work me for a membership right away but I passed on that. $4 bucks to get in. There was the entire range of girls in here, felt a lot like TJ south of San Diego. Lot of young girls but also lot of fat chicks . Pulled a Thailand 7 out of there nice body she said she was 20 but I think younger. I think you have to be careful here with underage girls.

Myanmar girl 2The girls spoke very little English they usually had a friend who would say something like you tired you want to go to your hotel to sleep. Weird but limited English.

At pioneer I just walked up the cute girl in the group tapped drinks said hello can I buy you another drink she said ok couple of songs on the dance floor then her friend approached me did the talking.

Did the temple seen to take a few photos the hotel arranged a drive for 18,000 ($18) for about 4 hours tour.

The trip one night, two days felt like we didn’t miss anything in Yangon. Small city nothing much there.

JJ Entertainment felt like being in a time warp, the place was really old in a rub down area of the city, worth a look just to see how girls are in the lower end. Girls felt really country. Just didn’t feel good nap out the whole place. But there were a few farangs there that were locals them seemed to know all the girls in there. And the typical Japanese guys sit down and even in Burma the girls all seem to flock to them. Like there Hip Hop artist from America.

Depending what time you get there the girls will all walk around your table hoping you ask them to sit and buy a drink. Funny thing is they don’t make money off drinks like in Thailand. And there all freelancers off the street. Buy they do act like there working for the place. The waiters who speak pretty good English will call them up and introduce you to them and help talk with them. Even give you her prices. These guys also hit me up to give us a tour of the city which we declined.

You can also take your time picking and choosing the girls were all 6 an 7s nothing perfect so no one moving fast to grab the one or two hot chicks. Funny was the couple of hot girls were together and in their minds were acting like they were the top of the food Chang, acting cool smoking like were copying something out of a 1980s movie. It was all pretty entertaining.

Myanmar girlI’m glad i went but if I had to pick where to go Thailand wins hands down, not even close. Not even an option. Looking back other than all the Pakistani and Indians (there r a lot) the Burmese were pretty nice and friendly people and were glad to see us there spending money.

Speaking of money bring US $ for sure I heard the exchange rate was not welcoming to Thai baht being brought in. And probably the only place in the world where we got the best exchange at the airport. Seems it was government controlled there were like 7 banks in the airport everyone was 966 jet to the dollar.

When we got into the city the best we could find was 930 to to the dollar. Course we weren’t there long. But there wasn’t any money exchange places like there is everywhere in Bangkok and Pattaya. Exchanges $200. to 966 jet and I had to put it in two pockets pretty funny. There were no coins in this country either only bills.

Odd thing there really isn’t a short time rate. It was $60 to $80 depending how pretty they were. JJs mostly was $60

Every quote these girls made to us seemed to be long time only.