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Western women are masculin and lost feminine

Western women aren’t interested in having a healthy sexual life anymore

The Downfall of Western Society

The only way for men to escape this madness is by heading east


Our society and values aren’t the same anymore, 50 years ago women were feminine and men masculine, that balance is changed, unfortunately for the worst.

Women are more interested to take the dog for a walk than take care of the needs of their man

This is the reason you can’t find a balance in your sexual life anymore, this is why you don’t get along with women or your wife/girlfriend argue with you all the time.

You feel something is terrible wrong but you aren’t able to define the cause, it make you feel uneasy when you are around women, just you can’t figure out why there isn’t connection between the opposite sex.

You see other men somehow socializing with women, apparently having excellent relationships and sex is just great with the other sex.

Is it reflection of society or it is real?

Matrix woman world

Did you ever watch “Matrix”? if you never watched it, click here to the trial.

In this movie, Neo has two distinct life, one as an employee for an IT company in USA, the other as an hacker. Leo is living a second life as a hacker because he felt something was strange in his world, in society, all around him.

Can you relate?

In his journey Leo will discover that the world around him wasn’t real, it was built artificially to blind him from the true, a world dominate by machines.

You are wondering, how this relate to you?

You know something is terribly wrong about relationship western countries, women and sex, this is why you are reading my articles.

You feel, that isn’t right for a man to beg for sex, be humiliate mentally by masculine women.

Where are they gone those sweet, love caring women that used to take great care of their lovers, husbands, children?

They used to cook meals with passion for their love one, take care of the house, grow the children and offer a healthy sex relationship to their lover.

Feminists are saying; “time is just changed”. Is it? Really.

Or women want the change.

You want to get out from the prison society have confine you in.

Choose Asia or western world

What are you going to choose? Can’t be both worlds

You have a choice; stay in the cage and follow the rules defined by women or get out and take control of your sexual right by traveling to Asia.

Why Asia?

Because Asian women are feminine, love caring and sexuaklly open minded. They are genuine in their feelings and respect you, while offering sexual satisfaction.

I have travel for the last 12 years around the world, and in the last five years focus my attention to Asia.

I’m fascinated by the feminine sensuality of Asian women. They understand that a woman duty is to satisfy the man. Yes, it is a duty.

Like is a duty for a man take his responsibility forward a woman providing, food, shelter and safety.  

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