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How Any Guy Can Pick Up Filipino Girls

How Any Guy Can Pick Up Filipino Girls

Do you want to learn how to meet Filipino girls before going to the Philippines? Would like to learn how pick them up in malls, restaurants or streets? Or maybe how to meet Filipina online?

It’s easier than you think. They are so kind and open by nature that they are extremely easy to start a conversation with.

Approaching women in the Philippines is medicine for a man’s ego because they make you feel attractive, respected and – if they’re interested – wanted from the very first minute.

They’re also hot for foreigners, meaning you can meet a beautiful, classy, petite young lady and have her out on a date with you – or on top of you – in a matter of minutes.

Just imagine your life with girls happy to go to the point without drama, countless dinners and dates.

I know that might sound too good to be true, but believe me… Meeting women in a country where they want you more than you want them is great on many levels.

The only problem?

If you grew up in the West, you may have very little experience approaching women for the reasons stated above.

So here’s a quick primer on meeting Filipino women in 5 easy steps that literally any man can use to meet, date and/or fuck a Filipino girl right away… Or line dates up online, even if you’re on the other side of the world.


Step 1 – Preparation – Dress & Look Smart

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail

Benjamin Franklin must’ve been smooth with the ladies, because his words are spot on about meeting women.

Now, don’t get me wrong; Filipinas are friendly to everyone… But if you’re dressed well, with minty fresh breath, clean shoes and a good mood… You’ll get that much more action.

I’m surprised every time I visit the Philippines, to see so many foreigners dressing like nomads…. then complaining the girls aren’t into them.

That’s why it’s very important to prepare yourself mentally, and in terms of appearance, to look your best.

Nobody expects you to look like a young Brad Pitt – but presenting yourself well is polite, and Filipino girls love men with manners.

If you want to improve your appearance but you’ve no idea where to start, check out Bestylish. Useful and simple tips to improve your appearance without breaking the bank.

It’s important to look smart in the Philippines, the first impression can make or break your date.

dress smart to date asian girls

Dress in style in the Philippines to impress Filipino girls


Step 2 – Go Outside Or Meet Girls Online

Obviously, if you are in the Philippines, the first order of business is actually going outside where you can meet chicks.

Check out my guides for single men:

Once you know where you’re going to be going, get up and get out that door!

If you aren’t in the Philippines, consider meeting girls on reputable Filipino dating sites. There are hundred of Filipinas eager to chat with you.

Believe it or not, step 2 is where most men fail because they never even work up the courage to hit the streets or bother to contact girls online.

But I know you’re different, a man of action and habit that want to make a change to his life. And don’t worry Bro, we’re on this journey together.


Step 3 – Pick Up Girls Ready To Meet You

Okay, so here’s the thing.

Women are scared of approaching men, including the ones they find extremely attractive. This is doubly true in a conservative country like the Philippines.

And that’s is a good thing if you ask me. Women should be women while men should be men. It’s the job of a confident man to approach a woman, not the other way around. Men are givers, while women are takers.

So, how to spot single Filipinas looking for men?

They dress and act in a way that entices men to approach them.

Filipina singles looking for men

Common signs are:

  • Sexually aggressive colors (red lipstick, red blush, red nail polish).
  • Skirts and high heels.
  • Eye contact.
  • Fixing her appearance frequently – Touching her hairs or makeup.
  • Standing near you for extended periods of time.
  • Smiling and look away – even if it’s briefly.
  • They push their single girlfriends toward you.

All of these signs point to a woman being interested in meeting men. You can often feel fairly confident of a warm reception on approaching women giving one or more of these signals.

Don’t miss your chance, go to talk to her. In the Philippines, rejection doesn’t exist.

Once you’ve picked a “target”, it’s time to…


Step 4 – Introduce Yourself and Get The Number/Arrange a Date

Here’s a big difference between the Philippines and the West; girls here don’t necessarily want to be seen speaking to a foreigner in a club or on the street.

Most girls have relatives or local friends that might get the wrong idea – so making extended conversation is a bad idea.

Instead, what you want to do is introduce yourself, give a compliment and exchange a few sentences… Before suggesting you exchange numbers or go on an immediate date.

The first option is perfect for day game, and more “serious” girls. The second is great for pulling women from clubs.

Either way, single women in the Philippines usually want the exact same thing you want… Meaning you don’t have to bullshit them or beat around the bush before making your move.


Step 5 – (Line Up a Date) And Play it Cool!

If you took the girl you liked on an insta-date, you could skip the first part of Step 5 – but if you didn’t, you’ll have to SMS or even better “Line” her and arrange a date.

I warn you, Filipinas are master bullshitter while unreliable. Don’t expect her to turn up in time, and expect excuses to change the location of the date.

Don’t let her take the lead, she is testing you.

Instead, be proactive and schedule your first date conveniently close to your room. In case she is late or plays games, you can keep cool and relax in your room until she shows up.


Tips and hint sexy girls

I love when they are late. I take the opportunity to make her come to my room directly. I just pretend to be upset after waiting for her.

And you know what? The trick works every time.

Transitioning from that first date to a steady relationship or a one-night stand is a separate story that I’m not going to cover in this article. But let me tell you this: the main thing is to play it cool.

If she is going out with you, she’s into the idea of being your girl. So you don’t have to do much, just go with the flow. All it takes is to be friendly and play it cool, without doing anything that scares her away.


How To Improve Your Success With Women? And Not Only With Filipina

Some guys are naturals at attracting and keeping quality women whereas other guys need to learn. The main skill that you need to develop is the ability to trigger feelings of sexual attraction inside of a woman.

And believe me, attracting women have nothing to do with your appearance, age or type of car you drive… It’s all about sparking attraction.

I’ve learned this secret from Matt Artisan, who helped me to go from a few casual dates to constant success with women.

As you know, I’m an Asian women lover, but I’ve used successfully Matt’s technique with Western women too. Women are women wherever you go, and they get triggered in the same way, no matter the race, social status or color of skin.

Don’t expect to learn pick-up lines or to change the way you are, but to learn a specific set skill to be successful with women.

I wish you all the best with your next date. I know you can do it!