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Best Indonesian Dating App For Foreigners

If you are wondering what is the best dating app in Indonesia, you’ll find the answer in this Indonesian dating apps guide.

Not only I’m going to review the most popular dating apps in Indonesia, but I’ll show you how to use them effectively to land more dates and hookups. 

Statistically speaking, you have higher rates of success with girls from big cities like Jakarta… And Christian or Hindu areas like Bali where women are more open to meet foreigners.

In those areas, Indonesian girls like being with foreigners so much that even common man have chances to date a model’s type of woman…

best indonesian dating app to meet girls

Imagine yourself walking around with a beautiful, young and charming Indonesian woman… How does it feel?

It’s common for Indonesian women to resort to the internet to find their foreign partner because it’s more effective then nightclubs and bars.

First, I’m going to review the best dating apps in Indonesia, then how to set up your profile to land more attention from the girls.

Indonesia Cupid

Indonesian Cupid is the most popular app in Indonesia with millions of users. It’s virtually impossible don’t find the right match as the choice of girls is huge.

Most women on Indonesian Cupid are interested in a serious relationship, but there are also working girls (freelancers) and party ladies interested in hookups.

The typical tourist destinations like Bali, Batam and Jakarta has the most working girls. Instead, the other cities in Indonesia have 95% of the girls interested to date and hoping for a relationship.

If a woman is wearing a tight bikini or making an overly suggestive pose, it’s usually a clear sign she is a loose woman interested in sex rather than a relationship.

Behind Indonesia Cupid, there is an Australian company that takes privacy seriously, handle membership’s payments carefully and uses effective anti-spam measures.

To get started, fill up your profile with an overview of your lifestyle. Do you like sea resorts, good wine and maybe trekking? Just write it. Be honest and to the point.

Then add a few photos that portrait your life. They should match your profile and give a visual idea about your lifestyle. It’s going to provide you with an advantage over 70% of men on Indonesian Cupid who only add 1-2 photos and write a weak profile.

If you want to be on the top 5% of the winner men on Indonesian Cupid and get the attention from the hottest Indonesian girls online, upgrade your membership. It’s a simple strategy to get noticed and attract quality girls to your profile by upgrading the membership to gold or platinum.

Asian Kisses

Asian Kisses isn’t as popular as Indonesia Cupid, but there are a fair amount of Indo women. The thing is you’ll find girls from all over Asia, not only focus on Indonesia.

It’s a dating app useful if you are looking for women in their 30s and you want a serious relationship. There aren’t any sideliners or freelancers for an easy laid, but women with serious intentions.

The company managing Asian Kisses is based in Berlin, Germany. They follow Europe regulations in terms of privacy and payment protection. That’s why you get charged in Euro for their membership, not in US dollars like for Indonesian Cupid.

The same applies to Asian Kisses to get more attention from the girls. You need a profile that reflects your lifestyle and need to upgrade your membership if you want the women to consider you as a potential partner.

Asian Dating

On Asian Dating, you can chat with most type of women, from the student to the office girl. You can find girls from all over Indonesia, not only the big cities.

The women using this dating app are mostly interested in a serious relationship. But this does not suggest they will get married immediately; they expect to have a long-term romance which may lead to marriage.

Asian Dating is own by Cupid Media, the same Australian company that owns Indonesia Cupid. The app interface is similar with the difference that it let you search for girls from all Asia.

For the same price of membership like for Indonesian Cupid, it is a better value for your money because you search for Indonesian women as well as other Asian nationalities. Very useful if you want to travel across the region.


How To Set Up A Winning Profile On Indonesian Dating App 

There is no point to use an Indonesian dating app without a strategy. Most men fail miserably simply because they aren’t serious about finding a girl online.

If you really want to find one or more Indonesian girls that crave for your attention, take some time to set up your profile correctly. When you do that, you’ll get women online interested in you for the rest of your life.

First, write a profile that reflects your life. Don’t try to make it sound like “James Bond” when in reality you spend most of the day working at the desk. Just speak the truth, you’ll find girls that match your interests.

For example, “I’m an introvert guy that loves nature, especially butterflies. I spend most of my days working on… that is my passion. I value family and I love my parents (every year we go on holiday together)”…

Then, add a few good photos that support what you are saying. Make sure you look at your best, not drunk or stone.

When you have done this, you are already ahead of most men on dating apps in Indonesia. Yes, you are competing with other men to get the attention of the best girls.

Lastly, upgrade your membership, it gets your profile verified and on the top search. Meaning you’ll land more attention and response from the girls. A verified member is more trustworthy than a regular member.

Start having conversations with the girls and build your list of potential girlfriends.