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How To Pick Up Cebu Girls & Get Laid

Cebu is one of the best places in the Philippines to pick up and get laid. There are a good number of girls here who crave for foreigners.

Many young girls from several provinces come here to work in the IT service industry and to study in universities.

It means there is an abundance of single women that are highly educated and know all the good things a foreign man can provide.

There are some conservative ladies — even virgins until marriage — due to the fact of Catholic culture. You should stay away from them if you want an easy laid in Cebu.

And there are also some gold diggers around. The kind that sees a foreigner as the ‘jackpot.’ You shouldn’t mind about them if you aren’t searching for a serious relationship but only sex.

In the midst of all that, there is a good number of girls that you can meet. This guide is all about helping you to pick up and get laid in Cebu with your everyday girls and not for paying services. If you prefer to pay girls for sex, check out the Cebu guide for single men.

You might have a few questions paying out in your head. Let’s start with…


How Easy Is It To Get Laid In Cebu?

First of all, let me clear off something. Cebu girls are beautiful, friendly, and interested to talk to you…

First-time visitors undoubtedly think that all the girls they meet are interested in them. That’s how nice these girls are, and that will only grow your self-confidence.

With the extra friendliness, you have to approach the situation quite carefully. You don’t want to misjudge those cute smiles at the mall.

And, as I’ve already told you before, these girls want to hook up with foreigners, so you just need to push a little bit.

Some ladies may also think you want to marry them the moment you approach them. Anyway, If you get them horny and hot for you, they’ll be down to let you inside their pants pretty fast. Forget about all that dating stuff.

Social places like bars and nightclubs aren’t the best options to pick up girls. The girls are easy for a simple reason: they are prostitutes.

Meet girls online or at the mall are better options, and this brings us to…


Best Places To Meet Girls In Cebu


There are several places where to meet Cebu girls. Some it’s better than another, but it boiled down to your personal preferences. Let’s start with…

1. Online

To increase your chances of getting laid in Cebu the moment you land, why not meet the girls before you arrive?

That way, you can build a list of ladies eager to meet you and invest your time in Cebu to get laid instead to chase girls.

The best way to do it is by using a popular dating site such as Filipino Cupid. Ther are plenty of Filipino girls dreaming of meeting a foreign man.

To get started, write a few lines about yourself and post your best photos (a recent one, preferably).

Verify your profile and upgrade the membership. Not only your profile gets pushed up in the search (more girls see you), but that badge land more responses from the girls.

That’s it! Build a list of potential girlfriends, and once in Cebu, just meet up.

2. Malls

Malls are a better alternative to pick up girls than in club or bars. The average girls go out at night and sleep until late while the top-notch women are out shopping.

In other words, the malls have low traffic of hookers and are usually flocked with women interesting to meet.

But it would be best if you were confident and comfortable to approach women. If you aren’t, better you get to know girls online.

The best malls in Cebu to pick up girls are:

  • Ayala Mall
  • Robinsons Mall
  • SM Mall

Girls at the mall are usually friendly and you have to do is return the gesture in kind. And don’t forget to give a compliment or two.

Of course, there are also other opportunities to pick up girls during the day like nearby universities.

The last resort option is…

3. Nightclubs & Bars

While meeting girls during the day or online isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the night might accommodate.

There are a few nightspots where you can meet party girls, but watch out for Cebu hookers. There are many nightwalkers not only in the nightclubs and bars but also in the streets nearby.

The best pick up bars and clubs in Cebu are:

  • Club Holic
  • Complex Bar and Lounge
  • Club Icon

Remember, during the night, Cebu girls are less shy and are pretty open-minded forward one night stands. But make sure they don’t want any money the next day.


How To Get Cebu Girls Interested In You

You may be expecting Cebu girls to be throwing their panties at you simply because you’re a foreigner, but it won’t happen.

Like I said before, these girls are friendly, but not every one of them is interested in you.  You have to play it just right for these girls you meet to be ready to get intimate with you.

First all, you can’t be a jerk or play the bad boy game. Filipino girls have an idea of foreign men as romantic, well mannered, and gentle — totally the opposite of their barbarian countrymen.

The closer you get to that, the more you can score in Cebu.

Here are other few practical tips:

  • Be Presentable

A man who doesn’t look after himself can get only low-quality women. I mean, it won’t work for you at home, why would you think it can work in Cebu?

  • Smell Good

You can be well kept and all that, but if you don’t smell good, you won’t get some. You can make your moves, but she won’t drop that panty for you – there’s no motivation with bad smell.

  • Exchange Contacts

Ask her number, don’t be afraid. She waits for it.

  • A Simple Date Will Do

Cebu girls generally don’t want much from you. They already are attracted to you since you’re a foreigner.

Give her a treat with a simple date – preferably back at your room at the end.

Put these tips into practice and you’ll surely pick up Cebu girls, get laid and have an unforgettable time.


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