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How to Seduce Any Filipino Girls

You don’t have to visit the red light district to meet Filipinas. Actually, you shouldn’t cause it’s pretty easy to seduce everyday girls.

There is an incredible amount of beautiful girls that are hot and fun…

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Filipino girls are hot, fun, and always laughing. Out of all Asian women, they are famous for being the most caring and loving.

If you date or marry a Filipino woman, you’ll never go hungry… Keeping you well-fed in the kitchen while satisfying any of your desires in the bedroom. But there is more!

The best part is wherever you’re going, you’ll get noticed. At first, you’ll feel a bit uncomfortable if you aren’t used to receiving so much attention from the women in your country, but you’ll leave feeling like a rock star.

You’ll love the Philippines, you’ll feel like a younger, manlier, a more powerful version of yourself.

Yes, my friend: “that is how much they are into foreign men”.

What’s not to love?

The girls are sweet and eager to please, the booze is cheap, and the weather is always sunny.


Is it Hard to Seduce Filipino Girls?

Short Answer: No, it’s not hard if you know where to find the right ones!

Long Answer: If you don’t know the right techniques, you’ll find it difficult to connect with girls and get them into the bedroom.

But don’t worry, the strategy I lay out below is full-proof. If you follow the step below, you’re going to meet some beautiful Filipina.


8 Things to Remember About Filipino Girls

  1. Speaking to a western guy for a long time in public during the day might be embarrassing, so make sure you give them your number or get theirs ASAP.
  2. You are the PRIZE! They love westerners and think you are naturally good looking.
  3. Taking care of you is part of their culture. They will want to cook for you and make sure you’re happy all the time.
  4. Girls will seem shy and conservative in public, but when you get them alone, they’ll be super horny and keen.
  5. Lots of women have kids. If that creeps you out, ask politely before you start anything serious.
  6. Beware of women who ‘need money for grandma’ or tell you sob stories. They are just looking for a quick payday and will use you like an “ATM.”
  7. Don’t be aggressive or too assertive. Manners are very important in Filipino culture.
  8. English is widely spoken in the Philippines, so language won’t be a problem.


Where to Seduce Filipino Girls

There are mainly three different approaches to meet girls in the Philippines: online, day game and night game.

You should consider trying all of them until you find out what works best for you. If you ask me, my favorite approach is to use online dating, but what works for me might not work for you.

Let’s start with…


Online Dating in the Philippines

Why dating sites work best? These are the reasons:

  • Reach: Most Filipino girls own a smartphone and are comfortable using a dating site;
  • Practical: You can start seducing girls right now from the comfort of your couch;
  • Convenient: For a small monthly subscription you can chat with thousands of girls without wasting time and money going to the usual tourist areas in the Philippines;
  • Easy: You never get rejected in public or have to endure embarrassing moments;
  • Safe: No trouble with jealous Filipino men.

Meeting your dream girl online isn’t rare or seen as weird. Filipino women think online dating is a great way to meet foreigners without the embarrassment or hassle of finding them in public.

Online dating means you only meet the girls you want to meet. You don’t have to go to bars and start awkward conversations only to find the girl you were talking to wants to get paid.

Instead, you go online, fill out your profile, and start chatting to girls who like you right away. If you make a few mistakes in the beginning, it’s no problem – there are plenty more fish in the sea.

The top dating sites in the Philippines are where you can meet your dream girl. Once you visit her country, she is going to give you the best time of your life.

It doesn’t matter how you look or if you struggle to talk to girls, there is someone out there perfect for you.

You’ll find girls looking for true love and marriage, girls looking for a boyfriend, girls wanting a quick fix, and girls who just wanna have some casual fun for a couple of nights.

If you are traveling on business or visiting for a holiday, you can find a date for your visit through this channel.

Fill out your profile and get started by chatting with girls you think are hot.

If you are visiting the Philippines on holiday, it’s best to start looking at girls a few weeks or even months in advance. That way you will be comfortable when you meet in person and trust their intentions.

Keep in mind that most girls are looking for a serious relationship, so If your intentions are only casual sex, avoid the topic.

Let them know that you’ll only be visiting for a short time, and you’re looking for a companion. They’ll pick up on the vibes you are putting out and know what you want.

Few tips to keep in mind when chatting with the girls:

  • Always be charming and courteous; Filipinas are feminine and love to be treated as such.
  • Keep it fun; They love to have fun, so don’t be too serious.
  • Be patient; many men on Filipino dating sites talk dirty and ask for nude pictures. Don’t need to ask for them, as the conversation develops you’ll be surprised to open your inbox and see her sexy photos.

In conclusion, the best way to meet a quality girl willing to give you what you’re looking for is to use an online dating site.


Day Game in The Philippines

If you don’t like online dating sites, head out during the day to do some scouting. Filipino girls love to shop, so shopping malls are a great place to meet them.

How to start the conversation? Just pretend you’re lost and ask for directions.

Walk up to a girl you like and say “Hi, excuse me, I’m a little lost, can you tell me which way the food court is?”

She’ll probably giggle and point you in the right direction before asking you where you’re from.

When you talk to girls, they’ll be friendly but a little shy or conservative – don’t let this put you off. When the two of you are alone, her kinky side will come out.

Strike up a quick, casual conversation and be warm. Don’t be cocky or too rude, this isn’t the West, that kind of approach isn’t going to work in the Philippines.

Before you go, ask her for the phone number, most probably she’ll give you her Chat Line ID (they use an app called LINE in Asia). If you are too shy to ask, give her a folded piece of paper with your number on it as you walk away.

Repeat this 5 times, and you are almost guaranteed to have a hot date the same night.


Night Game in The Philippines

Don’t go to a bar or a disco if you’re not willing to spend money. Drinks are expensive, and there are a lot of pros looking to earn some extra cash.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune, go to a place that has a mix of westerners and local crowd.

Dress as well as you can, Filipinos value appearance. Don’t make the typical tourist mistake of a T-Shirt and shorts – it’s a major turn off!

Wear a button-up shirt and closed shoes, smart but casual. The girls will harass you 🙂

At most, take a walk once round to identify the girls you are interested in and then sit down next to some hotties. Don’t hover or wander around, that shows you ‘re desperate, unconfident or unreliable.

Remember: you’re the man, so be masculine in your approach.

A confident man knows what he wants. Have a quick look around and approach your pray immediately. I usually approach within a minute of walking in.

This simple approach has gotten me a lot of lays with hot Filipino girls, it works every time.

Remember, you’re a caveman and Filipino girls love to be hunted, it’s their feminine nature at work.

Keep your approach simple and basic: “Hi”, and from there develop any conversation.

The first few minutes of conversation isn’t all that important. If you’re at a loss for something to say, ask them where their favorite place in the Philippines is. The girls love to talk about themselves.


How Easy is to Bed a Filipino Girls

The Philippines is mostly Catholic and girls appear shy in public, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t get fucked.

More often than not, girls who are shy in public are the horniest when alone with you and keen to get their kink on.

At first, it isn’t going to be easy to have sex with a girl just met in the mall or nightclub. Not because they are hard to bed, but because they are unaware of how things develop quickly in the Philippines.

Do you want a piece of advice: “Be straightforward and decide what to do next.

Most guys either let the girl decide what to do next or ask their opinion, no wonder they get to watch a lot of movies at the cinema.

You’re the man, and you make the call.