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Where to Find Easy Sex In Manila

Where To Find Easy Sex In Manila

If you’re looking for the best and safest Manila sex of your life, being your first time or not, you’re going to find it here.

I’ve traveled around Asia for 12 years now, bedded some 150+ girls and according to my memories, the sexiest and most amazing woman that I had the pleasure to have sex with was from Manila.

Yes, Manila has plenty of sex venues where you can indulge your balls deep. But also have cute girls that are looking for more than just sex.

Easy sexy Manila girls

So, where to get started?

Today, I’m going to show the places where you can find safe and easy sex in Manila, whether you want to pay for it or you prefer girls who fuck for free.


1. Online

This is the “holy grail” given to this generation of men looking for girls in Manila (and all Asia) because it’s never been easier to meet women for sex.

Just think about this for a moment: “What is the point in hitting on bars and clubs wasting hours of time by handpicking girls? Or spending money on drinks that aren’t good shit for your body anyway?

Why risking to get robbed in the red light district (yeah, Manila can be rough) when you have the possibility to meet hundreds of Manila girls from your phone?”

Filipino dating sites are packed with university girls curious about sex… Office girls interested in spice up their life… And mature women in need of a good orgasm.

Manila girls on dating site

It’s like a market where you can pick your favorite fruity and juicy girls.

If you didn’t live under a rock in the last 8 years, you might have noticed that most people spend most of their time on the phone. Besides playing video games and watch YouTube videos, people are socializing on different platforms, and Manila girls aren’t any different.

Filipinas patronizing dating sites are looking for foreigners because they want the same thing you want.

When I landed for the first time in Manila in 2009, no one had a smartphone including myself. So the only way to get some girl for a healthy session of sex was the usual places like red-light districts, nightclubs and picking up girls in the mall.

It was hard, it was expensive and the results were unpredictable. Now it is easy, cheap and you can warm up the girls before your arrival in Manila.

Here is the thing: when men use online dating, they can interact with girls creating a feeling of sexual attraction.

Why is it so important?

Because when you create a feeling of sexual attraction the girl trusts you, she wants you and she is ready for the next natural step: sex!

natural step to sex in manila

For example, you chat with several girls online, over the days you build up the attraction and intimacy that make her feel comfortable to be around you.

Once you land in Manila, she feels close to you like a girlfriend and it’s just natural for both of you to get intimate immediately. No need to waste time and money eating out or doing some other stuff to know each other. You are seen as a boyfriend, she is ready to have sex.

The best way to get laid in Manila is by using a popular dating site like Filipino Cupid. Ladies on dating sites are hot for action.

Just create a profile, introduce yourself, message a few girls and meet up once you are in Manila.


2. Girly Bars in the Red Light Districts

Manila sex girl in bar

If you don’t mind to pay for sex, the red light districts of Manila are an easy option to get laid on the spot.

P Burgo Street is the most expensive red light area but has the hottest girls. If you have money to waste, visit Bottom Club for the best babes. And if it isn’t your cup of tea, across the road there is Plan B.

If you are on a budget, the Entrainment Complex in Pasay has a few bars with plenty of girls to choose. The only downside is this red light area is far from the center of Manila.


3. NightClubs – Night Game

Manila nightlife is awesome, so much to do, beautiful women and a lot of fun.

Manila girl picked up in a nighclub in Makati

Now, the nightclub scene in Manila can be divided into two:

  1. Nightclubs with freelancers/hookers, pay as you go.
  2. Nightclubs with local Filipinas not into paying for sex.

If you prefer to pay for sex, Exklusiv in Makati is jam-packed with freelancers every day of the week.

Alternatively, Valkyrie located in Makati business street attracts a young crowd of professionals during weekends.

If you would like the learn more, check out the best nightclubs in Manila to pick up girls.


4. Malls, Street & Metro – Day Game

Manila is an open field when comes to pick up girls. Not only they are everywhere but it’s pretty easy to communicate because Filipinas can speak good English.

Also, I would say they are pretty sociable, love attention and are used to interact with foreigners.

If you don’t fear rejection while being confident with your approach, you can get a good volume of phone numbers in malls, streets, and the metro.

The only downside is that you can’t close the deal on the spot. Rather this should be seen as a long strategy game, I call it the “phone number generator”.

However, I don’t go out solely with the purpose to pick up girls because is just inefficient, I prefer online dating.

Having said that, when I see a hot girl, I can’t resist the urge to talk with her. And if the vibe is good I definitely get her phone number to carry on the conversation off the street.

If you’re into day games, the malls in Manila that have the most attractive girls are Robinson Malate, Greenbelt 3 and Mall of Asia.

Keep in mind when approaching to speak slowly and clearly, especially if you’ve strong accents like British and Australian people.

Let’s have a look at Manila sex venue for night games…


Other Sex Venues, But Better to Avoid

I didn’t mention the massage places and street hookers.

The massage places are expensive and nothing special, if you want a quality massage with a happy ending just visit Thailand instead.

Why waste money on something isn’t worth it?

Regarding the girls strolling in the streets, I personally find them creepy. They give me an impression to be somehow homeless, desperate, drug users and probably with some diseases.

Why don’t they work in bars?

Probably because they can’t pass the health checkup.

One more thing. Underage girls can’t work in bars, so they walk around looking for customers. It’s a BIG problem if you get caught with one in your room.

I know about scams where the underage girl calls her police friend once in your room. Pay big money, or go to jail.

Be aware, keep safe.


Pay For Sex In Manila or Free Sex?

Manila offers both options while it doesn’t discriminate about your alike. You can pay for it in the sex industry or date some casual girl who fucks for free.

The choice is yours, you know what you want.

I personally have done it all for many years but when I look back, I clearly remember the moments with girls that I had free sex with.

Maybe because there was a real sexual attraction between us, not only sex but deep emotional feelings.

I can’t forget their panties dropping in wet for me and the unknown whenever she would let me inside her…

…Maybe it was just my male ego. They had sex with me because they like me, not my wallet…

…Or maybe it was just the pleasure to get her for free.

Whatever the reason, my question for you is: “is it really worth to pay for sex?” That is the only decision you need to make before visiting Manila.

If you want to meet girls that fuck for free, just visit a popular Filipino dating site. Instead, if you prefer to pay for sex, wander around Manila’s red light districts and nightclubs with freelancers, you will get it for the right money.