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Guide to Dating Boracay Girls For Single Guys

If you are looking for places to meet single girls in Boracay, you are going to find that information here.

You’ll discover the best hookups to meet women during the day and at night.

First, we’d talk about the vibrant Boracay nightlife and reveal the hottest nightclubs and bars to pick up girls. Then, we’d talk about the day game and connecting with girls online.

I’m also sharing some tips to hook up with Boracay girls during your stay and how to avoid the many hookers on the island.

Let’s start with…


Boracay Nightlife For Singles

Boracay nightlife is fun, especially if you love to party on the beach or in a boat.

It isn’t as crowded as in Cebu or Manila, but you are going to meet up some hot girl.

Most of the action at night in Boracay is mainly on White Beach and is concentrated at Station 2 where you can find lots of Filipinas, Koreans and some European girls partying there.

There are other spots up at Station 1 and 3, but not as happening as in White Beach or Station 2.

Most girls mingle around with friends so you need to have a good game to approach or have a wingman.

Like in most nightlife spots in the Philippines, you will meet Filipino hookers and ladyboys. Ladyboys can be a pain in the butt as they are aggressive in trying to get your attention.

So, where to get started?

The best place to start the night is in one of the popular Boracay pick up bars where you can have some drinks and scout for single girls.

If you don’t get lucky, later you can visit a nightclub where the girls hot for action go to have fun.


Best Nightclubs And Bars To Pick Up Girls in Boracay


  1. Epic

It’s the hottest and biggest club in Boracay with an entrance fee of just 200 Pesos. The crowd here are mostly European and Filipino girls and maybe a few adventurous Koreans.

  1. Summer Place

The best club in Boracay to meet up with Korean girls. You will also find also Filipinas and some Russians.

  1. Cocomangas

An old club in Boracay famous for its 15 shooters drinking challenge. The club has a higher ratio of hookers and get quiet after midnight.

  1. Club Paraw

A classy and popular club to party just across Cocomangas. It’s not so busy on the weekdays but has a better crowd on weekends.

  1. Aplaya Beach Bar

A trendy bar with an indoor and outdoor section with bean bags for seats and nice music. It’s a place to meet the cool-headed girls and a nice date spot.

  1. Exit Bar

It’s a great bar to start your night game with some drinks but gets crowded as a result of the cheaper price of drinks. The ratio of guys to girls is very high in this bar but hot chicks do come around.

  1. Boracay Star

It’s the only nightclub in White Beach and is located in Station 3. There are lots of western women in this club if that’s your thing.

  1. Club Insomnia

A great place to pick up hot and slutty Filipino girls. Though, some might be part-time freelancers.


How To Meet Boracay Women During The Day

There really isn’t any specific way to meet Boracay women during the day; The most obvious way to day game here will be to approach girls on the beach… Or anywhere else for that matter.

The Island is small and the girls here are really diverse. Filipinas, Koreans, Chinese, Russians, French, Danish, etc.

The Filipinas make up about 50% of the girls so you can regard them as the Boracay women. Although, most of them come from different provinces to have some fun.

There is also a small modern air-conditioned mall just past Station 1 – City Mall.

Most women in Boracay on the island can speak English which helps to keep up with a conversation.


Chat With Single Girls Online


Girls on the island aren’t usually shy as most of them have come to have fun. But they are into beach boys and if you don’t have a six pack, hardly you are going to get noticed.

You don’t need to hit the gym before visiting Boracay, you can simply hook up in a different way where you can attract women by talking instead of physical attraction.

The easiest way to do that is by using a Filipino dating site where girls are into foreign men.

Dating online is where you can build your harem of Boracay girls, without worrying about getting a six pack figure.

It’s also the best way to make contact with the girls before you arrive on the island.

You are going to get access to several Filipinas and foreign women willing to meet up with you in Boracay.

Another idea is to search for a Manila girl and bring her down to the island. The flight costs just about $40. Of course, that’s if you are really interested.

Obviously, there are scammers, hookers and ladyboys on the websites as in any other part of the world.

If they ask for money or look too much beautiful to be a woman, you know they are fakes.


Tips For Single Guys In Boracay

Now that you know the best places and ways to meet singles in Boracay, I will give you some tips to get your first hook up.

Section 2 at the White Beach has the hottest nightlife in Boracay for singles.

There are exquisite bars, restaurants, and nightclubs to pick up and set up dates with Boracay women in the area.

Cha Cha’s is a great beachfront restaurant in section 2 where you can eat and chill with your date.

Boracay girls love their local dishes and Cha Cha has just that.

Consider staying in the hotels around stations 1 and 2 as they have closer proximity to the nightlife. Plus, this is where most of the girls are staying. YCL Hotel Boracay is a nice place to stay in.

Avoid hostels accommodations because you can get laid in there.

Moving around will not be an issue and you could walk to most places in the area.

If not, you won’t need more than a tricycle or motorcycle to get around the Boracay.

In general, finding single women won’t be a daunting task for a single guy in Boracay.


 Enjoy Dating Boracay Girls


The beautiful island is a great place to hook up with hot Boracay girls and foreign women in bikini.

Awesome right?

Don’t come here expecting girls to throw their panties at you just because you are a foreigner, except if you are handsome, tall and with a six-pack. But for sure it’s going to be easier getting laid in Boracay than in your home country.

Just follow the tips in this guide, do some homework by chatting up girls on dating sites and have fun with your Boracay dates.

That wraps up our best places to date girls in Boracay. Enjoy your stay.