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Swag Live girls online Asia

Swag Live Review

Adult Social Media Platform In Asia

SWAG Live is a Taiwan-based online social platform that helps horny Asian girls to show off their naughty skills online.

And it also lets you interact with the girls, request personalize videos and even hook up.

Swag Live has become the undisputed market leader in the Asian adult streaming market, and it’s expanding worldwide.

Swag in Taiwanese means “someone’s cool”, and probably that’s why the girls love to show their awesome assets.


This Platform Is All About Interaction

Swag Live is like an Instagram-style porn site that let everyday girls create and distribute content ranging from long-form video content to live video feeds and more.

Yet, the best part is that you can interact with the girls by sending messages and request personalized videos done only for you.

In other words, it is more than a porn site, it’s a social media platform where you can interact directly with the models. Unlike most adult sites today, SWAG live focuses on streamer interaction.

And with around 600 new models join the site each month on average, hardly you won’t find what you’re looking for.


Can You Have Sex With A SWAG Streamer?

Some SWAG Live users might wonder about the service’s legality in certain parts of Asia. As an adult network placing emphasis on closeness to the streamer, it’s no wonder that some fans are trying to get it on with the girls on there.

First of all, some legalities. Although SWAG streamers interact with their audience in different ways, it isn’t considered “paying for sexual services”.

Hence, it does not fall under prostitution.

The way streamers avoid this is by giving their most dedicated fans explicit “one-on-one chats.” This practice helps them avoid any legal gray-zones.

With that being said, it’s actually perfectly possible to get laid with a SWAG streamer.

Usually, the best way to do this is by paying enough diamonds to get into a one-on-one chat with the streamer. Then, you can ask to hook up.

Every girl on the site knows what a real-life meeting means.

Now, there are some intricacies to conducting these meetings that you should be aware of.

Most girls will ask you to either pay them in diamonds, gifts, or MITH (a cryptocurrency.) Girls that want to be paid in cash are few and far in between.

Oftentimes, they’ll offer sex after having a meal together because is more intimate and the encounter cannot be legally deemed as prostitution.


The Good

  • A massive user base of naughty streamers.
  • New videos rolling in every day for all types of fetish.
  • It is one of the leading providers of adult content on the whole Asian continent
  • Lately, many Western girls have begun hopping onto the site. While the streamers are still predominantly Asian(and of those, most are Taiwanese,) there’s an ever-increasing Western presence.
  • Most popular streamers will provide you with hours of quality adult content throughout different kinds of media.
  • The site has a sleek and intuitive interface, even in places that aren’t translated, it’s usually easy to figure out what to do.
  • Making an account is simple and can be done in less than 5 minutes.
  • The site has endured for 4 years already, ensuring that you can trust it not to go under quickly and make you lose your money.
  • There’s a lot of content you can look at for free before you decide to make a purchase


The Bad

  • Using SWAG will cost you, and while you can monitor your spending, the models will do their best to get your money off of you.
  • There’s a lot of hoops to jump through if you want to have sex with one of the streamers.
  • The site can be a bit difficult to use as there’s a severe lack of online guides for it
  • Some of the pages on the site aren’t translated to English, so you’ll have to rely on Google Translate
  • A wide majority of the girls on the site are Taiwanese, which can be a downside in case you’re looking for something else.


How To Start On SWAG

First things first, you’ll need to make a SWAG Live account, thankfully, this is a very simple process.

When you first access SWAG Live, you’ll be asked to provide an email and a password. Once you’ve done this, the website will send you a six-digit code to confirm your email and continue the verification process.

Once you’ve put in your pin code or clicked the “click to verify” button in your email, you’ll need to pick a username, as well as enter your date of birth and gender preference.

Now, most of the streamers on the site have some free content available. These will usually be in the form of short-form videos and pictures. This is where you should be going to check if a streamer’s hot and charismatic enough for you to spend your money on her.

For anything past that, you’ll need to have diamonds on the site. Diamonds are SWAG live’s premium currency and are used to access most of the site’s functions like chatting with models, purchasing longer, more high-quality video content, and in some cases even having sex.

The pricing for diamonds is $50 per 24,999 diamonds. Although you can mitigate this somewhat by using the premium currency MITH which, at current rates, will only cost you $37.5. With that being said, if you want to pay in cryptocurrency, you’ll have to contact the site’s customer support in order to do so.

The accepted currencies are US Dollars(USD), Euro(EUR), Pound Sterling(NT), and of course, the New Taiwan Dollar(NT).

The site has a variety of categories like “Everyone’s ogling”, “All star flix”, “New flix” and “Top flix”. Flixes are SWAG’s way of presenting short-form pornstar-quality videos. On the top left corner of your screen, you’ll be able to find the “free zone” where you can take a look at hundreds of hours of content filmed by SWAG streamers.

Their search function allows you to look for specific models, as well as sort them by country if you’re feeling it for a specific nationality.


The Final Verdict

SWAG Live is an excellent entry into the online premium streaming market.

Although it isn’t designed as a hookup or dating platform specifically, it is pretty common to meet the girls for sex. But it’s mostly used as a way to get a personal sexual connection from home.

The prices on the site are quite affordable, and it’s extremely popular in Asia and expanding around the world.

Its biggest downside is that when new sections of the site are rolled out, they can remain untranslated for a couple of days. Unless you understand Chinese, you have to be patient.

But if that’s something that doesn’t bother you, this might be just the site for you.

The site looks great and will try its best to make your user experience a breeze.