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Batam girls for sex

Best Places To Meet Sexy Batam Girls

If you are planning to visit this island in Indonesia, most probably you want to know the best places to meet Batam girls.

That’s exactly what I will show you today.

Batam has long been one the best-kept secrets as a low-cost getaway for Singaporean only 45 minutes away by ferry from Singapore.

During the day, there isn’t much to do except to play golf and have an erotic massage in the SPAs.

At night is when the action start and your best bet to hook up with sexy local women…

sexy batam girls

I think the first thing you want to know is where to stay to enjoy Batam girls, right?

That would be “NED” also known as “Nagoya Entertainment District” which is the main entertainment area in downtown Nagoya.

This area is a “Pay for Play” zone where you can have sex with girls working in massage parlours, karaokes, or freelancers in bars & clubs.

Batam girl prices start at 100k for a simple hand job to 1.2 million for a short time with a hot babe in a karaoke bar.

If paying for girls isn’t your thing, there are plenty of non-working women interested in dating foreign men… It’s all about knowing where they hang out and the best way to get in contact with them.

So, today I’m going to show you the best ways and places to meet Batam girls so you don’t spend a lonely time during your stay on the island.

The first way to meet sexy Batam girls is to visit…


Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars in Batam

Batam women clubbing

If you love nightlife and the adrenaline to pick up girls at night, there are a few decent places in Batam.

Don’t expect to find cool nightclubs like in Jakarta or Bali… Or sexy girls like in Bandung… But definitely, you’ll find women willing to please.

The atmosphere is laid back and the girls are friendly, but as I said earlier: “most of them want only money”.

In other words, the majority of Batam girls out at night are hookers while the good girls stay at home.

So, don’t expect to have sex for free or have some kind of love affair.

Get ready to shell out from 300k to up 900k Rupiah, but in average a Batam freelancer prostitute cost 600k for all night.

The best bars and nightclub to pick up girls in Batam for sex are:

  • F1 Club is the most popular club in town. Many hot girls working in the nearby Karaoke move in here late at night.
  • Ice pub Batam is a party place where you can play pool and pick up bar girls.
  • Pacific Discotheque it’s a happening club in the week ends located inside Pacific Palace hotel.
  • No Name Bar is the best bar with live music and on weekends you can pick up non pro Batam girls.
  • Tipsy Bar is the kind of place to play under the hostess’s skirt.
  • Fat Willy’s & Dirty Dick’s Bar is a good place for cheap drinks and naughty girls.
  • HH Club is a loud techno disco where you can pick up hookers.
  • Planet 2 Disco is probably the darkest club in Batam. Use a torch to check out a prostitute to take her back home.

If you are looking for guest friendly hotels (no joining fee) in the entrainment area, I recommend Pacific Palace Hotel and Harmony Hotel.

They are clean, convenient, guest friendly and cheap.


Go Go Bar & Strip Club

pp banana batam

One and only is PP Banana lounge, not because it’s the best but because is literally the only Go Go bar that offers striptease in Batam.

When I first visited the place, there were a few customers and 6 hostesses strolling the place.

Don’t expect to see young spinners but rather Indonesian women in their 30s. The place is hidden above Lucy’s Oarhouse in Kampung Bule, not easy to find.

By tipping the girls with 200.000 Rupiah they are going to take off their cloth in the lounge.

If that isn’t enough for you and want the full action, with 500.000 Rupiah you can take the girls upstairs for sex.


KTV in Batam

ktv girl in batam

KTVs in Batam are usually lounges with live music where people can sing. There are families, group of single girls and friend frequenting those places.

The thing is there are also attractive hostesses for companionship who are available for sex.

There are short time rooms on the premise, so you don’t need to take the girls anywhere.

KTV’s girls prices range from 800k to 1.2m for a pop.

The best KTVs in Batam are:


Happy Ending Massage Spas

happy ending massage in batam

Most probably the best pay for sex option in Batam during the day.

There are so many massage places offering extras that would take weeks before you try them all.

So, to make things easy for you, I’ve selected only the best SPAs that offer happy endings:

  • Delta SPA has hot girls and offers excellent massages with HJ included in the price.
  • Newton SPA is inside Newton Hotel. There is also karaoke and nightclub packed with freelancers.
  • King’s Massage offer incall and outcall services directly to your hotel room.

On top of the standard massage price, there is the cost for extras: 100k HJ, 200k BJ and 400k for sex.


girls in batam online

Not everyone wants to pay for sex or bang a dry p…y, that’s the problem with girls in the entrainment area like NED.

Most of the girls in NED are pro while the good girls stay at home. After all, this is a Muslim country and things happen with discretion behind closed doors.

So, if you want to meet decent girls in Batam, the best way for foreign men is to use a popular Indonesian dating site. They are the go-to place where local women for a fetish for foreign men go to hook up.

Go for some small talks, keep things simple and be natural in your the way you approach… You are going to be surprised at how many girls in Batam are hot for action.

The most common mistake that men do is two go with two sentences and ask to meet. That isn’t going to work because it screams: desperation!

Take the time to have a chat as you do with friends, and after a few days ask to meet. That why I recommend starting using dating sites and apps 2-3 weeks before visiting Batam, so you can build a list of girls to meet.

There is nothing better than having genuine intimate moments with a girl interested in you, not your wallet.

Just imagine touching her panties and feeling her wet panties only for you. How make you feel knowing she hot for you?

If you are tired of going with hookers, meeting Indo girls online id the way to go.

batam sex lady

As you can see, there are many options to have sex in Batam with local girls.

I didn’t mention the pubs or the malls, but only the easiest places where to find sexy girls hot for action.

The island is a great destination for spending a few days of naughtiness but after that, it can get boring.

There are only Indonesia girls in Batam after all.

If you want to taste something different, I recommend visiting Singapore for a sex holiday.

There, you can find girls from all over Asia.