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How To Create The Ultimate Online Profile To Attract MORE Asian Girls

You can learn to write a dating profile that attracts women yourself, but why do that when you can learn from dating profile mistakes of other men?

It’s not a secret that a well-written profile with a catchy photo is going to give you an edge in attracting the “right girls” online.

Your online dating profile will either make (or break) you when it comes to having success using online dating.

If you are new around here, my name is Rocco. Dating sites”are my to go” place to meet Asian girls.

Let me show you the good reasons to use online dating to meet local girls:

  • Asian girls feel embarrassed to be approached in public.
  • Quality girls (University students or office girls) don’t have the time to socialize outside their work/school environment.
  • Asians love the internet and meet new friends online. It’s normal to look for a boyfriend online.
  • Reduce the language and culture barrier between you and them.
  • It’s FUN!

Would you love to get the hottest girls to crave to talk to you?

If yes, in this post I’m going to show you step by step how to write an online dating profile that attracts Asian women to you.

NOTE: I’m using Thai Friendly for the purpose to illustrate how to set up a rock-solid profile. However, you can use any Asian dating sites.

Create A Rock Solid Profile To Get Noticed

This is the most important step in all the process because a rock-solid personal profile will get you noticed by hundreds of attractive Asian women.

One of the benefits to having an excellent profile is once is done, it’ll work hard for you in getting the girls to chase you.


Tips and hint sexy girls

NOTE: It’s tempting not to fill out the profile and look for some cuties in the database instead. Without a complete and well-done profile, all your efforts to meet local women will be a waste of time. Don’t be like the other 95% members. BE DIFFERENT!


First, make sure to use your personal email and the same password for multiple online dating sites. It’s happened to me in the past to forget the password, and it’s ANNOYING.


Upload The Right Profile Pictures

The most important part of your profile are the pictures. Pictures have a tremendous impact on attracting the top girls.

You don’t need to be tall, handsome or fit. Actually, Asian women dislike “gym type” men.

So, what Asian women consider cute and attractive? This might surprise you.

1 – White Skin

2 – Big Noise

3 – Clean and Shaved

4 – Well Dressed

5 – Friendly and Social


Don’t. Asian girls are very different from Western women. This is the reason why you need an open mind and learns to look at things from a new angle.

Upload at least 3 of the 4 recommended pictures that clearly showcase each of the five points.


Tips and hint sexy girls

NOTE: Dating women online is like dating in real life. Would you date someone in a dark room where you can’t see her face and body? Please, do me a favor, take five minutes to organize your best photos with my tips below, and you’ll be amazed by the girl’s response.



The first picture will be your face taken with a certain light to increase the whiteness of your skin. Take a few snapshots till you get the whitest tone.

Make sure to shave and look clean. This will be your main profile picture. Why?

Because Asian people are obsessed with white skin and big noises. Just watch any Asian TV program or ads and you’ll notice the actors be white as snow.


Look at the pictures above and select the one suit you the most. Here my feedback:

@ Picture N.1; Excellent portrait picture for an older man.

Asian women love old men because they are considered wise and make them feel safe and secure – both emotionally and financially.

This is a reaction to young Asian boys who are unable to provide emotional and stability since many are under-employed and tend to depend on their parents even when they are already married or have lovers on the side.

@ Picture N.2; The guy looks handsome and confident, that attracts women. However, the unshaved face is considered “dirty”. A smile would improve his chances.

@ Picture N.3; The perfect portrait in my opinion. Well shaved, a soft smile showing confidence and showcasing his big noise with a 45-degree photographic angle.

@ Picture N.4; If you are young, this type of picture will make you look “cute”. Asians love cute guys but not for a long-term relationship, but for a side affair or one night stand.



The second picture will be taken at a 45 angle to show the size of your nose. The bigger… the better.

Don’t be shy about it. Picture N.3 is a perfect example of angle shoot highlighting the nose.



The third picture will have you dressed “smart,” like when you are going to work or out for dinner. Avoid to show yourself in home attire which looks too sleazy.

Remember, the background is important too, maybe take a picture in the main street of your town with shops in the background.



The fourth picture will be taken in a social environment such a dinner with friends, a night out or a social gathering. Impression matters in Asia. You want to be a social person, no some creepy guy from a far away land.



The picture section is over. With these simple tips, girls will not resist clicking your photo. Once the girls click your photo, your profile description is going to hook them up reading more about you.

In the next section, I’m going to explain to you how to prepare a profile that attracts the right girls to you.


Profile Description; What You Say Is What You are

Most men write too much about them-self passing as a self-centric person. Women will label you like a man that thinks only about himself, and it isn’t a good thing.

So avoid any self-centered statement. Instead, write about yourself briefly and write a lot about what you are looking for, what your plans are and why not, what you can offer to the right girl.

Mention some benefits that she gets when dating you. I call it “bribe.”

In my profile description, I mention that I would love to go out for dinner, watch a movie or go for a romantic city walk with someone outgoing and excited about life.

This set a positive tone, portraying me as an outgoing individual open to a relationship and offering quality time together.

The second chance to separate yourself from the crowd is by writing more than one sentence. I mean, the usual; “I look for love, I’m an honest man just lonely that need a soulmate” isn’t going to get you a date.

Other famous or should I say infamous headlines read something like this: “Broken Hearth”, “Searching for a girl”, “Are you the one?”, “Gentleman”… on the other hand there are the profiles “Just want to have fun”, “Cam chat now”, etc.

Now ask yourself what a headline would make you interested.

My hack system is to check out Facebook for sentences that make women “click.”

I notice that questions are highly engaging, so write something like:

  • “Should I go to Manila?”
  • “Where is best; Manila or Cebu?”

In the description, state your intentions by explaining what you’re looking for. For me is to make new friends as soon I’m relocating to the Philippines.

Be creative and avoid disturbing or annoying headlines.


Match; Shoot At The Right Birds

Focus on the right type of girls is going to save you time and disappointments. Think about what type of woman most luckily will satisfy your desires and suit you best.

Do you want a young, attractive girl in her 20s? I assume you are ready to party 2-3 times per week in a noisy nightclub then. Don’t expect she is going to be happy spending hours dining in a fine dining restaurant.

Do you want to meet a girl who you can spend long hours talking while having a nice meal? Shoot for a girl between 30-45 with a career,

Align your expectation with hers before start searching the perfect Asian girl for you.

Young Filipino woman in beach costume

She is my perfect match; 22 years old, open minded and know how to make me horny! What’s yours?


I tried to help some friends to get a wife, but their criteria didn’t align with reality.

Most men want a young girl. I understand, a young looking girl is a great prize to have, especially for senior men tired of banging that old wife (or ex-wife). But please, before rushing by instinct, ask yourself; “That pretty face is capable of taking care of me considering she can’t take care of herself?”

Usually, young girls are undisciplined, don’t want to cook or clean the house because they prefer to go out shopping and playing with the phone. There are PRO & CONS to have a young or older woman, I hope this make you think a bit more about your perfect match, it’s important.


Hobbies & Interest; What Do You’ve In Common?

I didn’t find this part so useful because I notice Filipino women don’t have much of interest and hobbies as Western people. I just mark some of my hobbies, but it isn’t going to matter much forward your success in meeting your perfect match.

Just mark some of your interests and move on to the next task.


Your Rock Personality!
She Wants To Know More About YOU

This part is skipped by most men active on any dating site because they think no one is going to care about their personality, plus is boring to answer the few simple questions.

A man would never bother to check out this section when searching for a woman.

A man typically takes a decision to contact a female member by the look of the girl, so the women photos are the magnet. Physical attraction is where men focus on, full stop.

Although a woman can feel attracted to a man’s physical appearance, the most intense types of attraction that a woman can feel are based on what you say and do when interacting with her.

And your personality profile should speak out loud about yourself.

Let your personality shine. Express yourself in your words to give other users a better understanding of who you are.

Below is a copy of my “personality”, hopefully, it’ll help with yours.


~ What is your favorite movie?

I love “Titanic” because is so romantic and I would love to find true love as Leonardo Di Caprio did.

~ What is your favorite book?

The Dream Vacation, I wrote it, LOL.

~ What sort of food do you like?

Food is my true passion. I like Indian and Italian food at most, but I’ve found wonderful dishes around the world.

~ What sort of music do you like?

Light rock; Red Hot Chill Peppers and Linking Park are my heroes.

~ What are your hobbies and interests?

I love to travel the world and learn about new cultures. I regularly swim almost every morning to keep healthy.

~ How would you describe your dress sense and physical appearance?

I’m a smart but casual guy. I don’t dress to impress, but to feel comfortable yet look good.

~ How would you describe your sense of humor?

I’m always up for a laugh. I think it makes this world a better place.

~ How would you describe your personality?

Outgoing and open minded to new experiences. Easy going is my natural personality.

~ Where have you traveled or would like to travel to?

I’ve traveled to 25 countries and LOVE it. I want to take you with me.

~ How adaptive are you to having a partner from a different culture to your own?

It’s a challenge, and I’m aware, but with true love, it’ll work.

~ How would you spend a perfect romantic weekend?

By the beach at night under a full moon. Set up a small picknick, while sharing the food and our love.

~ What sort of person would be your perfect match?

An outgoing and easy going who enjoys life and can love.

There isn’t the “right” formula to fill in your personality form.

I would suggest to be yourself and express your intentions openly, don’t try to be someone you aren’t because will mislead the women reading your profile.




Enjoy your time online and I wish all the best of luck. If you follow my steps and tips, you’ll be a Rock Star in no time.

By planning and putting in some effort on building a relationship with the girls before your trip is the smartest move.

I’ve dated many girls online, pick up hundreds of girls on the street, bang girls in the red light districts, but the best way is always online dating.