A cherry trip to Pattaya

Real Erotic Trip Report

A cherry trip to Pattaya

Posted 21 March 2013

Six Days Cherry Trip

by Hayups


Night 6 – Sin City

So I finally touched down in Pattaya, the city of wall to wall beer bar pussy and outrageously filthy gogos. My excitement was palpable. My mate had been here before but was still apprehensive. He’d heard that the scum of the earth flock to Pattaya, seen old men on the beach cuddling young Thai boys, and the outright sleaziness of the place made him uncomfortable. I thought “poor layman, you’ve yet to embrace the freedom that is mongering”. He sees old westerners in Thailand as creepy, I see them as brothers of like-mind. There are many more here than in Patong and when I see them with a fine young brown lady in tow I smile and think “you’ve worked hard all your life, you deserve it champ!”

I must say Walking Street blew me away: the neons, the sounds, the abundance of brown legs/waists/faces. I wanted to start off our Patts stay with a bang, so I headed to what many were saying is the hottest go-go right now: Windmill. As I walk in I see a naked girl with DD tits going cowgirl on an old japanese guy and I know I’m in the right place. The place was packed – there were about 6 fully clothed girls dancing on stage, next to them 2 naked on the show stage, another 2 naked on the show table at the back (prime real estate I thought), 2 more soaping up in the bathtub with about 4-5 scattered around with customers. There were a few guys sitting at the stage, one of them fist-deep in a girl’s punany, and another with a girl’s arm halfway up his baggy cargos (essential monger clothing). The show girls go full lesbo and work in pairs, rotating to one of the 3 show stages. We had a freaky pair working the bathtub and before long my mate had his finger in both their asses.

Then a bus load of old Japanese tourists(men and women) pile in and sat next to us, the men throwing red bills around and the women trying their hardest not to look uncomfortable. It was a big mood killer for my mate, but not for me! I had my attention on one of the show girls over at the show table, who was DPing herself with our empty beer bottles. Then she started dry humping the other girl in ways I could only hope to emulate. Eventually I got the attention of 3 girls, 2 fully clothed and 1 naked. After a couple rounds of lady drinks one of them was licking my ear as if my eardrum was a hershey’s kiss, I had my finger all the way into the asshole of another, and the 3rd was sucking on my knob. My friend was sitting right next to me virtually having a heartattack. I remember thinking, with much difficulty, “YES, I AM FINALLY IN PATTAYA!!”. All 3 girls were taking turns sucking on me (albeit discreetly) and I was savouring every moment of it. There is no way I would be getting my dick sucked in the main room of a strip club back home. When it was time for the girls to dance my senses returned to me, checked the bill and it was already at 2k! So we took this chance to make a quick exit.

As we walked out and past Super Girls this absolutely cutey pokes her head out the door. I do a double take and decide to head in there. I sit down, order a beer, call her over. This girl was absolute glamour! Young, tall, long straight hair, big smile, long legs, nice B cups. I am a harsh judge when it comes to girls, but this girl was a 10/10. Only her and 1 other girl were wearing the same type of bikini so I guessed they were the top girls here. The other one had amazing boobs but a worse face. I buy her a drink and chat for a bit, run my hands over her fine legs. Then its time for her to dance and the view was amazing. The dancing was not that great but just seeing her fine body up there with her beautiful smile was getting me all sorts of hard. Then 2 guys walk in and one immediately bar fine her, by the looks of it he was a regular. She finishes dancing and tells me she has to go as she’s been bar fine, but I tell her her drink is not done yet so she should stay while she finishes. So she drank while giving me a lap dance and I had two handfuls of that perfect ass while the other guy waited and watched.

After that I was ready to find my girl for the night, but already well into my nightly budget I knew I’d have to find her away from Walking Street. Then started my miserable, lonely, sweaty, dirty all-night trek to find a young/pretty/willing girl from a beer bar. I perused the beer bars from soi 12 to soi 8 on both sides of 2nd road, getting lost more than a few times. There were so so so many girls, but none of them met my high standards, and I was intentionally being picky because I knew there were so many to choose from. The young girls were either not talkative enough or not willing, the willing girls were too old/fat, the pretty ones ended up having adam’s apples on close inspection. It was 2am and I was nowhere near getting a girl, and the desperation was getting to me. I figured, fuck it, and jumped on a baht bus back to walking street.

Walked into the first beer bar complex I saw (Simon Bar) and sat down with the first girl who called out to me: a mid 30s girl called Mah, her face had western features and her hair was straight shoulder length blonde. I chatted to her and tried to sound upbeat, even though I must’ve smelled like a football team’s laundry bag. She told me she doesn’t smoke or drink, but I bought her a drink anyways. She seemed willing so I paid her bar fine and before long we were back in my room (freshly showered) and I was giving her a hard, deep fuck. Came on her face twice, to her surprise, then fell in a heap of exhaustion. Woke up in the morning and ran my hands over her body, I remember thinking she kept it quite well for an older gal. That got me hard and she woke to my dick in her mouth. We had a good session of doggy then back to sleep again. I could tell she enjoyed my king size bed because she was sleeping horizontally. I woke up again almost at midday and wanted to boom boom one more time before she left, but to my horror found an empty condom box! I asked her if she had any, but she didn’t. So I gave her 1k and thanked her, and she was on her way.

Night 6 – Threesome

We started off at Secrets to meet up with an expat mate. He was hanging out with his Thai girlfriend, and had bar fined her sister who worked there (not to take home but just so the sisters could hang out). A lot of guys think highly of Secrets but I’m not sure why, it’s not that I didn’t like the place I just didn’t see anything that made it stand out from any of the a go go  I’d been to. It sure was busy, and the girls were looking good, a little too good. I suspected that they may have been agency girls or coyote dancers, so was hesitant to start something that may be too expensive to finish. Also the normal drinks prices were quite a bit higher than normal (130 bath for beer) so I had a couple of drinks and snick out for my solo creep.

Tonight I wanted to have a threesome. I knew Devils Den would have been a guaranteed hit, but I wanted to wake up to morning sex with 2 hotties. Popped into Simon bar to have a chat to Mah from the previous night and bought her a drink. Her flatmate also works with her, real pretty girl with braces, but she doesn’t bar fine due to her boyfriend/husband. When I rock up the friend offers me 3 condom boxes with a sly smile, and I just had to laugh. Mah obviously told her about how I ran out earlier that morning! Mah told me that girls in the WS beer bars would ask 3k each for a LT threesome, whereas they’ll happily take 1.5k solo. I’m guessing the girls see that with a threesome there is almost no chance of hooking you in, whereas solo you might be looking for love and they can work the long term angle.

So I perused the beer bars looking for potential lesbian freaks. I was looking for girls who work together so they would be comfortable with each other. I found that the friendliness between girls at beer bars seems to be just on the surface, and they generally aren’t bi-curious about their co-workers. This was proving to be more work than I expected! It was about 2am when I headed into the 2nd Simon Bar complex in central WS and was greeted by lots of bored girls waiting around empty bars. Spotted a young cutie at the 2nd last bar on the right, asked her how much for LT and she said 3k. I was speechless for a moment then I said “3k for a beer bar girl are you high?” so I quickly finished my beer while I scanned for potential freaks. I didn’t have to look far.

The next bar over, the very last bar on the right, and in plain sight of the 3k young’un, I met 21 y/o Duang and 28 y/o Pran. The young one was short, light skinned, and had a hip, cheeky vibe about her. The older one was dark, with a big sexy smile and really knew how to work those hips. I ask about a threesome and they quote me 3k, I say “each?” they say “both”. Wow! I think I hit the winner! So we start dancing, the both of them grinding me, while the 3k young’un is looking on from the nearby bar. I do a deal with the mamasan (Nana) for 600bf and 3k total for both girls, and they stay until 6am (it was 2:30 by now) but she wanted payment upfront. I didn’t want to be a buffalo by paying upfront, but it was getting late and this seemed like a good deal. Also she promised me that if they left earlier I could some see her for a refund. So I bit the bullet and walked out of there with a honey in each arm.

After the shower we get into the action, one blowing me while I kiss the other, then switching, then both sharing my dick. Then I dom up and take Pran in mish, with her ankles up by her ears, smashing the shit out of her while sucking on Duang’s tits. Man, this threesome stuff is tough work! I fight through the alcohol and exhaustion to get my first pop of the night, and Pran’s little dark feet dangling in the air and her little tits bouncing around are just enough to get me over the line. I cum so hard I almost crap myself. Pran goes to wash up so I wipe off and have little Duang suck me hard again. I dom up and smash her in mish, with her muttering various English curse words. Then I get a wiff of stinky, sweaty pussy – you know that ‘it’s been a long, sweaty day in tight shorts’ type smell, and I start losing my hard-on. Oh no, precious hard on please come back! Duang gets me on my back while she rides, and she’s swearing even more but its taken on a different tone. Meanwhile Pran is playing on her phone and saying “we leave soon” but it was only 4am. All this was doing nothing for my boner. So I take off the rubber and have Duang suck on me while I play with Pran’s tits. But they keep saying “we leave soon” and “no power” and cheekily talking to each other in Thai  Eventually I was soft as a wet noodle, and not too pleased with these girls. I get up to have a drink and they decide its time to leave, acting all smug and swapping harsh words with me on the way out.
I remembered what the mamasan said so the next day I came back and told her what happened – the girls obviously did not expect to see me again and were not impressed. The mamasan would not give me a full refund because I boom boom them both, but she gave me back 1k. I figure I’d take the win and walked out of there with a big smile on my face, waving bye to the cheeky bitches.

Night 7 – Nice Beer Bar Girl

I actually had an amazing massage from the place just past the Simon bar deep inside WS (not the Simon bar at the start of WS). This place has the little fish tubs at the front. I had a really sore foot from too much perusing (ie walking around hunting for pussy) and already had a foot massage earlier but was still in pain. There was a young massage girl named Nok, who used her elbows in a way that got maximum coverage without digging the pointy bone into me. It was a 1 hour oil (the same I get every day after breakfast) but I told her to focus on my foot. She got the elbows way in there and it felt amazing, afterwards the pain was gone and I could walk again! Unfortunately she did not give happy endings, but I gave her a 100b tip anyways because the massage was excellent.

After the dramas from the night before I wanted to find a nice girl from a beer bar. My experience leads me to prefer older girls (late 20s – early 30s) for better service, so that is what I had in mind. We decided to hit up the beer bar complex on sai song 9. Was chatting to a smoking hot girl-next-door type, dark with a fit body. I floated 1500 LT at her and she smiled from ear to ear, so I knew I’d offered too much. The deal breaker was that she had to leave at 7am because her family was in town and she takes them out. As I’m a fan of morning sex I had to move on. Chatted to a few other girls who I’d met a couple of nights ago on my death march around the beer bars but nothing was really clicking.

As I was walking around a light-skinned early 30s girl was calling out to me, she was looking good in her shorts and silky top so I came over. The interview was quite funny: you ok to boom boom a lot? “oh yes”, long boom boom or short? “5min, no more than 10”, you like swimming in pool? “oh yes”, you wear sexy bikini? “only 1 piece, no 2 piece”. Anyways she was quite keen so I thought I’d give her a run. I walked past my mate on the way out, he saw her and said “hot damn!” then I saw him surrounded by 3 young brown hunnies and I just laughed.

Took her for some dinner then back to the hotel. While she was in the shower I popped half a Cialis because I was feeling a bit under my game (first time I’ve ever taken any sort of sex booster). She had a large scar on her belly which I guessed was from a bad C-section. The bikini talk then made sense. I committed another Pattaya lesson to memory: if the girl isn’t showing her belly, there is something wrong with it. She gave me an amazing BJCIM and thought I’d be done for the night, but I had other plans 😉 She rode me in cowgirl for a bit, then I flipped her into missionary and got to pounding. I was pumping her a bit too hard so she went back on top. During the switch I lost my boner and couldn’t get it back, which she was not very happy about. Eventually she rolls over and goes to sleep, while I’m laying there thinking “Damn you Cialis!!!” A couple of hours later I wake up with a refreshed boner and made sure to give it to her hard.

As I was falling asleep I heard some Thai girl going off like a banshee and a door slamming, and thinking “some silly farang has gone and upset his lady”.

A short while later I’m woken up by a frantic call from my mate in the adjacent suite. It was his girl that was doing all the yelling before. Apparently he’d picked up a glamour from the disco, did her ST and tried to give her 500b. She didn’t think this was enough, threw it back at him and stormed off. She was going off at the receptionists so they called him to come down to talk to her, as he was finishing getting his clothes on reception calls back and says “please stay in your room, there are 6 Thai men her waiting for you.”

The next day we were chilling in the pool and he turns to me and says “maybe I should confirm prices before I get back to the room”. LOL

Night 9 – Hickies from an LBFM

We headed over to the beer bar complex on Soi Dianna where I met the lively and quirky Nuit. The was small, dark brown, with a tight body and big soft booty. Took a while to get her talking, but after a couple jaeger bombs she was doing crazy hot dances on the pole and giving me scorching hot lap dances. She didn’t like my smoking, but still managed to do a sexy thing where she takes a drag, blows it into my mouth and I take a drag. On the way back she bought about 500b worth of stuff from 7/11 but it was mostly beers and shower products (both came in handy later on).

Back in the room and she’s all over me, talking dirty and feeding me pringles directly out of her mouth. It got so heated that I had to take her right there almost fully clothed, pulled her g-string to the side and pumped her in doggy. After that we took a shower together using the very lovely scented shower gel she just bought, then start wrestling on the bed. She ends up on top of me in a full mount with my hands pinned and starts giving me long deep hickies all over my chest and neck. I’m laughing my ass off but all I can do is use my head to try to steer her away. We roll around a bit more and she somehow ends up hurting her hand (hyperextended fingers) and she starts drunken whimpering. I had to try so hard not to say “I take it a hand job is out of the question?”

Eventually she got over it and started riding me in feverish cowgirl. Then I lay her on the side of the bed, and with me standing up I pummeled her to the sounds of her orgasmic shrieking. I pumped her so hard and fast I thought I would blow out my back for sure, but she was taking it like a champ. After I popped I had a look at the bed and I’d managed to nudge it almost a meter across the room!

After that I was stuffed so we decided to call it a night, and she said her prayers to the pillow (first time I’ve seen this) and went to sleep. A few hours later I awoke with a raging boner so wrapped up and slipped inside of her spoon position, pumping ever so gently. Considering how tired I was this was the perfect position – I could see her toned back and bubble butt, her box was tight because her legs were together, and I could be lazy and rest my head on the pillow the whole time lol. After a few minutes she was wide awake and wanted me to take her in doggy. So I got her setup on a padded bench in front of the mirror and hammered away.

In the morning I ordered room-service: pad Thai omelette for me, american breakfast and prawn salad for her. Apparently I bar-fined her on her first day at that bar, and she used to work at a club closer to Jomtien. She showed me photos of her dressed up in a fancy bikini (looked gogo-ish) and a video of her and 2 other girls doing a soapy dance on top of the bar. Apparently some happy guy had paid them 2k each to do that.

All in all Nuit was an intense experience, second only to Pok on night 1. Spewing I didn’t think to take pics.

Night 10 – Walking Street redemption

It was my last night in LOS and I was torn about what to do. I was very tired, sex drive was low, but didn’t want to waste a night. So I headed down to Walking Street. I hadn’t been back since the threesome night, because I’d been put off by the high prices and viciousness of WS.

I wanted to say high to Mah from my first night in Pattaya, but neither she nor her friend were there, so I quickly took a seat at the adjacent bar where a girl with long dark hair had her back to me. I order a drink and she finally notices I’m there and turns around for a chat. She had a nice, tight green patterned evening dress on – it was just classy enough for a lady, but still showed enough boob and leg to say “working girl here”. As we were playing jackpot (my favorite bar game) I took the chance to check out her amazing boobs ( easily D cups) and nice legs. The thing that worried me was her slightly masculine face, so I worked overtime under the pink lights checking for an adam’s apple, checking out her elbows (tbh I’d forgotten what the tell with the elbows was, but I was still looking) and listening to her voice. I asked her if she had a baby and she said it was a miscarriage so that was enough for me. After a couple of LDs and several games of jackpot I bar fine her.

Her name was Ni. She was about 5’2″, long black hair, busty, flat tummy, okay booty. She was soft spoken, but very open. On the way to the baht bus Patong came up in conversation and she straight out told me she spent a week there with a customer. I offer to get her dinner but she’s not hungry so back to the hotel we go.

They say sometimes its the little things: we’re on the baht bus and I’m playing it cool as the bus fills up with tourists, and she rests her hand on my thigh.

As we walk into the room she says “your loom stink”. Just then I notice it too (smoking room) so I spray some deodorant around then go take a shower. I could barely wait for her to finish washing so I could get those boobs out. I spent about 10 mins licking and sucking those huge knockers while fingering her pussy. We get to the action in various positions: me on top with her soft, cute little brown legs swaying in the air. Her on top riding me while I admire her flat tummy and play with those amazing boobs. Even did some side saddle, with her nibbling on my knee as I pounded her sideways.

Woke up a few hours later and did the lazy spoon (man I love this position!) which transitioned into hard pumping, sweat dripping doggy. Then she kept me up with tales of her life, present and past, which I didn’t mind too much because she was such a sweet girl.

Ni was such a sweetie, with an amazing body, I was really wished I met her sooner. If I had met her on the first night I probably would have done GFE, despite promising myself before the trip to stay butterfly.

All up, I could not have wished for a sweeter girl and a better final night to my cherry trip.


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