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How To Find A Sugar Baby In Cambodia

It’s pretty easy to find a sugar baby in Cambodia if you have the money to support her.

Just to be clear, a sugar baby is a girl that receives material or financial benefits in exchange for company and intimacy. It’s a kind of friend with benefits, rent girlfriend, or whatever you want to call it.

The majority of Cambodian sugar babies are students who need support to complete their studies. But there are also women who do it as a lifestyle choice, basically a professional sugar baby.

Anyway, what makes sugar babies so attractive besides their young age and beauty is their ability to hold intelligent conversations.

In a country where education is a luxury rather than a common benefit, it’s hard to find an educated Cambodian girl that can speak English and can converse with you.

For example, you can find a Cambodian girlfriend on a dating site pretty easily, but hardly she’ll speaks any English and relate to you on a social level.

As a result, even if you have a much younger and more beautiful girl beside you, you’ll feel bored pretty soon after the novelty wears off.

Instead, a sugar baby not only offers her youth but also understanding and interesting conversations.

In this article, I’m going to tell you where to find a Cambodian sugar baby with relative costs. That way you can create a budget and immediately connect with a Cambodian girl to negotiate the details of the arrangement.


How Much Cambodian Sugar Babies Cost?

There are different factors to take into consideration when asses the price for a Cambodian sugar baby, but the least is her look and age.

Most men think that younger or gorgeous women should cost more simply because they are in high demand while the supply is limited.

This might apply in economics, but in arrangements, it doesn’t work that way. In fact, younger girls cost less than mature women in most cases simply because they are naive and inexperienced.

For example, a Cambodian university girl costs about 150-600 US$ per month in allowance whereas an older bar girl wants 500+ US$ per month.

Cambodian sugar babies

On the left side a Cambodian bar girl. On the right a Cambodian university girl.

A bar girl is an experienced trader and she has a wider exposure to foreign men by working in areas where tourists hang out.

On the other hand, the typical Cambodian student is busy with her studies and mingling with her peers. So she gets less exposure to foreign men and unreasonable demands.

That translates into a higher tag price for the bar girl even if she offers much less than a student.

In conclusion, it’s about knowing how to get in contact with the right girls if you want to get a quality sugar baby for less.


Where To Find Sugar Babies In Cambodia

There are two types of sugar babies: educated and uneducated one.

For example, if you’re looking for a girl for intimacy rather than intellectual needs, then approach girls working in shops.

On the other end, if you want a girlfriend with benefits capable to hold interesting conversations besides intimacy and friendship, use an arrangement site as explained below.


Uneducated Girls

If you want a sugar baby and you don’t mind about her low education level, you can talk to girls working in restaurants, shops, and hotels.

Download a translator on your phone, visit the shop where they work several times and become a friend.

Then give a few gifts so they get used to the idea to receive things from you. At last, propose a deal.

Take the time to let the girl feel accustomed to being around you and build that trust that is a keystone to an arrangement.

Most men do the mistake to talk about finances too early or try too hard to make the girl quit her job. They wrongly assume those women are disparate.

As a result, their offers get turned down

So, if you want to succeed on find a sugar baby in Cambodia, get to know her first and ask to date after a few visits.

Once a Cambodian girl accepts to date, it means she is open to the idea to get into a relationship with you.


Educated Girls

Smart and intelligent Cambodian girls don’t work low paid jobs and don’t hang out on dating sites. And that is a good thing if you don’t have the time for romantic talks and dates.

On top of that, they know how to make a man happy…

cambodian sugar baby online

Educated sugar babies understand the needs of a successful man. He wants companionship, intimacy and friendship but without the drama and problems that come with a regular relationship.

This means you get all the benefits of a relationship like intimacy and companionship but without the usual downsides like jealousy and unreasonable demands.

And because the arrangement is clear from the start of the relationship, she’ll accept your terms and expectations.

For example, if you would like to see other girls sometime, she won’t make trouble cause she knows that you can end the relationship anytime and she’ll lose her benefits.

The best way to find an educated sugar baby in Cambodia is to use an arrangement site.

Create a profile (no need for a profile photo), and contact the girls to explain what you’re looking for. Go straight to the point, it saves everyone time.


Worst & Best Girls To Support

The best and cheapest Cambodian girls to support are definitely university girls and women working in shops.

But if you can choose, go for a university girl…

cambodian university girl

Not only university girls can hold intelligent conversations but their main focus is to study and have fun. Not much else.

Instead, girls with a day job who are uneducated might enjoy getting the benefits of a sugar baby/daddy relationship at first, but soon they might want to settle down for good.

As a consequence, they’ll start to pressure you to change the type of relationship by misbehaving. Meaning you lose all the benefits of the mutually beneficial arrangement.

That’s what you get when you deal with uneducated girls. They don’t understand the meaning of “arrangement or contract”.

The worst Cambodian girls to support are bar girls. Not only do they have undesirable bad habits like alcohol and drugs, but their main treats are cheating and lying.

Unless you want to harm yourself financially and emotionally, stay away from working girls in Cambodia.

In conclusion, bar girls aren’t suitable for sugar baby duties, whereas university girls are your best option.