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How To Pick Up Makati Girls & Get Laid

Makati is the best place to hook up with girls and get laid in the Philippines. With their petite and hot bodies, you’ll be drooling over them.

The girls here are not only open-minded, but they also don’t bring any baggage to sexual encounters. They are extremely friendly that you don’t have to play games or break your back to get laid.

The thing you have to watch out for is the number of hookers around, they’re in plenty.  In this article, I explain how to pick up and get laid with everyday girls in Makati. If you prefer to hook up with working girls, refer to the Makati sex guide.

Probably you have questions going through your mind like: where to find girls?… how easy is it to get laid in Makati?… How to get laid?…

Let me answer them…


How Easy Is It To Get Laid In Makati?

Makati girls are generally friendly and hot for foreign men.

You have to bring a good game while dealing with girls. They are informed, and you would find it hard finding dumb girls. So, you not only have to be on-the-know, but you also have to treat the girls politely.

You can’t start treating every girl like a whore and someone that will gladly take off their pants for you because you’re a foreigner.

And, these girls also are into foreign men, so it takes a little bit of push and effort from you. Just make them comfortable in their skin enough to want to give you some.

By the end of the day, it’s all about how you approach the situation. And, you have to find the right places to meet girls in Makati if you want to score.


Best Places To Get Girls In Makati


Let me give you some insight as to where best to meet Makati girls who are interested in foreign men…

1. Online

In today’s world, you don’t have to be at a location to meet girls. You can start meeting Makati girls online today.

It gives you an edge since you’ll already have someone in mind before you land.

As I’ve said before, these girls want to meet and hook up with foreign men, and you’ll see that from the moment you start chatting them up online. The best way is to use a popular dating site such as Filipino Cupid.

Create a profile of yourself and give a little juice on how interesting you are. You should then upload a clear picture of yourself.

Finally, ensure you verify your profile then upgrade your membership to get more interest and replies from girls.

Get a good number of conversations going as well, so you can build a big enough list of ladies eager to hook up with you.

2. Malls

Well, if you’re confident enough and not into the nightlife, Makati also provides you with a well on-point game. While the outside is usually hot and uncomfortable, the malls provide air-conditioning and a convenient place to meet girls.

It would be best if you also learned some bit of Tagalog so that you can greet them in their language. The girls love a foreigner who makes the extra effort to learn their language.

Popular malls to pick girls in Makati are:

  • Power Plant
  • SM Makati
  • Glorietta

You need an extra bit of flair to meet up with girls at malls though. The girls are usually in groups and breaking off a group to engage your target may not be easy.

As fun as it sounds and probably giving you a hard-on, the idea of being rejected in front of all her friends should make you prepare more.

3. Nightclubs & Bars

hook up in makati nightlife

The nightlife in Makati is quite vibrant, and you can use it as a cover to get girls to hook up. You’ll want to find yourself around the green belt and Burgos street.

If you ran away from home because of those career-focused independent women, then Makati will bore you with some of the same. But the said women don’t walk around all night. You find them in clubs around 8-11 pm.

Here are some of the most popular nightlife joints in Makati:

  • Royal
  • Buddha Bar
  • Black Market Club

Always remember to dress sharp when you are enjoying the night scene, which makes you more desirable. Also, some joints keep you out if you’re too casual.

As long as a Makati girl likes you, she’ll be down for a fuck. They’re killers under the sack.

So let me give your work easier and show you how to get her interested in you.


How To Get Makati Girls Interested In You


Now, since I’ve shown you where you can pick up Makati girls, let me now show you how to get the girls interested in you.

  • Look Good

Like I’ve told you before, sloppy dressing just won’t cut it in Makati. These girls want someone who has put in the effort in their look; you aren’t trying to get a hooker, or are you?

  • Smile

With the girls being so friendly, it is only proper to return the effort, don’t be gloomy.
If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, stay indoors.

  • Compliment The Girl

A little compliment works well. You want to show her you’ve noticed something about her, other than her gorgeous body that you want.

  • Simple Conversations Work a Treat

The conversations you initiate should be simple so that she can flow with the mood. You want her to feel like she’s in sync with you, or else, she won’t give it up easily.

  • Dates Are Crucial

Now that you’ve initiated the conversation, get her number and arrange a date.
The date should be at a restaurant near your place so you can easily go back to your room.

  • Make An Impression

If you don’t make an impression on the date there’s no way she’s coming back to your room. Remember to be in sync…

You can then tell here there is something you’d like to show her in your room, like photos or a movie. If she makes it to your room, the deal is siled.

It is not that hard to pick up Makati girls and get laid. Just follow the simple steps in this guide.

Heads up; Burgos Street has a lot of hookers, you want to screen the girls when you’re in that area severely.


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