Asia sex guide

Asia Sex Guide For Single Men

If you dream to hook up with sexy Asian girls and would like to learn the easiest ways to get laid in Asia, take some time to digest this guide.

Asia is divided into several geographical areas with a variety of cultures, beauties, and sexual experiences.

Most countries in Southeast Asia like Thailand and the Philippines are more open-minded forward sex and tourism. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun somewhere else.

Definitely, you need some guidance if you want to meet girls hot for action. Getting laid in Asia isn’t that hard when you know what to do.

Keep reading this guide to find out the best destinations for sex in Asia, and learn how to find companionship and intimacy easily.

This Asian Sex Guide was last updated on 22 April 2021




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Intro to Sex Tourism In Asia
General information about Asian sex tourism

Best Destinations For Sex in Asia
Top countries to meet and fuck Asian girls

What About Girls & Sex In Asia
Asia’s sexiest woman list

Easiest Ways to Get Laid in Asia
An overview of the best places to hook up in Asia

Typical Costs + Tips
General prices around Asia to help you budget your adventure

How To Find Intimacy and Companionship
Get a holiday girlfriend or an intimate friend with benefits


Intro To Sex Tourism In Asia

Sex tourism around Asia is growing extremely fast, especially in Southeast Asia. The reason is for sex tourists, a trip to Asia is an opportunity to have a safe and fun time.

Unlike other popular sex destinations around the world like South America where tourists might get robbed or even killed, in Asia that is unlikely to happen.

Also, generally speaking, Asian girls offer great intimacy and companionship thanks to their feminity.

Yet, there is to make some distinction between Asian countries.

Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines and so on are open-forward sex tourism.

In fact, you’ll find street girls, erotic massage spas, and other types of sexual gratification places in most tourist destinations.

sexy Asian bar girl in patpong bangkok red light area
Thai girl in Patpong red light district in Bangkok

It’s pretty easy to have sex with Asian girls in those countries. It only takes a walk in the many red light districts where sex is served on a silver plate.

In other countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Japan, and Malaysia, there is a restricted form of sex tourism because commercial sexual activities take place underground away from indiscreet eyes.

Meaning sex tourists visiting those countries usually are there for other motivations like business and work.

Then you have the business cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Bangkok where sex tourism is booming. There are all sorts of escort services from erotic massages to BDSM experiences.

Even though commercial sex is rampant, many singles and couples visit Asian countries because is easy to hook up or find a girlfriend with benefits.

For example, it’s pretty easy to rent a girlfriend in Philippines or hook up in Singapore.


Best Destinations For Sex In Asia

Below you’ll find all my guides for the top Asian sex destinations:

Cambodia Sex Guide – Cambodia is a rising Asian country to visit for sex. Not too many tourists but many beautiful girls.

China Sex Guide – The majority of men visit or expatriate to China for work/business. And they end up hooking up or marrying a Chinese woman.

Hong Kong Sex Guide – Prostitution is legal in this business city with hot girls coming from all over the world to work and shop here.

Indonesia Sex Guide – Even though most of the population is Muslim, the locals are hot for action with foreigners.

Japan Sex Guide – Working girls in Japan know how to offer the ultimate sexual experience. But it’s hard to find places which are foreign-friendly.

Kazakhstan Sex Guide – The Kazak women are beautiful and really horny. One of the best destinations to get laid with hot girls.

Malaysia Sex Guide – There are three races in this country: Chinese, Malays and Indians. The locals speak proper English and are open-minded forward sex.

Mongolia Sex Guide – If you like independent Asian girls, Mongolia is a hell of a destination.

Philippines Sex Guide – The easiest Southeast Asian country to get laid and find a wife.

Singapore Sex Guide – Shopping and escorts are the main attractions of the city.

South Korea Sex Guide – Probably the most beautiful Asian girls, but it’s hard to hook up if it’s your first time.

Thailand Sex Guide – From red light districts to nudist resorts to private sex parties, hardly you’ll feel bored.

Uzbekistan Sex Guide – Most of the tourists are Indians who book organize sex tours.

Vietnam Sex Guide – Beautiful girls, low prices, and a lot of sex are the reasons why single men visit the country.


What About Girls & Sex In Asia?

Many people think that Asian girls are small and with little curves, but that is a generalization.

In the North of Asia, you’ll find most of the girls having Euro-Asian characteristics. And the more you go forward to Europe, the less Asian they look.

For example, South Korean ladies look mostly Asian while Kazakishtan girls look mostly European.

sexy girls Asia look
On the left side a South Korean girl. On the right size a Kazak girl.

Then you have Southeast Asia girls that come in different shapes and colors.

And the more you go South the darker their skin.

It’s hard to say where to find the sexiest Asian women, but South Korea, Japan, and Thailand are a good bet.

Apart from their physical, there are some Asian girls open-minded forward sex while others are conservative.

Developed countries and cities in Japan, Mongolia, Hong Kong and Singapore tend to be more sexually experimental while other Asian countries tend to be conservative.

Even in those countries like Thailand and the Philippines where it’s pretty easy to get laid, the girls are reserved and passive.

Overall it isn’t that easy to hook up if you don’t understand the Asian culture. Most Asian girls want a loyal partner rather than have casual sex with several men.

But that is changing rapidly especially in growing countries like China.

And don’t let me start with all the types of Asian girls out there.


Easiest Ways To Get Laid In Asia

Having sex in Asia can be a struggle or extremely easy, it all depends where you look for it.

A good start is…

1. Online

meet hot Asia girl online getting laid

Nowadays you can find everything online, and also Asian girls hot for action. It’s the best way to hook up, find companionship and intimacy.

You only need to use a popular site in Asia for hookups like Asian Match Mate… Or use
Seeking Arrangements if you are after a girl with benefits.

Check out my reviews of the best sites and apps to contact Asian girls in each country if you’ve already a destination in mind.

There are sites packed with students looking for an arrangement, hook-up apps, and down to fuck sites with horny women.

2. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

If you have social skills, nightclubs and bars in Asia are an easy way to meet girls. But keep in mind that is hard to find a one night stand.

Girls in Asia go out in groups and for them is a shame to go home with a stranger.

So, when going out at night and meet girls, take the opportunity to get their phone number and meet up in the next few days.

That’s a better strategy to get laid.

When you notice girls going home with guys just met, you can bet they are prostitutes. Watch out for working girls!

3. Escorts – Call Girls

sexy Asian escort in Indonesia

In most Asian countries there are independent escorts and agencies that offer girls by the hour.

In countries like Japan and China, you’ll find flyers in your hotel rooms with all type of services. While in other countries, it’s enough to ask the concierge to get an escort.

Cities like Hong Kong and Singapore, have websites dedicated to escort services.

However, Escorts tend to be business-oriented and quite expensive. There are better options out there.

4. Private Sex Parties

threesome sex party in Asia

If you happen to be in a big Asian city, there are always some sex parties going on especially during weekends.

Usually, they are organized by a couple and take place in a hotel room. Bring over some booze and food, and have a good time.

There are several sex parties in Singapore, but also the sex parties in Thailand are good fun.

An easy way to know when sex parties get organized, it’s to befriend couples that swinger regularly. Head over to Asian Match Mate and do a search in the city you’re planning to visit.

5. Red Light District – Brothels

sex girls red light area in Asia

Most countries in Asia have red light districts and brothels.

The only Asian country that is taking a strong stand against red light areas is Indonesia. In fact, in recent years they’ve bulldozed down several red light districts across the nation.

You can find specific information about red light areas for each country in the Asian sex guides.

6. Sex Massage in Spas

girl bathing sex massage Asia
Asian girl bathing customers during a soapy massage

Asian erotic massages are popular around the world because they always offer a happy ending.

And when in Asia you can expect to find several SPAs and massage shops offering extra services.

The countries that offer the best erotic massage experiences are Thailand and Japan hands down.

They offer several sex massages like Yoni, soapy massage, and regular massage with a happy ending.


Typical Costs + Tips

On each Asian sex guide, you’ll find the general costs for entrainments, companionship, accommodation, food and transportation. And also some useful tips to make your money last longer.

The cheapest Asian countries to monger are Cambodia, the Philippines, China and Indonesia. While the most expensive Asian countries are Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore.


How To Find Intimacy and Companionship

Asian girls are feminine, caring, and sexy. So they are naturally great companions that offer comfortable friendship and intimacy.

If you’re looking to find a holiday girlfriend for a few days or weeks or a girlfriend with benefits for a few months or years, I’m going to show you how to get started.

In the case you’re looking for an Asian girl for something more than a girlfriend, you can have a read about the best countries to find an Asian wife and also where to find an Asian virgin wife.

Just imagine spending time with a beautiful and horny Asian girl…

sexy girlfriend in Asia

She looks after your needs, enjoys each other company, and never makes you feel alone.

The easiest way to find an Asian girlfriend is to use a site like Seeking Arrangement. There are plenty of Asian girls looking for all sorts of arrangements.

Just create a profile by writing what you’re looking for and keep it honest.

I share some of my experiences dating Asian girls online and also tips to flirt online.


Best Countries For Sex In Asia

This concludes this sex guide to Asia. Enjoy getting laid with Asian girls!





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