3 Simple Ways To Meet Women In Manila For Senior Men

When I just started traveling, I was amazed by how different cultures are around the world.

What struck me most was the way older men are perceived in Asia when compared to the West. In a country like the Philippines, guys aged 50+ are leaders.

They’re authority figures, have power and respect, can attract hot and young girls.

That might sound crazy, but it’s how it is. Period.

Obviously, that’s not how things are in the West. Western women don’t like to date older guys. 🙁

Senior men are ignored, mocked and labeled creepy by young girls.

That is sad, and it makes plenty of men give up on love altogether.

And that’s true in the West, the game really is over when you’re in your 50s in Europe, North America or N.Z./Australia. Besides the few lucky millionaires, of course.

But in Manilla, where women put foreign men on a pedestal… Where older guys have power, respect and status… Where so many young co-eds and 20-something office girls dream of a protective, older boyfriend who can teach and show them things…


An older dude in Manila is the man…and you’re going to have the upper hand.

But why Manila?

Well, Manila is the capital of the Philippines and a multicultural center. In Manila, you can meet any girls of any age without being labeled a “dirty old man”.

So, if you’re 50+ and looking for a romance story with a love caring Filipina, you get it in Manila, no one will bother you and your young new girlfriend… Or you might want to have porn-star sex experience with women that look like models.

There’s no better place than Manila – because the girls here will love making you feel like a desirable young stud again while satisfying any of your desires.

That might sound bizarre, and you may even think: “sure, they’ll do all that, but they’re just in it for the money”.

But let me tell you, man to man, that after reading this article, you’ll know where to meet Manila women who either want to date seriously or want to experience quality sex with an older man who knows what he’s doing.

So, if you want to have a great time in Manila and to meet Filipinas who aren’t into only your money, then I hope you’re ready to party.

Let’s dive into the first way to meet Manila women…


1. Approaching Manila Women During the Day

Filipinos are known for their hospitality. This is doubly true in Manila, where locals are always excited to meet tourists visiting their city.

As a result, approaching women as a senior man during the day is easy – and many of them are actively open to meet a decent man.

All you need to do is head to a central shopping mall, pedestrian area or coffee shop – and just say “hello” to start a talk. From there develop it in any direction by keeping the conversation simple, funny and entertaining…

Don’t overthink, ok?

This isn’t America, where women will bash you for trying to talk to them.

The absolute worst thing you might hear is “I’m married, sorry”. You will never get any rudeness or attitude from a Manila woman, and that’s why I love Filipino girls!

That’s literally it!

And don’t forget to ask for her phone number or have a coffee together, right away. I prefer to date on the spot, I find that way works best for me.

But if it’s hard for you to keep up the stamina for a “coffee conversation”, just take it easy and ask for the phone number. Cool?

Aside from having more energy during the day, you can also evaluate better the aesthetic of the girls.

You know, I struggle to determine the girl body and face at night, they all seem hot and sexy, but I’ve experienced some bad surprise once in my room.

One word of caution – while talking to a girl, make sure to ask if she has kids.

In the Philippines, girls don’t take much care of their body during pregnancy resulting in pregnancy marks.

If you ask me, it’s a real turn off.

The mistake I did in the past was to be too shy asking the question in the first hour of conversation. The result?

Investing my time and energy dating women not appealing to me once learned the body imperfections.

Bottom line: Don’t feel ashamed to ask if she has kids.


2. Meeting Women At Night

Ok, the night can be good or bad depending on what type of Manila women you’re hunting down.

So let’s start with the good things first, should we?

The great thing about going out to meet Manila women at night is the sheer quantity of stunning women out in the late hours.

There’s a lot of beauty in this city – and the red light districts and clubs are vibrant, with regular sidewalks turning into fashion shows when the sun goes down.

Can you tell if is she a good woman or a hooker? It isn’t going to be easy at night in Manila…

The downside is that sometimes, it can be hard to tell whether a girl is working or genuinely into you.

As an older foreign man, you’re a hot catch for everyone: bar girls, hookers, honest women out for some fun… So you need to be very direct about women’s intentions to avoid disappointment.

I don’t know about you, but for me, Manila girls at night look all sexy thanks to “smart” dresses and push-up bra.

I had so many bitter encounters after taking off clothes, that I gave up going out hunting at night altogether.

But if you like the risk and suspense, Manila has one of the best nightlife in Asia.

Fortunately, method 3 makes it easy to meet the exact kind of woman you want, and filter out everyone else…


3. Meeting Women Online

This is my favorite way to meet women in Manila for several reasons:

1. First, it mainly filters out working girls, who rarely dress appropriately on their profiles. I don’t have anything against paying for sex, mind you – but it helps to be 100% clear about the intentions of whomever I’m talking to.

2. Second, you can simultaneously talk to dozens of women online. This means you always have options without even having to go outside.

You can invite any of your multiple dates to your hotel – and if you got to know them prior, they’ll be there.

3. Third, the girls you meet online in Manila tend to be classy. They’re mainly office professionals and hot young university girls from middle-class and rich families.

A lot of them want to experiment with a foreigner – and get at least one taste of caucasian cock while they’re young.

And the absolute best thing about going online is that it’s damn efficient!

Imagine don’t have to worry anymore about getting rejected in public… or scouting the street like a dog searching for food… or incurring in women that looked so hot in the club, but looks like an old woman back at your hotel.

And if you’re thinking “I’m too old” or “I’m too fat” or “nobody wants me”, guess what?

I know you don’t believe that bullshit in your heart of hearts. These are just excuses you’ve learned to make for yourself…But man to man, it’s time to stop with the excuses.

You still have a chance to have a happy personal life with a woman that’s excited about life, about you and about the time you give her.

You still deserve to be with a hot young thing that could make a geriatric feel like a young bull. You don’t have to put an X on your sex life.

In conclusion, Manila women want to meet mature and established men – you only need a minimal effort to start your dating adventure.

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