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How To Pick Up Girls In Philippines & Get Laid

If you want to meet Filipino ladies who are interested in foreign men and learn how to get laid fast, I’m going to show you the best places to pick up in the Philippines and give away tips on how to get laid quickly.

There are so many ways to pick up Filipino girls and get laid in the Philippines, but the best are online, nightclubs and bars, and at the mall. The choice is yours.

I also give tips on what to do and say to get Filipina interested in you when out on a date. So you don’t embarrass yourself and lose the opportunity to score.

By the way… I’m referring to everyday Filipina here. If you prefer to hook up with bar girls, freelancers, prostitutes, etc., consider reading the Philippine guide for single men instead.


How Easy Is It To Get laid In The Philippines?

Getting laid in the Philippines can be easy or hard. It all depends on the situation and how you make your approach to it.

These girls are used to not being treated well, and they want something different like someone who can make them feel special.

Treat the girls in a way they have never been treated before, and you can score easily. It usually doesn’t take more than a date to get laid in the Philippines. Most Filipino girls are quite open about sex.

All that “no pre-marital sex” or “only looking for a serious relationship,” it’s just a cover-up. In reality, Filipino women want to get intimate with you from the moment you land.

And though most girls in most parts are highly attracted to foreign men as you can see from the responses you get online, some aren’t into you. So move in on quickly because there is always another girl in line waiting for you.

A social experiment has revealed that ladies in the Philippines prefer to hook up with a foreigner instead of a Filipino man…

As you can see, Filipino girls are hot for foreign men, and they are down to fuck — no doubt about it.

So, in the end, it’s easy to get laid in the Philippines if you know the places where Filipinas go hunting for foreigners.


Best Places To Get Girls In The Philippines

pick up philippines girl nightlife

Either you want to meet Filipino women for a serious relationship or just want to get laid, the best places to hook up in the Philippines are:

1. Online

You don’t have to be in the Philippines to start meeting girls, and you shouldn’t. You can start a conversation with a Filipino girl right now, so once you land, she is ready to get intimate.

The best way to do that is to use a popular dating site like Filipino Cupid. Girls on this site are genuinely interested only in foreign men.

You can start meeting girls by just signing up then uploading some of your best pictures.
Then make sure your profile is verified and then upgrade your membership, so you get much more attention and replies from the girls.

Now, to increase your chances to get laid in the Philippines, build a list of girls you want to meet once in the Philippines.

2. Nightclubs & Bars

The Philippines has an established nightlife, and for most foreigners is the primary way to hook up with Filipinas. Though it doesn’t provide a smooth and confidence-boosting scenario like meeting girls online, you can still try it out.

You have to contend with the fact that there are many whores out at night in the Philippines. Distinguishing between an everyday girl and a working girl is a challenge.

Some of the best nightlife cities to hook up in Philippines are:


3. Malls

If you’re into the day game, there are a lot of malls in the cities you can visit while in the Philippines.

Malls provide a ‘safe place’ to meet girls in the Philippines without the fear of hooking up with a hooker. I said safe, don’t mistake that with easy, though.

First of all, you have to be extra-confident. Even at home, it isn’t that easy walking up to a girl and asking her out. So what makes you think it is easy here?

Then, there’s the prospect of getting rejected in your face, which in most cases, is a confidence killer.

Lastly, you may have to deal with groups of girls, and have to figure out how to break up the group and speak to your target, which is easier said than done.

Malls, however, are a great fix, and if you have it all figured out, you can get several phone numbers that lead to dates.


How To Get Filipino Girls Interested In You

getting girls in Philippines

Don’t be over-confident, and don’t expect every girl you meet to throw her panties at you. You have to put in the work to stand a chance to score a quality Filipino girl.

Here are a few practical tips you can use:

  • Be Gentle

With most of the Philippine girls you meet being friendly, you have to be gentle. Don’t be a jerk and think they all want to screw you.

  • Be Well Groomed And Smell Good

A man that most ladies will want to get in bed with is the well-kept one. Don’t be shambolic when it comes to how you dress and how you smell. Keep it fresh and presentable.

  • Get Her Contacts

She probably is waiting for you to ask her for her contacts, so, ask for it without fear.

  • Go For A Simple Date

Most Philippine girls don’t expect much from you. Especially those who just want to have a good time, as they’re already into you.

Take her out on a date, and even a simple one will do. Just make sure it is close to your room.

  • Be Romantic

The girls have an idea that foreigners are quite romantic, don’t disappoint her. She won’t disappoint you either when it comes to spreading it for you!

In conclusion, pick up and get laid in the Philippines is easy if you make the girls interested in you by following these simple tips.


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