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3 Best Dating Sites in Thailand To Meet Girls Online

Are you wondering how to meet Thai girls? Well, this only half of the problem.

You probably already know this, but it bears repeating: the most important part of your vacation is to meet the right type of girls.


I don’t doubt you know this already, but are you trying your best to make it happen?

Or just booking the flight and hoping to meet the Thai girl of your dream, let me guess, in some red light district.

And you also want great SEX, right?

“Ok bro, we have some work to do today.”

For those of you familiar with this website, you already know that I’m a fan of online dating: It’s easy, manageable and the results are excellent.

Online dating is huge in Thailand. And unlike the West, worth the trouble.

I’ve dated and slept with more than 100 girls met online. I’m not bragging, I’m just saying by using online dating sites, you can meet a lot of Thai girls willing to take their clothes off.

However, you should be cautious with the dating process in Thailand like in any other part of the world.

There are scammers and gold diggers in the mix. But don’t let this hold you back.

While there are few “bad” members, there are far more good minded girls looking for a genuine relationship.

Did I say relationship?

Many Thai girls on dating sites are looking for a long term relationship. But if you are a man traveling on business or visiting Thailand for a holiday, you can find a date for your visit through this channel.

Today I’m reviewing the 3 best Thai dating sites so you can meet your Thai girls right away with peace of mind.


Thai Cupid


Thai Cupid is the largest dating site in Thailand. Any time of day or night I log in, there are few thousand girls online ready to chat.

You can filter the girls by location which is essential to plan your dating while visiting Thailand.

The girls on this site are looking for foreign men, making your search much easier. This type of Thai girls are educated, so they can speak English and communicate with you.

Expect some grammar error and sometimes phrases a bit twisted, It’s just they speak better than writing.

I mostly use this Thai dating site having the most girls in their twenties with decent jobs or studying.

University girls on Thai Cupid usually are looking for Sugar Daddies or generous travelers, you know, studying in Thailand isn’t free.

CupidMedia Group operates the site who owns a broad range of niche websites focus on dating.

In my opinion, this is the most professional Thai dating site out there, with an emphasis in detecting fake or scam users. The platform is robust, friendly and easy to use.

They have got two packages:

  • Gold; You can send and receive unlimited messages plus using the live chat with instant messenger. Price starts at US$ 8.33 per month.
  • Platinium; All the gold privilege, plus you can rank above other members which is essential if you want to get noticed by the hottest girls.

Also, you can translate your messages in any languages which help in communicating with the girls in their mother tongue (they like that).

There are other futures, but I think those are the most useful. Price starts at US$ 10 per month.


Thai Friendly


The second Thai website in term of size. Thai Friendly has hundreds of thousands of members.

This dating site operates differently than Thai Cupid.

Girls here can send unlimited messages for free. You can send only one message every 10 minutes for free.

It seems this site caterer to the extreme for girl’s age; very young or over the 30s.

NOTE; There is a good number of Thai Ladyboys on this dating site. Just in case you want to try something different.

Upgrade the premium member so you can send as many messages as you want without time restriction.

Also, you can search by location which is necessary if you don’t want to waste endless time scrolling random girls.

The premium option is US$19.99 per month which include unlimited messaging, advanced search to find the best matches for you and organized lists to see who is interested in you.

Overall, Thai Friendly is a great tool to meet girls online.


Thai Kisses


This dating site is good but less known. Last time I log in, there were 300 members online which is enough to get you to hook up.

It caters to the older crowd who are looking for partners or marriage.

Thai women on this site are looking for men above 40s, serious about meeting a love caring Thai woman to share experience and happy moment together.

I tried to corrupt some of the girls for a quick encounter, but I never heard back from them.

So, be polite and respectful with true intentions. Don’t ask for sexy photos or similar, if you don’t mind to be banned from the website.

This website has built-in webcam and text chat, plus translation service for emails and chats.

The member price starts at 25.90 Euro for monthly recurring payments. That means every month your credit card get charged until you remove it from your account.

They’ve got three options for a one-time fee starting from 35 Euro per month.


My Thoughts About Thai Dating Sites

Overall, these 3 Thai dating sites are extremely valuable in meeting Thai girls, because you can search thousands of girls by location in a few minutes.

Dating sites are an incredible way to meet a lot of girls and build a relationship from a long distance without falling victim of rejection and embarrassment.

I wish you all the best in searching for your dream Thai lady. There are so many out there.

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