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How to Self Plan a Sex Vacation

How to Self Plan a Sex Vacation



Rocco is an avid traveler that love to date local girls wherever he goes. Rocco has helped thousands of men on their journey to meet Asian women for the last 9 years.


Have A Clear Idea About Your Adult Journey

First, get paper and pen. Why write down your plan? Because you will take action if the plan is written by you.

Most travelers don’t bother to write down their vacation goals and itinerary. Instead, they drift through their trip aimlessly, wondering why their adult holiday lacks purpose and excitement.

Benefits of having a plan:

  • Reduce uncertainty
  • Increase understanding
  • Improve purpose and excitement

Some example of holiday purpose can be: Do you want to go to a freelancing Nightclub? A swimming pool party? What about a brothel or Agogo club? Or, maybe you’re keen on the idea of being a Playboy.

No matter what you decide, determining the kind of naughty adventure enhance the experience.


How to Prepare a Sex Vacation Plan

Decide what kind of sexy vacation you want to enjoy

Preparation is the key for your success. When planning the best sex vacation of your life, having specific goals will enhance your adult vacation experience. This blog will help you to plan your perfect sex holiday.

Forget about working, duties, responsibilities and whatever might jeopardize your sex vacation. This time, you are looking to create the best sex vacation experience.


Type Of Sex Vacations

First, are you a solo traveler or planning to take your girlfriend/wife with you?

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Where To Create Your Sex Vacation

Defining where you want to go sets a goal to work towards.

Most people talk vaguely about adult travel. They never say where they are going, just that they are> going.

Picking a destination is immensely important as it gives you a definite goal. Let’s start from a wider location such a country and break it down to cities.


After having selected the country that suits your wider objectives and goals, focus on the right city.


Sex Vacation Tips

Choose the right accommodations

Countless hotels around Asia specialize in naughtiness and many that you can indulge in lust with their amenities.

Before choosing a hotel, do some preliminary investigation such as:

  • Do the bedrooms have mirrors next to the bed or on the ceiling?
  • Find out how late their hot tub/swimming pool stays open for some late night fun.
  • How big are their bathrooms and do they have Jacuzzi so that you can have a threesome while getting wet.


Attention 3Make sure the hotel is girl friendly. This means that you can bring any girls at any time and you don’t have to pay extra to sleep with you.


Keep Your Plans Simple

Once you have decided where to go and where you want to stay, be sure to have planned your daily sex activities.

Looking for sexual entertainments is something that usually happens spontaneously, but when you’re going on a sex vacation, it’s best if you know what you’re going to do when you get there.

You may want to book tickets to a Ping Pong sexy show in Patpong or a soapy massage in Pattaya. Or perhaps you want to go to a Thai Karaoke. Remember, you don’t have to wait until the sun goes down to get into sex activities.

info newActually, afternoon entertainments are the best because you and girls are more energetic than late in the night.


No one tests your adventure, so save having sex with seven girls on a boat in the middle of Pattaya bay for another time and keep your plans simple both in terms of planning and activities.

  1. Plan your activities
  2. Sketch out the major activities you want to enjoy and how much they cost
  3. Ensure your activities are achievable in a timely manner
  4. Divide the day by morning/afternoon/night activities


Stay Focus and Inspired

Keep feeding your desire for sex traveling. Here are some inspiring stories:


Be Informed

Smart travelers read up before they go. An informed traveler is a traveler paying less for more.

Don’t waste $US1,000s trying to impress Asian women during your sex vacation with glamorous parties in nightclubs, clothes, or gold.

Have any of those things worked during your last vacation? No! So, stop spending your money on material items to impress women and start investing in yourself.

Don’t go around hoping that women will suddenly like you because you’ve got money or have styled yourself in a certain way. At the end of the day, you need to be CONFIDENT and understand what attract Asian girls.


Check Out The Country Law

Sure, you’re a naughty traveler who likes to live on the edge, but nothing will ruin your sex vacation faster than a night in the prison.

Before you go traipsing Asia looking for a good time – or in our case, a bad time! – make sure to do your research.

For instance, if you like young girls make sure to check the country age of consent. In some countries, a violation of underage felony is a big deal.

Remember, just because young girls prostitute themselves in the red light districts doesn’t mean it is legal. Imagine your surprise when your hotel room gets raided and you’re hauled off to jail in nothing but your birthday suit!

Don’t let this happen to you.


What to Pack for a Sex Vacation

Always, always, always bring condoms. You don’t want to go away for the holiday and come back with a gift that keeps on giving.

Visit a pharmacy to stock up. Don’t forget to use the condom when having sex. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Go on your trip and have fun!

Head to the airport, board your plane (don’t forget your passport!), and enjoy the fruits of your labor. By using this post as a guideline, you can better organize and prepare for your trip.