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Thai Cupid Review: Is It Still Worth It?

Since the dating climate in Thailand is constantly changing, it’s critical to have an up-to-date Thai Cupid review.

The first time I traveled to Thailand in 2011, I used Tinder instead of Thai Cupid to make most of my leads.

In the midst of my journey over the years, girls on Tinder started a “no hookup” movement that resulted in fewer quality leads.

So, in 2016 with the same amount of hours I used to get fewer dates than in 2011.

Since in one day I’ve only 24 hours, I went into distress and searched for an alternative dating platform to speed up my dating game.

My Tinder failure led me to Filipino Cupid, which is where my success rate skyrocketed.

I picked up more scores than Tom Brady on Sundays and experienced the quintessence of carnal paradise.

My confidence soared so high that cold approaching outside became second nature, but I always had Thai Cupid to rely on throughout the bulk of my quest.


The Down Fall Of Tinder in Thailand

Fast forward to the summer of 2011, I was in Bangkok. The summer of 2011 was the golden age of Tinder, it was the year to be on Tinder – well before girls ramped up the “no hookup” movement.

There were also companion apps, such as Tools for Tinder, that Tinder has since banned since people used them to spam and scam. I despise those Dorito-eating clowns for ruining a good thing.

During this time I had a stretch of Tinder scores that ended in 12 new girls in 9 days, no kidding. That was the most prolific run in a short time I’ve had not only in Thailand but anywhere in the world.

Now, let’s fast forward again to my return to Bangkok in the second half of 2018.

From then until now, Tinder has fallen off quite a bit.

I’m not saying you can’t score using it, but expect to go on actual dates instead of the old days when you could invite hot girls straight over your room based on good looks alone.

I spend most of my time working these days, which doesn’t allow me much free time as I had in 2011 – to run day game and the occasional night game.

I’m not a huge fan of spending hours passing out my number to girls in the mall or asking for directions in the street.

Day game to me is approaching the girls who I’d regret not approaching later.

I know a lot of guys won’t agree, but forcing myself to approach every attractive girl in the street at age 36 is a bit odd.

Yes, we all want to score as guys. However, we should be working on becoming more valuable men as our number one goal, which naturally leads to more scores.

Wasting hours in a mall or out at night isn’t the way to go anymore.


My Return to Thai Cupid in 2020

About a month ago, I decided to cut back my Tinder usage and see if Filipino Cupid still holds merit in 2020.

After signing up for a platinum membership, I filtered all the 18-22-year-olds and used the Chrome Clipper extension to send an opening message to over 150 girls.

With the clipper, I completed the task in just under an hour.

To my surprise, the results are just about the same as I had in 2016. The response rate is through the roof compared to what now I’ve on Tinder.

The best part is I haven’t run into any of the “no hookup” movement that infects Tinder.

Just this morning, a 19-year-old girl came straight to my building for lunch. She was a Lao/Thai mix, which equated to an interesting beauty…

girl met on thai cupid

So, getting back to the point of the article: “does Thai Cupid still work in 2020?”

The short answer is a resounding YES!

Is it still as easy to score as it was in 2016? Probably not, but the dating scene in Thailand was a whole different world in 2016 or 2011 compared to now.

In fact, it’s constantly changing and what used to work before, in most cases doesn’t work now anymore. And this applies to the future too.


Tinder VS Thai Cupid in 2020

All I can say is Thai Cupid is a better option than Tinder right now in some regards, depending on a man’s location and objectives.

If someone had asked me what was the best dating app in 2011, I would have said Tinder hands down, until 2016 Tinder was the dating app to use.

Tinder has lost a lot of ground since then due to guys slowly ruining it all Thailand, city by city. They can’t go two messages without asking the girl to hook up.

Also, the interface is too simple and offers zero filtering options. I can’t understand why they haven’t fixed this problem after all these years.

Another observation I’ve made about Thai Cupid is that for some odd reasons I get prettier girls.

I can’t explain the exact reason why, it could be the interface or the competition with other guys.

After all, offer and demand create the market. So, if on Tinder there are many more handsome guys than hot Thai girls, you hand up fighting a hard battle.

On the other hand, if there are more hot girls than handsome men, the men have an upper hand.

Another essential point to consider is that the girls on Thai Cupid are going to be less westernized than Thai girls on Tinder…

Thailand Girls on thai cupid

On the left side original Thai girl while on the right side Westernize Thai girl.

I didn’t come to Thailand to meet entitled Westernize Thais.

The combination of Tinder and Thai Cupid is the way to go, and as I’ve said before, Thai Cupid will always work as long as Cupid keeps doing their job of recruiting the girls.

Most guys are too cheap to pony up and buy a membership. In my mind, even one score with a cute teen is worth the cost of membership.

A lot of guys who run night games spend more on drinks and a hangover in a single night.

I prefer girls who don’t drink or drink very little, there’s almost nothing more vexing than a drunken barfly.

I think I’ll follow up on this article with a few more observations and how to efficiently use Thai Cupid in 2020 to meet Thais.

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of foreigners walking around without girls or with an ugly one.

In 2011, it would have been humiliating to walk around Bangkok or any other tourist destination as a foreigner without a cute Thai tucked under the arm.

I’ve had so much fun this past month that it’s invigorated me and reminded me why I treasure the companionship of authentic Thais.


Considerations Using Thai Cupid Over Tinder

Here are a few advantages I can think of why it’s worth using Thai Cupid over Tinder:

• If you’re traveling around Thailand, there are girls all over the cities on Thai Cupid. You can potentially take side trips to beach paradises and have girls there waiting for you.

There’s almost nothing purer than meeting the unspoiled Thais living in the province.

• You’ll get a more authentic taste of the genuine beauty of Thais as opposed to westernized versions.

• The filtering options on Thai Cupid are superior. For example, you can search for girls in a certain age range and who don’t have kids.

• You can search for girls by location even if you are not there yet.

• You avoid the “no hookup” movement that’s currently infecting Tinder in Thailand.

• You save time in the long run. If you work a lot like me, just a few hours you save using Thai Cupid compared to Tinder more than pays for the membership.

• The response rate on Thai Cupid is astronomical due to less competition than Tinder. Just think how many young backpackers are probably looking for quick scores on Tinder 24/7.


How to Set Up Dates with Girls on Thai Cupid

The most efficient way is to use Thai Cupid with my three-step process:

  1. Filter out the girls you want to meet using the filtering options.
  2. Copy and paste an opening message to all those girls.
  3. Follow up by verifying that they live in the city you want to meet. Then ask them for their Viber, Whatsapp, or Skype.

Once you’re chatting outside of Thai Cupid, you shouldn’t waste much time before asking to meet for a date.

This will help you cut out the girls who are just looking to chat or “get to know you better” before they meet you.

Although, if you really like a particular girl, I wouldn’t rush.

Whenever I see a girl who particularly catches my eye, I run an entirely different script that is personalized to her profile description, and it almost always works.

“It’s more fun in the Thailand” for those guys who do it the right way.

If you’re brave enough to jump into the action, you can register for Thai Cupid here.