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How To Pick Up Chinese Girls & Get Laid

China still remains one of the most exciting places for foreigners to get laid, if not the most controversial. Controversial in the sense that most Chinese don’t agree, yet the easiness for foreigners to get laid is incredible.

Some have attributed the success rate due to the significant number of single girls that didn’t get married in her 20s. In China, girls over 26 years of age aren’t any more marriage material for Chinese men. It’s a cultural thing.

That is an excellent opportunity for you if you don’t mind to hook up with girls 26+ years old. If you want to enjoy a great run with younger girls in their 18-26 years, you better learn Mandarin and be prepared to compete with local men.


Is Getting Laid In China Easy?

Most of the major cities in China are quite interesting for foreign men looking to meet girls and get laid. The easiest Chinese cities to hook up are:

In these cities, a foreigner gets instant attention from the girls, this makes the chances of you getting laid grow immensely.

As you see from this interview, Chinese women prefer to hook up with a foreigner instead of a Chinese man…

As you can see, you don’t need any kind of game to get laid in China, just be gentle and respectful. Chinese women are feminine, receptive, and down to fuck.

The only kind of disadvantage you may face is there are girls who see you as a way out of their struggles, to stay unmarried forever.

So, in general, approach the whole scenario with caution and finesse, and you’ll discover that most girls want to get back to your place.

You’re now probably wondering where you can meet Chinese girls.


Best Places To Meet Chinese Girls

pick up girls in china dating

If you want to meet Chinese girls who are genuinely into foreign men, the best place to start looking is…

1. Online

One of the easiest ways to meet girls in China whether you already are in the country or not is online. Popular dating sites like China Love Cupid have plenty of Chinese girls dreaming to meet a foreign man.

Just put on your profile, pics that show you like a good and kind-looking man, preferably well-off – but neither a player nor some overconfident Casanova. This way, cute and honest Chinese girls will consider you worthy of their time and emotional investment.

Create a good list of girls you like, arrange dates, and keep busy throughout your vacation.

If the online scenery isn’t your thing, then maybe the nightlife may work for you…

2. Nightclubs & Bars

The Chinese nightlife isn’t boring by any stretch of your imagination, there are plenty of nightclubs and bars to pick up girls.

If you have the confidence to approach and can keep the conversation going with a group of women, your chances to score are quite. The only downside is the high percentage of prostitutes in the nightspot popular among foreigners.

Here are some of the clubs where there’s high traffic of girls in the major cities:

  • Hollywood Club in Shanghai
  • Taps Brewpub in Beijing
  • Fei Bar in Guangzhou
  • Club Viva in Shenzhen


3. Malls & Shopping Complexes

picking up chinese girl in the mall

The best thing about China is that there isn’t a shortage of girls at any point, so your chances are quite massive. With the many malls and complexes around the country, you can meet several girls who are out shopping.

However, to pick up girls and get laid during the day isn’t that straight forward. Chinese girls are quite shy, and they don’t want to be seen been picked up by a random guy during the day. The reason is most of the time they are out shopping with close friends, and it can be not very pleasant.

Also, you have to be really good at approaching girls if you’re to stand a chance. And it would be better if you can speak some basic Chinese too.

Here are some of the places you’d like to check out in the major cities:

  • The Malls at Oriental Plaza in Beijing
  • Yitian Holiday Plaza in Shenzhen
  • Super Brand Mall in Shanghai
  • Victory Plaza in Guangzhou

When talking to the girls during the day, make sure to sneak your contact without her friend’s notice. Her reputation is important, and she doesn’t want to appear easy.

With all that said, now…


How Do You Get China Girls Interested In You

getting girls in China

Now that you already are in talking terms, you’re probably wondering how to get her interested in you enough to introduce you to her thighs. Remember, the more a girl is interested in you, the faster you get laid.

Here are some practical tips when dealing with Chinese ladies:

  • Be Confident

In China, you need to be confident in yourself and your looks first as you’ll be the one approaching the girls. Most of them want you just because you are a foreigner but won’t tell you.

  • Be Nice and Friendly

The girls are quite shy, so you can’t approach them with a stone face and expect them to speak with you. Being nice, friendly, and also knowing a bit of Mandarin will go a long way to getting you laid.

  • It Takes Some Patience

It won’t happen with a snap of your fingers. It takes a lot of patience to get a girl interested in you enough to give you some. Remember she doesn’t want to look loose in front of her friends, so take it slow with her.

  • Exchange Contacts

Once you get her talking, get her contact information. Simulate her through provocative and sexual conversations, she’ll like it.

  • Take Her Out on A Date

You want her to feel special? That’s a good way for you to score. Take her out on a date, and she’ll feel comfortable with you. Preferably it should be a date close to your place.

  • Be Romantic

You’re expected to be romantic, be just that on your date, and you’re well on your way under that short skirt she has on.


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