Cambodian escort girl for sex

How To Rent An Escort Girl In Cambodia

It’s surprising there aren’t any online escort agencies in Cambodia. Fortunately, it isn’t hard to find independent escort girls if you know where to look for them.

By escorts, I mean girls that offer companionship, friendship with benefits, a girlfriend experience, and much more.

And not necessarily must be a working girl like the one you find in bars and streets. There are plenty of civilian girls with regular jobs and students interested to be your personal escort for a few days.

For that matter, civilian girls are much cheaper than working girls, and if sex isn’t the only thing in your mind, they offer better escorts services.

Their shy and modest nature is ideal if you are looking for a holiday girlfriend for one week or two.

Why Do You Want A Cambodian Escort?

Perhaps you want a young and horny girl for long nights of intense sex… Or maybe a female travel companion to tour around Cambodia… Or simply a friend with benefits so you don’t feel lonely.

Whatever your main purpose is, you can get a girl for companionship, friendship and sex when you know where to look for it.

Unfortunately, the majority of travelers end up with the wrong lady who is usually a bar girl. As a result, they go back home with broken feelings and an empty wallet.

You can easily avoid the same fate by following my simple steps when recruiting an escort girl in Cambodia. For the most part, it’s common sense.

For example, avoid girls that ask for money early in the conversation… And don’t be like most travelers, that get busy to book the flight but never bother to contact girls ahead of their trip.


Who Are The Escorts In Cambodia?

The majority of men think only working girls offer escort services like companionship and sex. That might be somehow true in developed countries, but Cambodia is a totally different reality.

Most girls you see working regular jobs like waitresses, receptionists, nurses are potential girls for hire. In a country where the basic salary is about 150 US$ per month, it’s very hard to make ends meet.

When you approach most Cambodian girls in the right way, you can easily convince them to be your escort for a few days or a girlfriend with benefits for the long term.

Having said that, don’t think to walkup any Cambodian girl and offer some money. That’s an insult to any decent lady. There are steps to follow, and that’s exactly what I explain here.


Where To Find Cambodia Escorts?

It all depended if you want just sex with an escort for only a few hours or you need a personal escort for a few days or weeks.


Hourly Escorts

For some chat, a few drinks and a fuck there is no better place than the red light districts in Cambodia…

Every tourist destination has a few girlie bars clustered together with sexy girls available for rent by the hour. They provide companionship in the bar and sex at your place for less than 2 hours.

The standard rate for sex with an escort bar girl is about 40 US$. Some escort asks for less because less attractive or older, but young and hot girls won’t reduce their rates.

Some men do the mistake to rent an escort bar girl for several days or weeks. Not only they are more expensive than renting a civilian girl, but bar girls are a pain in the ass to deal with. They will try to extort more money when the occasion presents itself.

For example, you pay the restaurant’s bill and she’ll ask for the change back. It’s pretty annoying to have an escort for companionship with a bar’s attitude.


Daily/Weekly Escorts

Rent a Cambodian escort by the hour is all about sexual attraction. But rent a girl for a few days or weeks should be there some genuine affection between the two.

It takes some conversations to know each other, learns about common interests and sees if there is a connection.

You can’t just walk up to a Cambodian girl, make a deal and expect her to give you a girlfriend experience. They are humans, not machines.

A good place to contact girl is a dating site. There are plenty of ladies interested in foreign men.

Before your trip send out a bunch of messages and ask if they are interested to meet you. Stay away from girls that ask for money.

There are plenty of quality Cambodian girls that you shouldn’t waste time with gold diggers.


Steps To Recruit An Escort For A Girlfriend Experience

Cambodian escort in Siem Reap

When you have a plan, it’s much easier to achieve your goals. Here the steps to find an escort girl in Cambodia.


Step #1: Pick The Right Escort Girls

Don’t even think for a moment to visit the red light areas in Cambodia to recruit an escort girl for a girlfriend experience. Working girls are gold diggers.

You want to find a civilian girl between 20-25 years if you like to party and the nightlife in general. if you value more companionship, friendship and a woman that know how to treat a gentleman, opt for women in their 30s-40s instead.

Take some time to know her interests and lifestyle, it helps to have a better time together.


Step #2: Connect Online

Don’t arrive in Cambodian unprepared, connect with civilian girls online.

Most men think that dating sites are only for serious relationships, but in Cambodia, they are the best tool to find an escort girl.

There are plenty of girls willing to tour you around, be your holiday girlfriend and offer intimate moments.

Send out a few messages straight to the point: “Hi, my name is Rocco and your profile is caught my interest. Are you interested to meet up?”

Once the girls show interest in you, it’s only a matter to carry on the conversation to see who fits you best.


Step #3: Select A Few Girls

Have at least five girls on your list. The reason is plans sometimes change… Or a girl can’t meet you anymore… Or the girl in real life isn’t like you expected.

Having ladies in standby let you switch girl if needed. It’s like travel insurance that protects you from unforeseen events.


How Much Cost A Cambodian Escort

You can rent a bar girl in Cambodia for a few days or weeks for 20-30 US$ per day. And if you think that is cheap, civilian girls don’t expect any money. They are happy to be treated with nice meals, some entertainment, and gifts.

As said earlier, if you are after only sex, 20 US$ per two hours of pleasure is pretty standard. You can find Cambodian girls for sex in the red light areas, nightclubs and streets..

Don’t expect much in the beauty department when after only cheap sex with Cambodian girls. They are the lowest ladder of society. Hot girls know their worth so they don’t hang around in streets, bars or clubs.

For long arrangements, I covered already the rates for a holiday girlfriend in Cambodia. A holiday girlfriend offers all the escort services plus the relationship aspect but without drama and nagging.

In conclusion, get a Cambodian escort girl for a short time or long arrangement is easy if you follow the steps written in this guide. Remember bar girls are only for sex, not for a girlfriend experience.

Have fun!