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How To Pick Up Almaty Girls & Get Laid

Almaty is the most desirable city to hook up in central Asia. Although Kazakhstan is predominantly Muslim, you’d expect the ladies here to be more reserved than most Asian girls.

But those are just assumptions, Almaty girls are quite outgoing and pretty much open-minded about sex. And I’m referring to everyday girls in this article, if you want to learn about escorts, freelancers or the P4P scene (pay for play scene), consider reading the Almaty guide for Single Men.

The only challenge you face is the barbarian men there. They are quite protective of their girls and aggressive forward foreigners who are perceived to foul around

The other challenge is that most of the girls live with their parents until marriage, and they have rules and curfew to follow.

But still, as a foreigner, you have an unfair advantage to pick up local girls and get laid in Almaty.

You probably have several questions burning through your mind right now like “how easy is it to get laid? Where you can meet the girls? etc.”

Let me provide some of the answers to your questions…


How Easy Is It To Get Laid In Almaty?

First of all, these women are steaming hot, with petite figures, incredible hair and gorgeous faces. There’s no way you wouldn’t want to get laid with at least one girl in Almaty…

Almaty girl getting laid

But when it comes to getting laid, it all depends on how well you approach the situation.

Unlike most Asian cities, here you have to deal with the men who generally don’t want you to touch their girls. And it would be best if you have a proper strategy that I’m going to reveal later in this article.

Girls in Almaty crave to hook up with a foreigner… You can easily tell by the interests you get on popular dating sites in Kazakhstan. But avoid being “stack up” sort of speak. Instead, be gentle and compliment a lot.

They love it because their barbaric men don’t know what it means to be a gentleman. It may take a few conversations to get her there, but with patience and determination, she’s likely to give in…

So, by the end of the day, it isn’t that hard to get laid in Almaty if you are patient, gentle, and know where to meet girls interested in foreign men.


Best Places To Meet Girls In Almaty

hook up with Almaty girl

Remember when I said Almaty men are aggressive and protective of their women?

Well, there’s somewhere they don’t have the power to restrict their women. That’s online, and that’s where you should start…

1. Online

One of the best places to look for Almaty girls interested in foreigners is online… And with the local men being so aggressive and protective, it’s the perfect cover to meet girls.

The most sites in Kazakhstan is at the moment is Russian Cupid. Plenty of girls who crave to meet a foreign man.

Just put down a few exciting lines about yourself and post a recent clear picture of yourself. You should then verify your profile and upgrade your membership to receive more interest from the girls.

You want some options for variety when you arrive, so create a list of girls you can meet.

2. Malls

When trying to pick up girls during the day, you have to be confident about your looks, first. That’s everywhere and Almaty isn’t any different. So dress properly.

You then have to gather up the courage to walk up to the girls and talk to them. Every 10 girls you approach, you should expect 2-3 leads and one hookup.

The best mall to hang out to pick up girls in Almaty is Essential Mall. That’s where the traffic of beautiful girls is heavy during the day.

Learning a few local words like saying hello can boost your day game.

3. Nightclubs & Bars

Despite Almaty being in a Muslim country, the nightlife is pretty much one of the best in Central Asia. With a wide variety of nightclubs and bars, you can easily meet girls.

The kicker, however, is these joints are generally silent during the weekdays. It’s only during the weekends when it all comes alive.

The best place to find yourself is around the Park of 28 Panfilov Garden and Gogol Street.

If you manage to beat off the confidence issues and facing the idea of rejection in your face, you then have to deal with the local men. They can be dangerously aggressive when you try to walk away with a Kazakh woman.

I think all that Vodka they drink, go to their brain 🙁

Anyway, the best joints to pick up girls in Almaty are:

  • Sky Bar
  • Ooh Chic
  • Soho Bar
  • Vzletnaya
  • TSB


How To Get Almaty Girls Interested In You

As you can see in this video, one sure way is to get her to tour you around the city talking about her culture.

Girls in Almaty love foreigners interested to learn about their culture, food, and origins. But there is more, so here are a few tips to improve your chances with women in Almaty:

  • Be In-charge

These girls have been brought up in a way that a woman knows her place. So, you want to be in charge and steer the conversations you have with her, even online.

  • Exchange Contacts

It’s crucial you have her contacts and since she won’t ask you for yours out of fear of being perceived desperate, ask her for contact details.

  • Take Her On Special Dates

It may take more than one date for the girls to give in to you. Usually, after the second date, she is down to fuck. Only Russian girls for a nightstand, Kazakh ladies is a No-No.

  • Remember To Be Romantic

Almaty men aren’t known for their romantic side, and this is why these women prefer you. Don’t be a jerk, and forget to be romantic.

  • Don’t Be Shy

She already wants to be with you, and she’s also open to the idea of having sex. But she hasn’t been brought up to ask for it, so you have to do the onus.

So, don’t shy away from asking her to come to your room.

Remember, the local men are quite protective in Almaty, and the girls don’t want to be seen leaving with you from nightclubs and bars. So, avoid to hang out with your date at night.

You better go for a romantic drink and dinner, and before 9 pm, bring her back to your place.


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