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How To Use Asian Dating To Get Laid

Most people think dating sites have only girls interested in marriage or serious relationships. But on AsianDating, you can find plenty of casual sex.

There is a mix of regular girls, semi-pros and working girls. Meaning some girl might ask for a tip while others never ask for a penny. It’s a mixed bag, and a huge one.

Usually, professional girls discuss sex very quickly and even send topless selfies. While everyday girls want to have sex with you but pretend don’t want it.

Let’s be real: nobody got time to waste with girls on dating sites if it doesn’t lead to sex. So, today I’m going to show you in simple steps how to use AsianDating to contact girls and get laid.

1. Register And Create A Profile

Register on AsianDating’s home page. When making your profile, be clear what you are looking for.

For example: “I want to meet only girls in Cambodia”. Unless you want to get bombarded with messages from girls all over Asia.

2. Search For Girls

Use the search to find the girl by age and location…

asian dating site

The site required to add a province before you can add the city. If you don’t know the province of that city, google it. For example, what’s the Phnom Penh province?

3. Contact The Girls

Start with what you are looking for. If they say only serious relationship, just reply: “sorry I’m just here for a holiday and looking for a casual relationship” to which 80% will say they are happy with that.

Take it from there! If the girl wants money, she’ll say it early into the conversation so you know who you are dealing with.

Here the type of ladies you’ll encounter on the site:

• Semi-Pro Girls

The semi-pros are easy to spot on AsianDating. Just look for sexy outfits and poses, lots of cleavage, and spare profiles. The girls with their phone number in the profile are pros.

I blasted out a bunch of introductions with the same line: “Hey, you look cute! I’ve some chocolate gifts and more, are you free to meet up?

Most jumped on the deal, even the “nice” girls. Some of them work in the shopping malls, some in bars and some are students.

Seems like the majority of the female population in Asia is OK with some bedroom action in exchange for some cash and gifts.

• Quality Girls

To avoid semi-pros on AsianDating, I refine my search to the extreme. The result is everyday girls that offer an awesome girlfriend experience and never ask for money.

Asian dating search

I select these options on my search:

  • Do they have children? No.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Employment Status: Full Time or Part Time or Student if her education is High School.
  • Education: High School and up
  • English Language Ability: Some.
  • Relocate: Willing to relocate to another country.

Basically you need to find out that she is a hard worker lady or a college student, not a lazy bums and gold digger!

Not kids because they more likely want financial help, plus she won’t be free to go out that often.

Knowledge of English is important for communication purposes.

Willing to relocate to another country is also important since many gold diggers just want to steal your money and don’t have plans to stay with you because they have a boyfriend already.

4. Line Up A Few Dates Before You Go

Most travelers get busy to book accommodation and flight, and don’t bother to recruit girls. No wonder they end up paying hookers for sex.

You want to contact several girls on AsianDating and make them agree to see you. Chatting with them before the actual date builds up anticipation and excitement. In other words, the intimate experience is better for both of you.

I always have back up appointments in case one girl doesn’t show up or she doesn’t look like in the picture.

This all that you need to know and do to get laid on AsianDating… Have fun!