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Thai Cupid Review

Thai Cupid Review; My Personal Experience

Probably you want to know if Thai Cupid is a scam website or offer proper dating opportunities to meet quality Thai girls.

Simply put, is a dating site operated by an Australian company called Cupid Media. The site is 17 years old and still going strong. A service can’t run for so long if it doesn’t provide value to the users.

So, isn’t a scam website. There are about 1.5 million users registered – yes, that many – while there are 2.000 – 4.000 girls online any time of the day and night.

I’ve used Thai Cupid services from 2012 when the smartphone came mainstream in Thailand because I realized that I could reach more and better girls than scrolling up and down the common tourist areas.

Also, I noticed that chatting is much easier than trying to communicate face to face with the girls. It removes the girl’s shininess and awkwardness mainly associated with the lack of English language skills.

So, after so many years I decided to write down my personal experience using the premium membership service, how it helped me to create a free flow of girls without much effort and hopefully will answer a few of your questions before signing up.

Let’s start with the number one fear…


Fake Profile: The Nightmare of Any Dating Site

Nothing new here, fake profiles are a reality for any dating site, and Thai Cupid isn’t an exception.

Many guys are scared to get scammed online, but that is unlikely if you follow my rules of thumbs.

Honestly, it is quite easy to unmask fake profiles. I’m going to show you how to do it in a minute.

The 3 most common fake accounts are:


1. Ugly And Fat Girls

Well, Asian girls aren’t any different than any other girls; they want to look at their best so they can attract men.

They know the competition is high, and they know how to use the phone’s camera and apps to make themselves look hotter.

I consider those profile a kind of fake because the reality isn’t matching their online pictures profile. Some girl even uploads their old pictures when they looked younger and slimmer, and I mean several years earlier.

You can uncover them in two ways:

  1. Ask to be added to Facebook or Instagram where you can see their recent photos.
  2. If after spending several hours chatting she refuses to meet you in real life, most probably she is hiding something.

But why they should do al this if they can’t meet you in real life?

Their game is to get you timely invested as long as possible hoping that you overlook the fact they are not as attractive as expected.

In their mind, they are just hoping to make you fall in love, after all, the saying is “love is blind”.

Hopefully, you’re so blind that you’ll not notice the extra 10 kilos.

Yeah, I know… Thai women can be very unlogical.


2. Ladyboys

Thailand is well known for ladyboys which are master in hiding their cocks. In fact, the surprise gets revealed when less expected 🙂

Thai Cupid has its fair share of ladyboys so watch out, some profile clearly state their transgender, some others not.

However, it is easy to spot one by looking at their pictures.

Thai ladyboys on ThaiCupid

First, they look so beautiful and perfect similar to a doll; smooth skin, a lot of makeup, big eyes. Second, they love to show off their sexy ass or boobs, which is a clear red flag as genuine Thai girls are conservative and would never do that.

Also, in doubt, just ask… They will be honest with you.


3. Gold Diggers

Those profiles are the worst but I rarely come across one.

I don’t like them because they intend to rip off people, not good minded thinking.

They try to make you fall for their bullshit stories like someone in the family is sick or whatever, hoping to convince guys to wire money out of compassion.

Why they do that?

Because it works, I know girls that have multiple sponsors on the go, but what has shocked me the most is they never meet each other in real life.

The rule is simple and clear: If she asks for money, just run away!


Making a Profile: Honesty is a Must

All the good relationship start with honesty and continue on the same patch. Simply, state clearly what type of girl you’re looking for and what type of relationship you’re seeking.

Most people fall easily into the trap of unclear self-knowledge; they don’t know who they are so can’t articulate what they want.

An example; If a guy loves having fun, clearly he isn’t looking for a serious relationship.

So, there is no point to chat with a single mother who is clearly looking for a man ready to marry.

In this case, the man should state that it is an outgoing person who loves having fun and is looking for a like minded girl to spend holiday time together.

So, think clearly who you are and what you want out of this relationship.

A few helpful questions:

  • How I want to spend my holiday in Thailand?
  • What type of relationship am I looking for? Short or long term?
  • What are the qualities that I appreciate most in women?

These are just a few questions to get you started, but more you expand on this the better simply because there are so many girls online offering a truly unique opportunity to find your perfect match.

This brings us to the next point…


Finding a Match On Thai Cupid

Takes time to find the right one.

Thai cupid review girls

You’ll get overwhelmed by the wide selection of girls. It’s like going to a supermarket where you have so many candy choices that is hard to opt for one.

In fact, more isn’t always better, but don’t get discouraged. It might get frustrating, but “slow and steady wins the race” is the mindset to have here.

Talk to the girls, ask questions, make statements and tease them while observing their reactions. This helps you to narrow down your list of candidates.

Thai Cupid has a powerful search engine that allows you to look for girls by location, age, weight, size, education, job and even income.

The good thing about narrowing down the search is that matches you do get are very likely to want to talk to you, as you’re clearly compatible and have things in common. This saves time and effort.

Sometimes the icebreaker with the girls can be impersonal, too many smiley faces and not too much of thoughts in the conversation.

This is because Thai people are easy going and don’t like to overthink.

Usually, the younger the girl, the less communicative she is going to be. If you value more communication over age, search for an older and professional woman.

I hear you screaming: “Rocco, what type of women can I expect to meet online?”

The type of girls you can expect to meet on Thai Cupid are:

  • Students
  • Office girls
  • Nurses
  • Government employee
  • Small business owner
  • Massage girls
  • Freelancers

Most of the girls on ThaiCupid are looking for a stable relationship. They have opted for online dating because they don’t like to go out in clubs and bars to socialize, they are good girls after all.

If you’re searching for good girls, ThaiCupid is an excellent platform for this.


There is Technically a Free Option, But It’s Pretty Worthless

With the free account, you can create your profile, upload pictures, see your matches, receive messages but you can’t talk to anyone.

I think this is a way to show you that the platform is working and there are thousands of girls ready to meet you before you pay. A kind of seeing is believing.

The paid membership starts at a mere $10 per month. The price is ridiculous considering the opportunity to meet hundreds of girls so quickly.

When I think to all the money I’ve spent before the online dating era and how much effort I’ve put in to get the girls, I feel like know is just too convenient.

To be honest, sometimes it can be annoying to be a keyboard warrior instead of a street renegade, but technology has changed the way we meet and date Thai girls.

So, why don’t you take advantage of it instead of being afraid?

If you’re planning to use Thai Cupid then you need either a PayPal account or a credit or debit card to become a member otherwise you’ll not be able to chat with the girls.

So, without cards or a PayPal account don’t bother to sign up for free because is worthless.


ThaiCupid Is Good For: Guys Who Want to Date Serious Girls

You want to meet genuine and love caring Thai women who are searching for Mr. Right.

You have tried other means to get to know girls (es. Facebook) without success.

You don’t work in Thailand so don’t have a social circle that allow you to meet quality girls.

You have $10 to become a paid member because is the only way you can talk to the girls.

You are looking for a beautiful, feminine and educated woman.

You are tired of Thai women that only want money from you.


ThaiCupid Is Bad For: Impatient, Hooker Addicts, or Those Looking For a Night Stand

χ You are not interested in meeting a Thai girl for love.

χ You are looking for a night fling.

χ You are addicted to red light districts, hookers and booze.

χ You prefer to spend $40 for a night with a hooker than $10 for a subscription with Thai Cupid.


Alternatives; Thai Cupid VS Thai Friendly

The main competitor is Thai Friendly, which has a similar pool of users. The interfaces are quite different where I’ve found Thai Cupid being a bit cold and bland compared to Thai Friendly.

Regarding the quality of girls, both platforms share the same pool of users. I’ve seen the same girls on Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly on several occasions.

In both platforms, Thai girls are looking for relationships with foreign men, which is a significant advantage compared to day games.

Thai Cupid is a big winner when it comes to search filters. The options are limitless whereas it’s competitor can only filter basic stuff like location, age, weight, height and a few more.

Having said that, this filter system is a wonderful tool only if users are honest and make an effort to write accurate profiles. I doubt that most Thai girls do that, but it’s only my opinion.

Thai Friendly is slightly cheaper than Thai Cupid on the 1-year basic subscription. You save a miserable $1 per month, not an essential factor in deciding which platform to subscribe too.

Overall, both platforms are very similar with only small differences.

I find Thai Cupid a better option when I travel to smaller places because it seems there are more girls online available, which helps to get get the right date.

Besides this, both platforms can do the job well in finding you a date, especially in Bangkok.


Are There Many Success Stories Though?

Thai Cupid website report many success stories:

Thai Cupi review testimonials

My readers often write to me about their online dating success stories, here an example:

Thanks Rocco for your dating tips. I learn that if you go to a dating site and put a little time in, you can meet plenty of girls who are willing to spend time with you. I find that when a girl knows you’re seriously coming, she’s a lot more eager to meet you.

P.S I’m not a fan of spending a lot of money on bar fines. – Frederik, Denmark

This website is an excellent tool for single men looking for quality Thai women and at the same time, it’s great for Thai women who want to get an advantage over party girls.

They want to meet a decent guy who wants to respect and love a woman in the traditional way.

Definitely, they can’t find that type of foreign men in clubs and bars so they turn to online dating.

If you’re serious about getting a great Thai woman, online dating sites are the place for you.


The Final Verdict; Is Thai Cupid Worth The Effort?

If you’re tired of having your feelings f*cked with from bar girls, Thai Cupid is your best bet when it comes to finding someone who wants to know you not only your bank account.

For the best results, when you sign up you might want to sit down and think about what you really want. Maybe a girlfriend to share experiences without much commitment or perhaps a wife to build a life together.

Whatever are your reasons to be on a Thai dating site, it’s worth to make it clear to yourself and others. This will help you to avoid pain along the way while saving time and money.

I have found Thai Cupid an excellent platform to meet genuine Thai girls while seeing the other side of the coin away from the red light districts.

There is nothing wrong having a threesome time to time with bar girls but I’ve found that having a deep connection with a lovely girl is much more rewarding, yet exciting.

I’ve had amazing experiences with the girls met on Thai Cupid, and I’m happy to recommend it to any guy looking for a Thai woman. You can simply visit the Thai Cupid’s home page and sign up to get started.

When you follow the steps by completing fully and honestly all the questions, you’ll match up with the right Thai woman for you.

No matter how old you are, your skin color, or if you’re bold, girls are looking for you right now.

I hope you’ve found this Thai Cupid review helpful. I’ve shown you the way. Now you’ve to put in the work to get that dream Thai girl.

Search, be patient, search again… You’re bound to succeed.