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How To Pick Up Kazakhstan Girls & Get Laid

Are you planning for a trip to Kazakhstan and wondering how to meet local girls?

There are a number of girls who are interested to hook up with foreign men, despite Kazakhstan is predominantly an Islamic country.

If you know where to hook up and have an understanding of the dating culture here, you can definitely score.

And I’m not referring to easy girls like the one you find in the pick-up joints, but everyday girls like students or office workers. If you prefer to pay girls for companionship or sex, refer to the Kazakhstan guide for single men.

And, I know you probably have a lot of questions, so this guide is going to answer most of them. Let’s start with…


How Easy Is It To Get Laid In Kazakhstan?

First of all, let’s make something clear, Kazakhstan women are friendly and attractive, though conservative.

In fact, it’s quite hard to find a country with so many attractive women as much as Kazakhstan…

And most of them are quite fond of foreign men as you can see by the attention you get on dating sites.

Getting the girl to the bedroom will, however, require more skill than just being a foreigner. You can’t just expect to treat the girls as their own men do and expect her to get down.

They may be brought up in strong Muslim tradition, but they rarely are practicing when it comes to sexual matters. Just make her comfortable enough and you can score.

By the end of it all, it all depends on how well you can read and adapt to the situations and the dating culture. But once you meet her twice, she is down to fuck.

With that said, you want to know where you can meet girls interested in foreign men, right?


Best Places To Meet Girls In Kazakhstan

meeting Kazakh girl online

There are a number of places where you can meet Kazakhstani girls, but the best are:

1. Online

If you want to meet girls Kazakhstan girls even before setting foot in the country, then meeting girls online is the best option.

Instead of wasting days trying to talk up girls and arrange a date, meet them online for a ‘sure bet’ when you land.

The best way is to use a popular dating site in Kazakhstan like Russian Cupid.

Write a few lines about yourself, and then post your best and recent pictures. Ensure that you verify your profile and lastly upgrade your membership.

You can now build a list of girls you’d like to meet up with when you get to Kazakhstan.

2. Malls

Malls aren’t just about to go shopping but a place to strike up conversations with girls and get phone numbers.

The catch is you have to be confident and have mastered the art of approaching girls.
Especially when approaching girls, you need to know how to deal with their friends as well.

While that isn’t easy, but if you somehow you do gather up the courage, there are a number of malls and shopping centers in any major city in Kazakhstan.

3. Nightclubs & Bars

You’d expect that a country like Kazakhstan with all their Muslim traditions wouldn’t have a nightlife, right?

Well, Astana and Almaty have quite a lot going on at night. There are a good number of clubs and bars there where you can hook up.

The challenge is that during the weekdays, the clubs and bars are ghost towns with little to no girls. But when the weekend comes along, it all comes alive and you can pick up girls.

The only challenge is local men are quite protective and jealous of their girls, so you should be careful… And watch out for the working girls. You don’t want to wake up to a girl who’s expecting a tip from you 😮

Now that you know that there are girls and that they’re interested in foreigners like you… And also aware of where to find them… the last question you may have is how you can get the girls interested in you…


How To Get Kazakhstan Girls Interested In You

getting women in Kazakhstan

I know you’re probably thinking that just because you’re a foreigner, the girls will throw themselves at you… Well, that won’t happen. You have to work for it if you’re to get laid.

The girls are friendly, but that doesn’t mean they’re all down to fuck. Some couldn’t be interested if you tried for the rest of your life. A few are virgins until marriage and others just don’t like foreign men but prefer to go local.

Here are a few tips you should put to practice:

  • Be Gentle

First of all, girls in Kazakhstan expect you to be gentle. You can’t be anything less than that.

From your first impression of her, she should feel your gentleness and feel comfortable around you.

  • Look Good

The first way to attract her is to look good. Always look your best and not like someone’s grandpa. Show the girls you put some effort and thought into what you wear.

  • Steer The Conversation

The girls have been raised in a way that she doesn’t steer anything. She wants you to stimulate the conversation and her as well.

  • A Date Works A Treat

Now that you have her contact, arrange for a date and blow her mind. Be romantic and thoughtful.

If you follow these simple tips, she’ll give you an excellent time… One you won’t forget.


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