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Hot And Sexy Thai Girls Pictures

During the years I met a lot of Thai girls online… After all, it’s the fastest way to get laid without visiting the red light districts or picking up girls on the streets, malls, and shops.

Today, I decided to post the hottest and cutest girls that were in my message box (don’t confuse with massage box) so you can get a better idea about what type of Thai girls you can meet on Thai dating sites.


As you can see, there are:

  • Students
  • Milf
  • Fitness girls
  • Hookers
  • Office girls
  • Cute girls
  • Busty

In short, girls for any taste and needs.

If you would like to meet up with these girls, consider understanding how dating sites operate. A huge mistake most men do is to use dating sites for free, that’s the main reason why they aren’t able to find quality girls but only gold digger or women with kids.

When you upgrade the standard membership, your profile get future on the top search. Meaning, the girls are going to see your profile first, and only when they scroll down, see the rest of the members.

The thing is, quality girls never scroll down, they focus only on men with a paid membership as they portrait “status”.  It’s like when you book a VIP table in a nightclub or at the restaurant, you portrait “status”.

Most girls want to know you because you are on the top hierarchy, you are most lucky be able to ensure the survival of her offspring (even if you’re not literally having babies together just yet).

This is how Thai women think, actually, It’s evolutionary psychology at work and can be applied to every woman on the planet. That’s why having “status” lets you attract the hottest girls while blowing away all the competition.

This is the main point to apply if you want to be successful but it isn’t the only one, you need to work on your profile and photos as well.

If you don’t know how to get started, I explain what I’ve learned by dating Asian women online so you can find find the right girls for you and actually get dates.

No need to waste time and money doing things that aren’t working, you can get results immediately by learning from my mistakes.

Have fun!