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How to Use Asian Dating Sites To Contact Girls


“With These Tips, She’ll Reply Your Messages”

Now that you know how to meet Asian women online, you can start your first approach and hunt down your perfect match.

Most dating websites have built in a search engine to help you to select the woman of your dreams filtering by your preferences.

Common preference are:

  • Age
  • Country and City (This will be your next destination)
  • Appearance (Weight, Height and Body Type
  • Habit (Smoker, Drinker, etc)
  • Status
  • Have Kids

These preference are the basic, you will need more thinking to meet the perfect match.


Define Your Perfect Match

Asian girl dressed anime the perfect asian match

Most men want the model type of girls in their early twenties willing to do any sexual activities (include anal), cooking, don’t have any kids, no smoking, no drinking and the list go on.

It is understandable your expectations are high, but what about you? What do you bring to the table?

If you are on your 60s and looking for an 18 years old girl, you will have to spend a long time in flirting with her, bring something substantial to the table to get her attention.

She has many younger guys attention and finds the conversation more appealing, however, this isn’t always the case.

In this case, you could slightly adjust your parameters and look for more mature girls in their late 20s which are looking for a real man to spend time with, instead of going out every night to party.

You will reach your objective in the fastest way possible with some thinking.


Time For Hunting

This is my favorite part. The better your strategy to approach the girls, the more results you will get. It isn’t about your look, age, or whatever that matter most, but how you are going to hunt down the girls online.

So, after you enter your perfect match data into the search field and get the results, you will have hundreds of profiles to choose.

Take a breath, click the girl picture to get more photos of her (sometimes she look good only on the cover photo) and select ten profiles. Out of the ten, select only two profiles and send interest by clicking the button. Repeat the operation ten more times.

Don’t get invested in any one of them yet. Just click on the interest button, no message yet.


The First Interaction and Message

chat on dating sites

Well done. You got your first message and interest by your chosen woman. It is nice to pick instead then be selected.

So, what’s next?

Need a short reply that implies not too much interest. Avoid any pervert staff. Most men write things like; “Hi Sexy…”, “You look hot…”, not impressive.

In my experience, the best way to start interaction with new girls is using a question which she can’t simply answer with yes or no.

In the first message I prefer to avoid to invest much of my time, so a good question without reading her profile is “Hey, What is going on in Bangkok?”, or where ever she lives.

This type of question gets the girls engaged, some more and some less.

Usually, I get a simple “good”, or they didn’t understand the question or a long fairy tale story about her city.

Now, the conversation is open, and you can spend ten minutes to chat with her, and then excuse yourself because you have to go but letting her know that tomorrow you can speak with her on Skype.

Most of the time the girls will hand over the Skype name without a question.

Arrange the time and you are ready to go.

Move on to a new profile and repeat the process.


Live Chat To know Each Other Better

Next day you will be set up with few Skype appointments to take the conversation to the next level. There is really no reason to chat with her on site for a long period of time.

The are three main reasons to go on Skype as fast as possible:

  1. you want to see her live to get a better idea of her appearance (pictures can deceive).
  2. It is easier and more fun to talk on Skype instead of typing on a keyboard.
  3. you want to know her level of English. If a girl can’t communicate with you, your sex holiday will not be much fun.

Have a relaxing conversation with your new friend, show interest in her by asking about her family, life and general topics, she will love it.

Don’t talk much about you, only if she asks. At this stage is all about to know her better.


Avoid Online Scammers; It’s Easy

Not all the accounts on dating sites are real, and that apply to Facebook and other social website.

Some guy asked me; “Rocco, are the girls real?”. Yes, there are a lot of real girls, more than what you can handle and some scammer, which you can avoid easily.

So, how to spot a scammer?

Most of the time these emails have been written by a dude; “I’m horny tonight” – “Do you want to have fun with me?”, etc.

Think logically, in real life a woman will approach you and start a conversation like this?

No, so the internet isn’t much different from the real world.

Some message might contain phone numbers and address, SCAM.

The above scammers are easily spotted and please, report them to the abuse team of the dating site so they can remove them from the network.

These people try to harm, and they shouldn’t be there.

Here my rule, never sending any money to women never met in real life. A good woman should have a job to sustain her and the family, no excuses about that.

Remember, you are the price and don’t have to entertain anyone.