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How To Have Sex With Indonesian Women

Indonesia is a Muslim country (It’s not the big news). Thanks to this fact, many travelers assume there’s no sex here.

Even being here, you see so many university girls and mature women in hijabs that it’s hard to imagine getting laid.

But how surprised would you be if I told you that some of the best sex I ever had was in Indonesia?

And I must mention the ivory-skinned Chinese Indonesians and large-breasted Javanese women. They believe in polygamy, male dominance and pleasing their man by any means necessary.

Sound fun? It is!

Some Indo woman may be strictly Muslim – but places like Jakarta and Bali are a literal parade of beauties willing to give you a good time.

All you need to know is where to find them – and how to deal with them… and you’ll get some of the hottest, kinkiest, wettest sex in your life.

Regarding the “how part”, I’ll share the key facts every player must know about Indonesian women for a truly unforgettable holiday.


Appearances Matter So Be A Good Boy

Indonesia is a Muslim, paternalistic society. Women here are afraid of what people might say if they see them with a foreign man in public.

They’re also scared of how their family might react – especially if they discover that their daughter is having kinky sex with you.

This means that Indonesian women will rarely show you overt signs of affection in public.

Instead, they will subtly signal their interest – and you need to pick up her message while approaching respectfully.

As a result, be patient with these girls. Don’t expect them to necessarily show public displays of affection or flirt with you overtly in front of other people.

They may be kinky and liberal in bed, but they still need to show their community a “good girl” image – even if it’s just a front.

This works both ways. Westerners are used to living in liberal societies where everyone can express themselves freely.

This is fine – but acting this way around Indonesians can come across as rude and inconsiderate. Instead, do your best to dress smart, act polite and keep up appearances.

When comes to online dating, Indonesian women tend to be more open-minded. Often, after a few days of chatting, it’s common to exchange intimate photos.


Be Strong & Respectful

The word “Islam” is a form of the Arabic word for “submission” or “surrender”. Ironically, this is exactly what you’ll find if you date or sleep with Indonesian women.

They enjoy being subservient, letting their man be their “boss” and doing things that please you.

This, of course, is a two-way street – just like appearances (see point 1).

As a man, you are expected to be strong but respectful, handling your woman with grace.

If you can do that much, though?

  1. Get ready for all the mind-blowing sex you want;
  2. A woman whose #1 mission is your happiness; real affection, real emotions and real passion.

After all, most Indonesia women grow up closeted – but they know that foreigners like you live differently.

They’re excited to see what you can teach them, and they’re eager to express themselves freely.

At the same time, you might be surprised to find out they…


Polygamy Is Common Practice

Have you ever dreamed of having sex with multiple women who know each other – and get along with each other?

Then Indonesia just might be your kind of place!

The primary reason is, of course, Islam – a religion that’s A-OK with a man having up to 4 wives.

The secondary reason is that so many Indonesians are poor.

For many families, having their daughter be a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th wife of a successful man is preferable to her being with someone poor.

In this sense, this is a truly unique opportunity for you to be with women who not only get along with each other, but whose families are fine with you having multiple wives.

The same thing, of course, also applies to girlfriends.

A man is not expected to be with just one woman – he’s just expected to be decent and respectful to whomever he’s with.

At the same time, though…


Indonesian Women are Modern

Indonesia is a bit of a melting pot. Chinese, Balinese, Javanese and many other ethnicities live in this country – and they do so peacefully.

As a result, local women tend to be open-minded – especially if they’ve lived in a place like Jakarta or Bali and seen lots of tourists.

This makes Indonesia unique amongst Muslim countries. Yes, people have lots of traditions and appreciate their culture and heritage – but they’re also open to new ideas, experiences, and memories.

In this way, Indonesia is very different from most Muslim countries.


In Conclusion…

One thing that’s very important to understand about Indonesia is that there’s no single culture in this country.

You get all kinds of people here – and you may find that a Chinese Indonesian is very direct, while their Javanese counterparts are withdrawn and elusive in conversation.

If you want to truly succeed here, keep an open mind and never assume.

Another thing you want to remember is sex tourism in Indonesia is accepted and tolerated. The sex industry is open to locals and not just foreigners. Meaning it’s not strange or weird to pay for women.

But it’s unnecessary to pay for sex because many local girls love to hook up with foreigners. The best way to have sex with local women is by using dating apps in Indonesia.

All in all, I consider Indonesia to be the hidden beauty of South-East Asia.

The women here are hot, diverse and enjoy being submissive. Combine this with their fetish for foreigners (especially white guys) and you’ve got a dream come true.

Just make sure you do your homework before you book a flight.