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how to meet asian girls

How To Meet Asian Girls Right Now

Are you ready to meet your first Asian Girl?

In a minute, I’m going to show in simple steps how to do that.

But first, I would like to share my recent conversation with my friend Tom about Asian girls.

Tom, a friend of mine, used to travel to Asia for years and at first, he was excited but over the years, Tom stopped to tell me about his adventures in Asia.

So, I decided to find out what was bothering him, after all, I care about my friends.

Tom genuinely admitted that his first years were just incredible. A lot of girls, parties, wild sex, adventures all day along,but now things are changed.

I got curious and asked: “what is changed?”

“Asia is changed, Asian girls too.”

Before, the girls used to treat me like their boyfriend but now is only about money and sex.

I had to laugh.

“Rocco, why you laugh at me?”

“Tom, I’m not laughing at you. Asia or Asian girls aren’t changed, but you have.”


Tom doesn’t realize his perception of Asian girls is changed over the years.

At first, it’s like stepping in Disney Land: hundreds of girls willing to get laid and do whatever asked… You want a girlfriend experience, you will get it… You want lust and sex, you will get it.

But over the years, Tom wanted more, not only a bang or a pretentious girlfriend but an honest relationship with a love caring woman.

Unfortunately, Tom didn’t change his approach. He was still hitting the bars and usual tourist places where he spent years enjoying himself having sex and wild parties almost daily.

Tom needs to change, not Asia or Asian girls.

So, I’m addressing this to both Toms: the first time traveler to Asia and the experienced men who are looking for love instead of lust.


Meet Local Girls Before Traveling

Meet girls before departure, right now!

Yeap, this is my secret to successfully bang more than ten but less than hundreds of beautiful girls every year, and I mean, NICE girls, not sloppy hookers.

I still do the hookers, but I don’t count them.

Most travelers get the process to meet local girls, wrong. For some reason, most travelers either worry about the hotel, booking the flight, did I mention the insurance?

Let me tell you something: you are going to travel to meet women, so you should focus on the women first.

It might sound simple, but I get everyday emails asking for hotels and locations tips. My answer is always the same: “Dude, why don’t you ask your new girlfriend?”

“No girlfriend, yet?”

That’s why you should focus first on contacting the girls, second on planning your trip.

Let me repeat myself because it’s important:

  1. First: contact the girls
  2. Second: plan your holiday

It’s like to go out for a date to a very famous restaurant in your city, first you call the restaurant to book a table and then you go to eat there. Make sense?

Sometimes, I don’t even book the hotel room, I just sleep in the girl’s apartment/room for a few nights.

Honestly, it’s more interesting than spending a holiday in a cold hotel room. Not only is more intimate and exciting, but it’s a guarantee “hunga bunga” sort of speak.

Do you agree?

Now that’s not to say that it’s not possible to meet girls at the location, but “Heeee, why to complicate things?”

You’ll find yourself going up against the odds in meeting the perfect girl.

Keep in mind this: “The goal is to find a girl or a few girls that will have a connection with you, making your holiday as pleasant as possible.”

Meeting the perfect girl, or the hottest girls at the destination it’s hard because they are in demand. The young and handsome dudes will have the upper hands.

With that in mind, our primary goal is to find a girl for you right now, and I mean right now while you are reading this post. But you might be thinking “Okay, great but how?”

Well, I’m going to give you my system right here, right now.

STEP 1; Sign up with a reputable dating site. There are many options in Asia and you might be already a member of an Asian dating site. If not, check out my review of the best dating sites in Asia.

STEP 2; Create a profile that attracts the right girls. Think about what your goals are, cause not all the girls fit in. They have to know what you want.

STEP 3; Filter – Filter – Filter. I know that most girls are cute, and you would like to meet all of them. But are the right for you? It’s a kinda of an interview process, where you need to find out if they are a good fit for you. 

STEP 4; Plan the trip or get her to you. Now that you are sure she is a good fit for you, it’s time to meet up in real life. Bring her to you, or plan a trip to her. Score!

That’s pretty much the whole system, you could totally take that and run with it. But if you want ALL the details and step-by-step how-tos, then you should check out my step to step guide how to meet Asian women online.

If you follow my process and read my tips, girls will contact you right away.

I hope it’s going to inspire you to take on an epic journey to Asia.