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Five Asian Girl Personality Every Serious Player Needs to Know

5 Types Of Asian Girl Every Serious Player Needs to Know

Do you want to play with Asian girls, but have no idea where to start? You think that Asian girls are either “good” girls or hooker. It’s plain vanilla.

I was in the same situation years ago. I thought Asian girls type be either sweet and innocent or money-oriented and manipulative – no middle ground.

I was wrong!

And because my perception was wrong, I got my share of disappointments dating Asian girls. I even got conned by the sweetest girl in the world!


Now I’m going to tell you.

In 2008, I met a beautiful and cheerful young Thai girl in a Bangkok club. She was so charming that I fell in love with her. I gave her money to study (what she made me believed the money was for).

It turns out that the money was for her Thai boyfriend. I feel embarrassed to admit this, but she scammed me.

This was the day I realized there’s no black and white in Asia.

I dated hundreds of girls from different Asian countries and learned how to play Asian girls around their different type of personality.

So in this article, I’m going to break down the different types of Asian girls every traveling player needs to know before visiting Asia.

It will help you to score more, get scammed less and most importantly, to approach the “right type” of girls for you.


The Hi-So Darling

Generally speaking, Asian countries are poorer than Western ones.

However, every Asian country – from China to Thailand – has an upper class of Westernized, high-society families.

Daughters born into these families aren’t interested in most local men, who’re mostly low-class and simple.

Instead, they want wealthy Asian or worldly Western men who know how to appreciate classy women and intelligent conversations.

What I like about these girls is that they’re from rich families, which means 3 things:

  • First, they tend to be educated and make their own money.
  • Second, they don’t have to work hard – so they focus on working out, looking sexy and having fun. Yum!
  • Third, those chicks are Westernized and liberal.

You can expect freaky sex, open-hearted conversations and a worldview that matches yours – especially if you’re young.

The danger with these women is that many of them also belong to the second category, which isn’t something every man wants.


The Nympho

South-East Asia is paternalistic and conservative.

Good girls are expected to stay virgins until marriage – especially in the Christian Philippines and some parts of Muslim Indonesia.

This means a young lady can’t go around having sex with whomever unless she wants a bad reputation.

So, what do horny young singles do?

They find a Western man that nobody in her area knows – and who can’t speak her language. Then they fuck, suck and explore their fantasies with this guy.

If you love to get sexually abused by a nympho, your best bet is to sign up with this site.

Look for girls in their early 20s who don’t speak English and dress conservatively. Keep in mind they are intimidated by you, so be gentle while don’t rush to conclusions.

Wondering how to speak their language?

Good question. Use the dating site translation service for a monthly fee.

Hi-So Darling Asian Girls

Look, nymphos are fun – but don’t fall in love with them!


They tend to be young, emotionally immature and manipulative, which doesn’t make for great relationships.

P.S; Be especially careful if you meet a nympho chick with high-society parents.

If they’re local bureaucrats, businessmen or criminals, you could get into serious trouble – especially if you mistreat the girl.

Instead, who you want for a relationship is…


The Romantic

The romantic girl dream of Western men because we’re exotic, well-endowed and rich (by their standards).

Are you looking for a serious relationship?

If you do, these chicks are stereotypical “good girls.” They want to start families, make their man happy and improve their life.

Romantic asian girl

But be careful not to break their hearts, because they’re emotional and sensitive.

At the same time, don’t allow yourself to feel manipulated by things like tears and heartfelt e-mails.

My general policy is to avoid Romantic types unless you want a serious relationship.

Many girls want to have fun (see pt. 1) or getting laid (see pt. 2) that there’s no reason to get romantic unless you want a serious relationship.

When you do date one of these ladies, though, expect to wake up to morning head, a well-cooked breakfast and an upbeat conversation.

Highly recommended as marriage material!

asian girls for marriage material

Just make sure you don’t mix this type with the next one!


Village Girls

Every town and village have a number of young, attractive, single women.

Because these chicks are unlikely to find anyone worth their time in their area, they’re always on the lookout for Western men who are more likely to have money, class, and a large cock.

Asian village girls

The upside to these girls is that they’re very interested in meeting YOU.

The smaller their town, the fewer foreigners they see – and the more exotic and attractive you are to them.

The downside to these girls is that their feelings are liable to change.

They may act romantic in the beginning, but interested in you only for money so they can care for their parents.

As per my story earlier, don’t make the mistake of thinking every local chick you meet is romantic.

The second problem with Local Girls is that they tend to be low-class.

They may look like princesses, but many of them never finish school or learn much about the world.

They’re fun to play with – but you’ll usually find yourself getting bored in the long-run.

This brings us to Type 5: the type of girl you want to meet only if no other options are available…


The Bar Girls

Most Bar girls are past sex and relationships.

When they see you, they’re only thinking of money – or the benefits of being around a foreigner.

For example, getting into upscale clubs or having a safe stream of money to care about their family. Some players are professional: bar girls, prostitutes, and working girls.

Others are gold-diggers who are merely looking for a rich man to take care of them.

Asian prostitute and bar girls

Either way, girls like these don’t want you for you; they want your cash.

Don’t hesitate to bang a good looking bar girl as a business transaction. But if you’re looking for real love or passion, you should avoid a bar girl.

Here are some ways to know this type of girls:

  • They ask you for money or gifts.
  • They always have some heart-rending situation they need your help with.
  • They never so much as offer to pay for themselves.
  • They ask questions about your job, financial situation, etc.
  • They’re unnaturally nice to you.

If one or more of these things are happening, don’t assume this extremely hot woman you like is just “serious-minded” or “career-oriented”.

99% of the time, she’s a player – and unless you like getting played, get what you want from her and leave — end of the story.

NOW… Tha you know the different types of Asian girls, you should have a clearer idea who spend your holiday with.

Have FUN!