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ladyboys in subic bay

Best Places To Meet Ladyboys In Subic Bay

Ladyboys are transgender. They look like women, actually, they are more beautiful than women but with a small difference, they have a dick.

Having said that, a few ladyboys went throw out full surgery and have a pussy.

Subic Bay doesn’t have many ladyboys like in Angeles City or Manila, but enough to satisfy your fantasies.

The good thing is they are cheaper and more authentic than other heavily touristic spots in the Philippines.

So, where can you meet a ladyboy in Subic Bay?

There are 3 places:


Ladyboys Bars in Subic Bay

As already mentioned earlier, the girlie bars are located in Barrio Barretto and the same applies to ladyboy’s bar.

The only difference is that you have a dozen of girlie bars and only one ladyboy bar: Count Nikolas.

The bar doesn’t employ only ladyboys but girls as well, so it’s a mixed sort of business. This is what the bar scene in Subic Way offer for the transgender lovers.

As per prices, it works the same for ladyboys as for girl:

  • Lady drink 200 Pesos;
  • Bar fine 2.000 Pesos.


Subic Bay’s LadyBoys in Nightclubs

You can meet freelancer ladyboys in most nightclubs in Olongapo (near Subic Bay) but the most famous is the Nocturnal Club.

The ladyboys usually hang out with girlfriends to have fun and are ready to go with you for some cash. Usually, they are happy with 1.000 – 1.500 Pesos per night.


Ladyboys On Dating Sites

If you would like to have a serious relationship with a ladyboy or just have fun during your holiday, you can meet ladyboys on Pina Love.

There is an option in Pina Love that allows you to search only ladyboys.

It is a handy future because you don’t need to scroll throughout pages separating girls from ladyboys. The system does the job for you.

There so many beautiful Filipino ladyboys that you’ll have a hard time choosing…