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Asian Dating Review

Best Dating Site To Meet “Sideline Girls” In Asia

If you want a young and beautiful Asian girl who isn’t a “pro” (professional hooker), the easiest way is to get a “sideline girl”.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to visit Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, or any other Asian country, sideline girls can be found anywhere in Asia.

First, I’m going to explain what is a sideline girl and then review with explanations how to use it effectively.

After reading this, you’ll have a clear idea about how to get a cute and innocent Asian girl to give you company and romantic nights, even if sex isn’t in your mind.


What Is A Sideline Girl?

It’s an everyday girl who earns extra money on the side from the main occupation…

asian student girl sideliner

Most sideline girls are students who need some extra money to pay tuition or to buy things like a bag or a phone. The classic sideline girl is a university girl busy with her study that offers companionship and more in exchange for money.

Not all sideline girls are students, though. There are also women with a day job that struggle to make ends meet…

sideline girl on

You might think that these girls are prostitutes like bar girls or massage girls, but that isn’t the same thing.

Bar girls and massage girls sleep do it as a full-time profession. Most have bad habits like drinking, smoking, and are prone to STDs. Instead, sideline girls do it occasionally, and often they have a man that supports them with a monthly allowance, so they don’t sleep around that much.


Why Should You Get A Sideline Girl?

If you want to meet girls and have sex in Asia, there are bar girls, escorts, and freelancers ready to service you. But prostitutes don’t offer experiences as only a sideline girl can do.

Bar girls have bad habits and the wrong attitude, not to mention they are rough. Massage girls have sex with several men every day and do it mechanically… While street prostitutes are just desperate and never check-up their health.

The typical sideline girl doesn’t do it full time, she doesn’t hang out in the street, don’t have bad habits like bar girls, she is more “fresh” and even “shy”…


Do you remember when you dates, kissed and had sex with your first girlfriend? That is what a sideline girl offer.


Why AsianDating To Meet Sideline Girls

It’s the easiest way for single guys visiting Asia or expatriate living here to meet sideline girls.

It’s hard to know where to meet sideline girls if you don’t know a local agent (pimp that arranges sideline girls for you).

These girls aren’t openly advertising what they are doing because if their friends or colleagues find out, they get ashamed. By using a dating site like AsianDating, they can meet foreign men without their peers to know about it.

Anyway, AsianDating isn’t only great to find sideline girls but also to get a girlfriend or wife. Girls are looking for a serious relationship as well as girls looking for something more casual. But you are fir the sideline girls, right?


How Much Does It Cost? 

It’s free to sign up and to check it out. You can search for girls in different countries and cities, but if you want to send messages and start having conversations, you need to upgrade the membership.

If you buy the membership every month is 30 usd, which is pretty expensive. It’s best to subscribe for a few months because the price gets discounted heavily. The Platinum membership is 12 usd per month if billed yearly, or you can opt for a gold membership for 10 usd.

For the small difference in price, the Platinum membership offers two great extra futures: you rank above other members (regular and gold members), and you get a VIP badge on your profile…

Asian dating membership

As a result, you get more attention and replays from the girls.

On top of that, you can translate the message into your language directly on AsianDating without copying and paste in Google Translator. Not trivial, but convenient.

And if you think 10 usd per month is a lot to get hook up with several Asian girls, then try to go out in a bar or nightclub and see how much is going to cost you.


How To Use Asian Dating

Upon landing on the AsianDating’s homepage, there is a registration box. You can register by using your Facebook account or simply by email. Add all the info and feel up the profile necessary to help you to find the right matches.

Once you completed your profile, you can start to search for girls in different Asian countries and cities. On top of that, you can target further by age, body type, and other criteria.

Most girls are over-romantic and look for the love of their life (who doesn’t), but in reality, they want to find a decent man and some form of support. And when you support them financially, they won’t make drama or cause trouble.

Your chances of being pursued are higher if your profile as several photos and you become a member. Most men just use one photo and are standard members, so work hard to stand apart.

Keep in mind that this site is only a tool to get in contact with the girls, the actual date is the moment you want to impress her. So, keep the conversations brief.

Good luck — and enjoy the girls.