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How To Pick Up Subic Bay Girls & Get Laid

If you’re traveling to Subic Bay in search of a sexual vacation, this town has many Filipina girls craving to meet you.

You’re probably looking at yourself and asking “How?” By visiting the places where local girls go to meet foreign men.

Many Filipino girls in Subic Bay are hot for foreigners, and you can easily tell by the kind of attention you’ll get when you interact with them online. The attention you get is quite massive and honestly, it isn’t bad for your self-confidence.

Don’t get fooled by their interest to get in a long term relationship, these girls are down to fuck once you hook up.

And, these are your everyday girls I’m talking about here. Instead, if you prefer to learn about the P4P scene (pay for play scene), consider reading the Subic Bay guide for single men.

Now, I know you probably have a list of questions, and I’ll get you the answers if you stick around till the end.


How Easy Is It To Get Laid In Subic Bay?

This question just never gets old. I’d say, it’s all dependent on how you approach the situation.

You need to find a way to juggle between girls based on their personalities. For example, one girl might need more attention while the other just needs a little push to get turn on.

You should know how to pick your battles in Subic Bay. Don’t let the cute smiles of beautiful faces fool you, they may like you but you have to earn her thighs. You can’t treat every smile like she wants to fuck!

The other thing is that these ladies are quite open-minded about sex. No baggage whatsoever if it’s only just a hookup.

So, to answer your question, it’s not hard getting laid in Subic Bay… But you need to know the places where local women go to meet foreign men.


Best Places To Get Girls In Subic Bay

The best places to find Subic Bay girls who are genuinely interested in foreign men.

1. Online

You don’t have to have set foot in the Philippines to meet Subic Bay babes… And forget the bad feelings of being rejected in person, meeting girls online is a treat.


Imagine having an interaction with her right now. You can immediately cultivate a relationship and once you visit Subic Bay, get intimate with her.

One of the best ways to do this is to use a popular dating site in the Philippines like Filipino Cupid.

Let me explain how to use it. Write a few lines about yourself, add two or three great-looking photos, upgrade to premium and you’re all set.

Get as many conversations going as possible so you can have a list of potential girls to meet when in Subic Bay.

2. Nightclubs & Bars

While out in Subic Bay, you can meet girls in nightclubs and bars. But be on the lookout as it is hard to distinguish between everyday girls and hookers.

You don’t want to wake up in the morning only to for the girl to be expecting a tip. Now, that would be a bust, wouldn’t it?

When it comes down to the night game, have a look at these clubs:

  • Club V
  • Nocturnal

Those clubs aren’t located in Subic Bay but they are a 30 minutes ride away. If you want to learn more, check out my review of Olongapo nightlife.

3. Malls

If don’t enjoy the nightlife, then you can play during the day as well. But you not only have to be confident though, but you also need to know how to approach girls.

Out of the 10 you approach, you’re likely to get at least 5 numbers. I told you it won’t be a walk in the park.

You also need to be prepared to deal with girls in groups especially when your hunt takes you to the malls. Unless you’re looking at approaching the shop attendants.

The best mall to get started has got to be Harbor Point Subic and Ayala Malls.


How To Get Subic Bay Girls Interested In You


You’re obviously facing a lot of competition from the local guy, so you need to have some pointers to help you successfully pick up Subic Bay girls.

Your confidence also needs to be tight, unless you’re meeting the girls online –of which it helps build your confidence if you are.

So, how can you get these girls interested in you and get laid?

  • Be friendly And Gentle

You need to be friendly if you ever want to get laid in Subic Bay. The girls are usually friendly and you have to return the gesture in kind.

By being gentle, to her, it shows you aren’t cocky and just want her pants off.

  • Compliment Her Look

Thell her how she looks beautiful.  Most of them have beautiful asses, ensure you mention it.

  • Learn A Bit Of The Local Language

It shows you’ve taken your time and that you’re really interested. It also sounds interesting in a foreign accent.

  • Create Stimulating Conversations

You need to know how to stimulate the girl’s mind if you want to win.

  • Exchange contacts

Some people tend to forget asking for contacts or rather they choke. You shouldn’t.
How will you get to meet her again if you don’t have a way of communicating?

Get your game right and on time and you’ll have a great experience with Subic Bay girls. 


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