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get rid off of Asian women

How To Leave An Asian Girl Without Getting Her Upset

The best way to leave an Asian girl at the end of a sexual session without getting her upset is to offer money for the sex. This work well either she is a semi-pro or a genuinely nice girl that happen to be into you.

When you offer money, you are letting her know that the intimate moment was only a natural sexual attraction without feelings of love.

In other words, you don’t see her as a potential partner.

At the same time, the girl when she receives the money will start to look at you in a different way, instead of seeing you as an intimate friend, she will look at you as a sex tourist.

In most Asian countries prostitution is rampant. Asian girls are well aware of what is going on in their country, they know many girls sell themselves as many expatriates buy their services.

That’s why they aren’t going to take it too personally when you offer money, they will think you are a sex tourist and don’t want to have anything to do with you.

The result is that they dump you and never look back.


You Want Her To Leave You

When an Asian girl decides to leave you, she will feel content about her decision. But if you decide to get rid off of her, she is going to make a big deal and definitely going to be an outburst of emotions.

One of the reason is her ago, she feels undervalued and not enough for you, she isn’t worthy of your attention. But if she is leaving you, her ago stay intact while reasoning that you aren’t up to her level.

You are putting her on a position of power, Asian women like any other woman in the world love power.

In our society is assumed that men are seeking power and recognition, but in reality, women have the same hunger. That’s one of the reasons why women try to marry powerful men, instantly they become more powerful women.

So, you want to give away your power to her when it’s time to break out, that way she feels strong and secure. In her mind, she is feeling in power, even though you initiate the event by offering the money.

This is the best way to leave an Asian girl at the end of the session without getting her upset, so you can meet another girl and have fun.


Why Do You Need A New Girl Every Time?

If you have a strong need to move from one girl to the next, you are locked into a vicious cycle without realizing it.

Did you ever notice how happy is a baby when it gets attention and toys? But once you take those things away they start to cry.

Babies start to believe that happiness comes from outside and they try to do things to change circumstances in their favor by crying.

As you grow older, you get addicted to this cycle and crave for things believing they make you happy. Things like more money, a secure job, women, etc.


Most people search for gratification on the outside, instead of searching inside. Getting that next woman makes a man feel good at that moment, but it’s short-lived happiness because in reality he is broken inside.

“I need to get a better woman, fast!” It’s crazy making. And yet oh, so common.

So, how do you break the cycle of having to replace the old with the new in order to be happy?

You start sourcing your sense of safety and worthiness from the inside out, not the outside in by creating the most important intimate relationship of your life: to be with yourself.

When you love yourself unconditionally, you can truly attract a partner that will love you deeply as well. Finally, you’ll find peace with yourself.